Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez score for Argentina in 2-1 win vs. Australia


Lionel Messi and Julián Álvarez scored for Argentina in their 2-1 win vs. Australia.

Argentina are in the quarter finals of the World Cup. It was a match in which Argentina didn’t create too many chances in the first half but still managed to score.

Messi took a free kick and in the play, the ball fell to Nicolás Otamendi who passed it to Lionel Messi as he scored to give Argentina the 1-0 lead. That was Messi’s first goal in the knockout stages of a World Cup.

The second half started with Argentina in control. Constant pressure by Julián Álvarez paid off.

Australia had the ball in their penalty area as both Álvarez and Rodrigo De Paul pressured the goalkeeper. Argentina would win the ball and Alvarez would score to double Argentina’s lead.

With the clean sheet intact, an effort on goal which was going high and wide by Australia took a deflection off Enzo Fernández and beat Emiliano Martínez. Australia started attacking and Argentina started to get more chances.

Lionel Messi played what was probably the best performance of anyone at this World Cup. A great run down the middle and another one which he passed it to Lautaro Martínez but Lautaro’s effort would go high and wide.

In what was one of the last attacks of the game, Australia had an effort on goal from inside the penalty area but Emiliano Martínez made the save and sent Argentina to the quarter finals of the World Cup.


  1. Few trolls here first says “oh we should win”
    After victory ” ohnit is aussies, we should have won big margin”
    If we won like that these shits will say “oh it is aussies only”
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    What matter in world cup is just Win. Just win
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  2. To everyone complaining about today’s performance , don’t forget this team played a game 2 days ago that was high intensity. They now have 5 days to recuperate.

  3. You guys’ expectation is so high, you always want Argentina to dominate all the time with big goal margin. But actually, Scaloni has no direct replacement for Lo Celso who is second play maker after Messi with dynamism. Tagliafico is sub for Acuna but no where near Acuna. This team looks good because of Scaloni. Dybala will never play this WC because of Messi, he can’t let 2 players walking on the field. Except from Di Maria and Messi, noone can do 1 on 1 play. Scaloni understand more than you guys. Just relax and enjoy. We might or might not win this but this is the best Argentina since 2006.

  4. First 70 minutes or so, very few chances/shot on goal. Both goals was due to the brilliance of Messi (like in Mexico game) and De Paul/Alvarez amazing work rate. Aussie trying to make it ugly. They must watch the tape of Argentina Poland where Poland could have lost 5-0 easily.

    I would say a lot of players played average in the game. Only Emi (because of that last save), Cuti, Acuna, De Paul, Alvarez and Messi are above average. Everybody else is average. Without Di Maria, it was very much different. We need to re learn again to play without him.

    As for those bashing Papu, well it would have been 0-0 in the first half without him winning the FK. I don’t remember him misplacing any pass or get dispossessed at all the whole game. I remember he shot the ball over the ball yes. He wasn’t Di Maria but he was fine.

    MacAllister was okayish. His defense was good as usual, but he showed he limitations in offense. I disagree if making him a Frank Lampard role (someone who comes from behind to score). He might be able to do it but I don’t think that’s his best position. When facing one on one in the final third he will do back pass because he doesn’t have that skill. i saw a couple of times Acuna did not trust to give the ball to him when he was free. He was OK to me.

    Enzo was also OK. His own goal was very unfortunate. Otamendi is a bit off. Messi had his best game in the WC. Alvarez just keeps getting better. Lautaro? Well he went through this in Copa America too, but then he was back to normal in later stage.

  5. We live to fight another day! Not our best game. Scaloni’s in-game tactics is questionable. Hope we improve in next game against Netherlands. They r much clinical than Aussies for sure.

  6. The worst thing that Scaloni does is to always make substitutions from the 60th minute. This is the knock out stage. If Scaloni substitutes all players and the opposition team returns to the game, Argentina will not be able to return to the game. Also in this World Cup, extra time is approximately 10 minutes. What to do if a player is injured?There is no choice but to defend in extra time.How to make substitutions should be learned from Carlo Ancelotti.scaloni always kill the game.

  7. To all positiveheads out there, we fans have every right to express our feelings. I have been following this team since 1990. we have had far better tactical manager than Scaloni but luck was not on our side before. scaloni is lucky in-that sense till now. Without Messi, our team can’t pass first round. Sad to say we will not gonna win if we play like this. Papu, Lautaro, Tagliafico… m not impressed. Depaul needs to keep up his form. All the best for. netherlands game.

  8. Scaloni is the worst. He is just getting saved by Messi once again. His in game adjustments and starting 11 were shaky. It seems like this guy never learn from his mistake.

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