Fernando Sarney, vice president of CBF wants Argentina to win the World Cup


Fernando Sarney, the vice president of the CBF, wants Argentina to win the World Cup.

Sarney is the vice president of the Brazilian Football Confederation and he has stated that he would like for Argentina to win the World Cup and to bring it back to South America.

Argentina are the only South American team remaining at the World Cup. Speaking to SportsCenter Brasil, here is what he had to say:

“We have to maintain unity. At the time of deciding, we are all Argentina. I hope they bring this title to South America.”


  1. European has 55 footballing countries to South American 10. Off course they gonna win more, its common sense. South American only has 4-5 spots at WC, Euro has about 3 times of that.

  2. I ve never had sympathy toward brasil except 2002 final against germans and this year if argentina couldn t make it.
    Let s hope the guys will bring it again to south america the land of greatest football players.
    Europe always cheating to get their owns hope the 2 Europeans will not play the final
    Messi and Argentina are sooo close
    I m sure that Argentina will win many others world cup it s in the DNA. But for leo it s the last one he could win it 2 remaining games only vamos Argentina

  3. Europe is definitely the strongest clout in world football. They also produce some of the best individuals and teams. Still South America produces the adventure and the legends like Pele, Maradona and Messi. Hence, we are here in this forum. However, if we look at the 4 teams in the semifinals, going by the coaching capability, Croatia and France look formidable. Their teams are executing the coach’s strategy to perfection. Scaloni is making some glaringly awkward decisions and the team has just been scraping through the last two games. He is also extremely unfortunate with our injuries and pre-cup form of several players. France also suffered 3 big blows. But they have proven that they do not depend on a handful few to succeed. The coach is managing his resources extremely well. They are not giving their fans as much nervous moments as Scaloni is. The Croatian coach is utilising his ageing resources very well too. But he too shared with their fans some nervy moments against Brazil. And Morocco, despite all the success always living on the edge and their goalkeeper is a revelation. Scaloni needs to be extremely creative against Croatian defence. But can he?

  4. “At the time of deciding, we are all Argentina”

    I hope this is shown in the stadium as well..at this point three continents are represented…and I hope all moderate minded SouthAmericans show up for us at the stadium…

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