Rodrigo De Paul, Ángel Di María train with Argentina national team


Rodrigo De Paul and Ángel Di María both trained with the Argentina national team on Thursday.

De Paul was back training with Argentina after fears of a possible injury. According to Olé, he was moving, passing and kicking the ball. De Paul does not have an injury and is not injured.

Ángel Di María also trained with the team, after he had missed the 2-1 win vs. Australia in the Round of 16 at the World Cup. Papu Gómez is the only player who did not train with the team.


  1. Sounds really good specially RDP been allready for quite long the real engine that just won’t quit and leave u wondering by the roadside as others passin by…etc.

    Also we all know what quality ADM brings on the table as he and Messi go such a long way back in Arg’s recent football history like Ota too, but offcourse ADM and MESSI as playing up front more or less together for such a long time have that fantastic chemistry which been build over so many year’s of playing together as only this time i wish ADM to be more sellfull, when he can and TaKe the shot’s by himself as anyone in fact from Arg team can TaKe shot as quick as they can at the Dutch goalkeeper, will have advantage over him even him being the tallest goalkeeper in this WC, just don’t give him enough time to prepare for his save’s and then he won’t be able save as also i think is no point of trying crosses in to the box as besides the Dutch Goalie their defenders are tall and physical too and more than used heading ball’s away from their box, so therefore Arg must play quick enough and try to create shots even sometimes from not that great posessions as there have to be at least one or two players going after the possible loose balls from either saves or blocked shots etc…just try to play the ball quick enough to posession from very Direct shots can be taken against Dutch goal and also press hard and try to win the ball up upfront as Senegal and Ecuador did, but with being solid at the back at same time and try to defend when ever is possible forwards as backing too much down will just let the Dutch play the ball more closer to Arg’s own goal as more longer the Dutch will be keot from Arg’s goal it will make them to start more and more crosses to Arg’s box and the more further from Arg’s own goal theese crosses will come the less dangerous they will be…also i agree that so far i have not seen any really good game from the Dutch as they were truly lucky that they beat Senegal as both goals came more less from Mendy’s senegalese Goalie’s individual misstakes and that Senegal could not capitalize their chanches as Ecuador really unlucky not to beat them and Qatar was Qatar with and due all my respect as i think the US coach fell in LVG’s trapp also US defense or how they were defending against Dutch looked really bad so also this does not really give any proper picture as obviously Dutch scored more than good goals, but Still has been quite opposite to all that talk which was mainly created by LVG himself as Dutch federation would had been happy allready with QF spot, but LVG stated or corrected Dutch federation statement that his team has only one objective and that is winning all the games and become WC winners for the first time as he knows this might be his last chance, but so far his tactics besides US and Qatar games have not really worked out which have obviously frustrated some players who want to give the Dutch audience able to see more or less total football like the Dutch have allways wanted to play this way as like Spain also will not let go of their way playing as offcourse new things are created and developed and mixed in to their traditional ball possesion play, but Still the basic way of Spain’s play at least til now since 2000+ has been fully based on ball posession…etc. And nowdays we have seen plenty of examples when certain country playing with their way as obviously been their strenght, but their opponents have somehow learned to adapt on that and also figure out the way how play against those countries who are more less playing with their own well known way, which i understand as they are so good at it as Spain forexample in ball posession etc…but, everyone kind of knew that this way of playing created some weakness for their defence, which forexample Japan was able gain from and also Germany allmost did it too, though it would had been nice to see Spain playing against Brazil, but obviously it did not happen…etc.

    One more thing about LVG’s tactics have so far at least in group games against Senegal and Ecuador being quite the different than what has been expected like it allmost looked like in both those game’s he tried to pull out something not expected, which obviously never happened as if this is due to Senegal’s overall good performance besides those 2 blunders from Mendy as their Goalie or the pressure from the opening game, well it is bit hard to say anything else than the Dutch were truly poor and against Ecuador clearly they were poor again, but Ecuador also played very greatly, so as the last group game against Qatar, well with every respect i would TaKe much out that game as the US game i saw only highlights so the goals were greatly scored ,but in the same time very weakly defended by US as they looked so easy as allmost just TAP IN’s and offcourse every game is different, but in the end even i never will bet money while Arg playing as i have never done that or never placed a bet in WC either, Still i’m very confident about Arg’s chances as i think Australia scored an lucky goal, though maybe they deserved that, but i think too much fuss has been made how the match ended as if Lautaro would had taken his chances no one would had even mention that Arg was suffering later towards end of the game, which was more obvious after Kautaro missed those chances and offcourse the pressure grew against Arg as i Still truly wish that he will score as i can’t Still belive how did he miss those chances before as if all this just, because the VAR result went clearly against him against Saudi’s as it has been more than helpfull to Arg that Julian has scored with Enzo and Mc Allister too to takecthat burden from Messi as when he missed the penalty it was more than obvious as typical Messi that he would do anything to score an goal, but sometimes this can go over a limit a bit as we have seen with him in the past, so therefore i’m wishing for another scorer who have yet to score, though i will TaKe any goal from any player even those who might be Dutch’s own goals as only victory matters now !

  2. Oddly enough, Scaloni’s omission of certain players (GLC, Nico, Garnacho, Simeone, J Correa etc…) has forced him to give opportunities to players I would never expect to play significant minutes in this world cup. Those 2 players are: Julian A. and MacAllister, both of whom have been a revelation so far. I think their inclusion in the starting lineup, has balanced the team, in a way we didn’t expect it to. With GLC present, I don’t think Mac Allister would have gotten the chance to showcase his talent, rightfully so, as GLC has beena cog in this well-oiled machine.

    Julian, like Nico, is operating as a hybrid LW/FW, which is not easy for a forward. I love the fact that he’s young and presses/tracks back effortlessly. Unlike Nico, he’s actually scoring and capitalizing on his limited chances/services.

    Mac Allister? I definitely was not of fan of his prior to the world cup but after seeing him play, he epitomizes “stability”. He’s basically “Biglia” 2.0. Nothing fancy about him. His passing is simple and effective. His positioning is also great and he hustles, which helps with coverage (for Acuna when he pushes forward).

    For the folks asking for Dybala… It is no doubt that the guy is a talent. However, his inclusion in the starting lineup, would tactically unbalance the team. From an offensive standpoint, it would be enticing to see him and Messi the opposition defense but the problem is, like Messi, they rarely track back or press (effectively, at least). By including him, the team would lose its grit and balance. Can he replace MacAllister in the midfield where he would be required to do the dirty work? I doubt it because that is not his nature as a forward. Can he play the role Julian is playing now? Doubt it either. He would leave the left side of the field vacant, which could further expose the team.

    That said, I think we all need to be mindful when making those “lineup suggestions” or calling Scaloni an imbecile just because for not incorporating your favorite player. I doubt Scaloni is watching Dybala (or anyone else) tear it up in practice just to turn around on game time and not let him play. That would not be good for morale or team spirit.

    JUST MY 2 CENTS!!!!

  3. De Paul and Di Maria are key to Scaloni’s plans. Good to have them both in training. Though not in his best form for the last several months, both of them link up well with Messi.

  4. @Istiaque
    Believe me I am baffling hearing & reading people online how Netherlands will beat us and how Van Gaal will tactically outclass us. If you take out Saudi game we hardly get beaten by tactically in last few years even though Saudi game we were on untill we got robbed by VAR also our ego. Some of their excuses are Argentina is too Messi dependant. Apparently we have good players except Messi none of them are great. Also our CB Otamendi & Cuti aren’t good enough even though they haven’t put a foot wrong apart from Saudi game. Yes against Australia Ota could have done better in one occasion but I would overlook this because of tiredness and fatigue when they played 2 games in a week time. Let’s accept we don’t have SO CALLED GREAT players except Messi but can anyone please name any GREAT does Netherlands team have like Messi. Atleast we have one! I am worried about their counter attack too but I am sure Scaloni has plan. De jong ain’t way better then Jorginho if not same and our boys made him looked like school boy nicking ball from him. Also Italy had better midfielder then Netherlands. Also their wingback are old and slow. Hopefully Di Maria has enough hate for Van Gaal to show him something this time also Messi too. I don’t know. I have stopped hearing or reading people. Let’s see tomorrow. My biggest fear is we don’t get nervous for first 15 minutes or so and concede a goal. If we can hold the nerves for 15 minutes then watch how Netherlands will crumble. I saw their game against Ecuador. They were lucky. All of pundits counting Netherlands tough just because they beat USA & Van Gaal outclassed USA coach.

  5. Two formation tried today;

    433; DiMaria playing further Up.

    DePaul -Enzo-Allister

    532 alternative, may be for second half;

    Molina -Cuti-Otamendi-Lisandro-Acuna
    DePaul -Enzo-Allister

    • If this reliable source then probably Tagli wil start with 4-3-3 , Acuna comes in with Lisandro to switch 5-3-2.
      Acuna better in overlapping and creates hopes compared to Tagli.

      3.things I would really like to see tomorrow
      1. Not a single mistake from defence line
      2. Not a single miss of scoring chance from who ever happened to find one.
      3. Good game plan and recovery of balls from the midfielders

  6. It’s a rarity that ARG camp is this silent even after an opponent is barking nonstop fulltime. The whole management needs to take a lot of credit for this. I remember 2-3 years ago, we used to declare our starting eleven 24 hours ago and everyone knew about that even earlier. Now, all we have is speculations from the media who wants clicks. Our camp doesn’t bark, or leaks or make any sort of noises and the players as a result seems calm and composed. This coaching stuff needs to be cherished whatever the result tomorrow.

    I also don’t understand where the Dutch team is getting their confidence from? I’m scratching my head looking at Memphis Depay and Cody Gakpo and the apparent assumption that these guys will score 3 against us? Gentle reminder that Memphis Depay was displaced by Ferran Torres because he couldn’t follow simple fucking tactical instruction. Not saying Ferran Torres is way better but he is more suited to a disciplined tactical system than the smash and dunk player that Depay is. Just like Julian Alvarez is more suited to our 11 than Dybala is. I am WAY more worried about Frenkie de Jong and Danny Blind’s ability to find free players and progress the ball quickly from defense than anything the Dutch has to offer attacking wise. We aren’t USA defense to be fooled by those simple cutbacks lol. Now let’s look at the Netherland team statistically –

    Vs Senegal: xG for 0.7, xG against 0.9
    Vs Ecuador: xG for 0.1, xG against 1.7
    Vs Qatar: xG for 1.6, xG against 0.1
    Vs USA: xG for 1.7, xG against 1.5

    I don’t think there’s anything hidden about their performance in this world cup. It’s more like they have been overperforming. If you look ARG statistics:

    Vs Saudi: xG for 2.2, xG against 0.1
    Vs Mexico: xG for 0.3, xG against 0.3
    Vs Poland: xG for 3.5, xG against 0.3
    Vs Australia: xG for 1.6, xG against 0.6

    It also shows clearly what our strengths are. We are as stingy and tight in defense as you can possibly be. Then we have a great keeper and one-v-one defender.

    I don’t think we need to be super worried about Netherlands even if RDP doesn’t play.

  7. I don’t understand scaloni plays Enzo so deep as DM? Good things happen when he’s further up in the attacking zone. Dude is a killer when he had freedom to attack.

  8. Good News. Lets beleive this news and dont listen to any conspiracy theories from any one. If both Di Maria and De Paul starts and play full for us. We will go through Netherlands hurdle. Thats what we need. Just need to win.

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