Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni: “List for World Cup could change”


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke following the team’s 5-0 win vs. the United Arab Emirates and said there could be changes to the team.

Lionel Scaloni spoke to the media after game. Here’s what he had to say:

“We have a few little problems, we have days to decide the list. We can change it, hopefully not but there is the possibility.

“I am not saying they will be out of the list either. There are several who were left out of the team today because they were not fit to play or there was a risk.

“I can’t guarantee those players are okay. In principle, they are but you have to be cautious.”

Paulo Dybala, Cristian Romero and Papu Gómez did not make the bench in the win.


  1. According to Olé, the player that scaloni is referring to that is possibly being relegated from the list played today, is Not one of the four (Romero, Gonzalez, Papu or Dybala) whom Practiced before todays match. But rather a player that played today!
    That either makes me think Acuña (which I pray it’s not) or Foyth, whom looked as if he could not keep up with the opposing players. Quiet frankly, he may not be 100% fit or comfortable from his injury.

    Wouldn’t it be epic if Garnacho was called!! Argentina has a history of leaving out young players such as Diego Armando Maradona in 1978. Could it be that Garnachos stunning goal against Fulham the other day opened
    Eyes of the coaching staff!? His exceleration, pace and finish were unlike a teenager since the likes of Mbappe and Messi.

  2. Acuna played very well tonight ,I think he is very useful but substituted off by Molina seems to be some things happened.

    foyth clearly wasn’t in form yet . Should be replaced by nahuel Perez or Medina.

    Nicolas Gonzalez never seen in many matches , probably he will be out and Garnacho is the same position player..But angel Correa has chance too.

  3. Each team can make alterations to their squad up until 24 hours before their first matches if a player is deemed unfit to play any part at the World Cup. Any player who tests positive for Covid-19 will also be able to be replaced in that same time period…

    I want to add grancho..

    • @dfox1942 if you are watching this match, please add your observations here like how Mexico is playing and whether there is any area they are stronger than us

      I pulled a all nighter for our arg vs uae game so couldn’t afford watch this one.

  4. Hopefully it’s not Romero otherwise it will even bigger blow than Locelso missing out! Even Nico not making is a huge disadvatange. Also, some folks calling Foyth be dropped after one practice match is hilarious. Its a one month long competition and he is way safe when defending a lead on his flank . Both Molina and Montiel have strugged in la-liga this season and it doens’t take too long for the players to get back to form, espeically for someone who has been playing as a RB for over 2 seasons. The whole team was playing at 50-60% which is why UAE were able to create few chances, do you really thing they would be allowed to have that kind of freedom to shoot if it was a world cup match?

    • If Cuti doesn’t make it that’s an utter disaster, I don’t think he will be dropped. Nico Gonzalez is also a big blow based on his role, his fitness is a little more doubtful. Papu Gomez? He’s one of the possible replacements for Lo Celso so I also don’t think it’s wise. Dybala is basically almost fit. Not sure who exactly he’s referring to then but hopefully everyone improves

    • Good point about fitness and form given that tourney is a month. However, do World Cup teams usually change key players mid tournament or do winners mostly stay consistent through out? I’m going to assume consistency wins usually

      • We won’t be able to field same lineup for all 7 matches due to suspension , injury and most importantly state of the match. We will be extremely lucky if we are able to play the core players all 7 matches!

  5. Garnacho could ignite our left flank.
    Of course A.Correa is first in line as replacement, but he won’t strike fear in the hearts of defenders.

    • Angel Correa is on the Right with direct competition to Messi, Di Maria and Dybala
      And Garnacho on the Left. His Competition are Nico, Joachim and maybe Alvarez.
      You cannot compare Angel Correa’s chance against Garnacho’s. Looks like the Left side has a better chance to fill in someone.

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