Ángel Di María set to continue with the Argentina national team


Ángel Di María will be continuing with the Argentina national team and not retiring.

Di María had stated earlier this year that the World Cup would be hist last matches with the Argentina national team but that may not be the case. According to Gastón Edul, Di María has decided to continue playing with the Argentina national team. He will not be retiring.

The 34 year old drew a penalty and scored for Argentina in the World Cup final vs. France. He also scored in the Olympic final, the Copa America final and the Finalissima for Argentina.


  1. Great news. However Scaloni should start integration of young players like Garnacho, Matias Soule, Nicolas Paz, Agustin Almendra, Alan Varella, exequiel zeballos and many more in friendlies. We definitely owe gratitude to Messi, Dimaria, Otamedi for having delivered despite experiencing tough times. Nevertheless in 4 years time they will be 38/39. Even players like DePaul, Paredes, Locelso will be past 32yrs.
    I believe Scaloni has plenty of time to sort all that and come up with a competitive squad come 2026. And by the way I don’t know if FIFA will stick to 26man squad in 2026.

  2. Wonderful news. The man for the finals. If he plays for us in any finals we always have more probablity of winning the finals. Only player who scored in all our Championship final wins. LEGEND…

  3. Good to see that he is ready to continue with Argentina. However, Scaloni needs to be very clear about his plans in bringing up new talent. In 2024 and 2026, Acuna, Otamendi, Messi and Di Maria would be would be able to play a part of the game and not the whole. Di Maria is already struggling to play full 90. May be, Acuna would still be able to toil as hard in 2024 but not in 2026. So Argentina would need a youthful team as eager and hungry as in 2022 and now leveraging the experience of Lo Celso, Dybala, De Paul, Paredes, Molina, Romero, Leecha, MacAllister, Enzo, Montiel, Tagliafico, Lautaro and Guido Rodriguez. None of them are as impactful as Messi. But a team combining them can be as impactful as in 2022. So the international friendlies should be chosen carefully in 2023 and a right set of new players need to be given more field time. I would expect more field time for Dybala, Garnacho (if he decides to be with Argentina), Foyth and Giovani.

  4. As long as he’s fit, able and is used sparingly (last 15 mins or so of a match). Relying on older players because of their past accomplishements is why 4 out of the last 6 champions crashed out in the first round. Heck even France this WC were fortunate that Kante, Pogba and Benzema were all injured because I think they all could’ve been a detriment instead of a blessing.
    There are players like Klose (36yrs), Mordric (37yrs), Milla (41yrs…INSANE!) who continued to be of service to their countries at advanced ages but that’s because the former was used sparingly at the right moment in 2014 while the latter 2 were freaks of nature. I think the same thing can be said for Maria (use sparingly) and Lio (freak of nature). Otamendi can stay on til copa but as a sub and no more because Licha, Medina, N.Perez, possibly Senesi and god knows who else will be taking centre stage.
    Even De Paul might have to step back in 2026, especially if, at 32, he continues to play incosistently with Simeone coaching him and the likes of Varela, Almada, Nico Dominguez live up to their potential or the likes of Zaracho and Capaldo get bigger club moves or even Palacios and Celso get control of their fitness and injuries.

  5. For all those folks saying Emi Martinez is taking the worldwide good will away from Argentina… Let me first ask what big crime did Martinez, he gave a fitting reply to a guy who disrespected entire south America and that too in good humor ? So he went a little overboard when someone threw a baby doll with mbappe face, so what …. Did someone’s feelings get hurt…the Europeans and french are at their hypocrisy best again…you get served when you serve others …it is called payback… Also now the french crybabies lol want the world cup for what, being dominated by Argentina for an entire 80 minutes and If not for some lapses from defense and a proactive mbappe the France team would have been humiliated with the whole world watching…. It is amusing to hear them cry though 😃😃

    • For all their crying over Diego hand goal, they never make a big deal when France qualified for WC with Henry’s hand ball? haha

      Where’s the cry for blatant Croatia and France handball against us?

      • @Rattlehead “ Rattlehead December 23, 2022 At 9:21 pm
        For all their crying over Diego hand goal, they never make a big deal when France qualified for WC with Henry’s hand ball? haha

        Where’s the cry for blatant Croatia and France handball against us?“

        Yes, exactly spot on as I can still remember how badly the Irish were treated again With Thierry Henry’s handball as a curse from the past as once in this long blody endless European history and offcourse mostly because of King Henry the second decided to invade Ireland, though there had been a Norman invasion before as the Norman’s came from France to invade Anglo-Saxon England as Saxon’s has invaded Britain and defeated Britain’s as tribes before that and in between all this and that there had been Vikings who started raiding all over Britain rule under Anglo-Saxon’s before they were evently conquered by Vikings and then in the end fought the Vikings and won them finally with some help from other Viking tribes as there were many Viking Kings in the past from Norway and Denmark as some from Sweden too who established and ended up ruling the famous Kievan Rus’s as Rus’ were Swedish Vikings, but still Russia and Putin won’t want to face this fact at all, lol !

        and also in Ireland too there were Vikings mostly Norweagean, but some Dane’s too as in Ireland they as Vikings established city’s as Dublin, Waterford, Arklow, Limerick and Wexford.

        Well, the funny part in here is that those Norman’s were direct relatives from Viking Chief Rollo who was given the whole Normandy in France by King Charles the Simple as Rollo is the great-great-great-grandfather of William the Conqueror the progenitor of House of Normandy in England, however Charles III and the British Royal Family are not direct male-line descendants of Rollo as the House of Normandy ended with the death of Henry I. However the House of Plantagenet have influence from the Norman dynasty, as Empress Matilda, the mother of Henry II of England was the daughter of the Norman king Henry I.

        So basicly one could argue that Anglo-Saxon England was invaded twice by Vikings as the second time they were only called by name Norman’s as Rollo’s relatives had settled in the place we know still as Normandy as Norman means “ the man from the north “, lol !

        Well, at least I’m happy to hear that Mac Allister has some Irish bloodline in his family as there might be some Scottish too as basically some Scottish as those Scottish Celt’s resisted and fought against the rule of England as some more related to Celt’s as obviously some or most of the Irish too !

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        As the great Greeks mostly associated all other Central European tribes to Celt’s even Germanic as obviously Germanic tribes are their own, but at the times of when the great Greeks and Romans started to trade with other Central European tribes the Celt’s were widely spreaded from all over and cross the whole Europe as they were living in Britain, France, Northern Spain, Germany, in the Alps mountains, Bohemia, Northern Italy as in Balkan and even in Anatolia.

        So born as 24th of December and now this year turned in to 24 years old, well maybe there was at least a little bit of some good old Celt fortune that helped Argentina to win the WC after 36 years !, lol !

  6. I have mix feelings about this one, I love DiMaria, I think he phenomenal, but at 34 with injuries hunting him, it’s wise to step a side and let someone else take over, look at the other teams that always keep their older players around, us in 2018, Spain 2014, Germany 2018, Portugal 2022, Brazil 2006, France 2002, it’s physically possible but the mental part always fail these teams, it’s hard to match their pervious success.

    • Scaloni has shown he can sit stars. And now that Di Maria and Messi have won everything, think they will be happy contributing here and there.
      It all depends on form. WC and CA are too far to plan now. I want to see some nice relaxing friendlies. Messi needs to get his 100th goal.

    • So you find it normal for a grown ass man to make obscene gesture after been given the golden glove for best goalkeeper in the tournament. Disrespecting Mbappé in Qatar is one thing but keep on doing it days after the World Cup in Argentina is disgraceful and immature period. One more thing, it’s funny to see people on this panel calling players bitch or crybabies when we all know that you wouldn’t dare say it to their face. Martinez is a talented goalkeeper with no manners.

      • A grown man did nothing wrong, he made a gesture in pure light hearted trolling for the France team who keep talking as if they own soccer/futbol, what was France futbol team before zidane or before they started giving citizenship to all the folks they got as refugees from poorer countries ? I am not downgrading the 2 world cups they won but their media is just crying for a small tantrum which meant no harm to anyone, I don’t see anyone using bad words against french team in this forum by the way

  7. Let Di Maria play only semi and final for this copa and next worldcup, 45mins from him is enough. It’s very hard to handle two Messi. We don’t have a replacement for Di Maria and Messi yet.

  8. No surprise there, I knew he would the sec Messi said he’s staying.
    There is plenty of talent, the ones that played, the injured who didn’t and the others who were never picked.

  9. Predicting 2026 WC, Argentina X1 will be waste of time. Who would have thought Enzo and Mac Allister being starters and we win with them the WC.? One month before we were thinking these 2 may be left out of the WC squad. Even though recently few of us predicted they should play in WC because of their form this season.
    6 months before , no body would have believed..if some said this is our X1 in a WC final with Enzo, Mac Allister and Alvarez.

    • Luck was on our side this world cup as opposed to others. Additionally, Scaloni is the only coach to have the willing to make the changes needed

      Example: Armani gets injured = insert Emi (Luck)
      Foyth injured= insert Molina, Montiel (Luck)
      Pezzella injured= Cuti (Luck)
      Cuti injured= Licha -the butcher from Manchester- (Luck)

      LoCelso injured= MacAllister (Luck)
      Parades injured= Enzo (Luck)
      Tagliofico not in form= Acuna (Scaloni)
      Latauro not in form= Julian Alvarez (Scaloni)
      Play DiMaria in important matches and final (Scaloni)

      Formation changes are all Scaloni which btw is the style of Sampaoli. The only difference is Scaloni have full 4 years to implement ideas, system, scouting players, etc and he is not unstable. lol

  10. Fideo, may favorite player! This is the best news after the world cup and after Messi saying he will stay on. Let’s break more records and make this a dynasty even further

    • > Fideo, may favorite player!

      Up there for me too! Watched most of his games since Real. I’ve been looking for a signed Di Maria Arg kit to add to my collection but losing hope unless he decides to sign some new ones post WC.

  11. Both Messi and Dimaria can play the next copa which is 1.5 yrs away. However, if we are serious about winning back to back world cup we will need to phase out a lot of players and inject young blood in. Tata and Bauza failed to do that hence we suffered in 2018 world cup. We can’t afford to have washed-up players too big to drop like Macherano, Ortega, Battistuta wanting glory inexpense of the country. Scaloni’s world cup experience will play a huge role in selecting players and backups for the 2026 world cup!! 18 yrs old Garnacho is clearly our star player for the 2026 world cup. With toxic Ronaldo gone he will be properly mentored by both Licha and Eric ten hag.

    • That’s also what I am thinking of. Messi, Di Maria, Otamendi in 2022 are still in their peak. But once they past their best and the coaching staff still relying on them (kinda like CR7 in 2022 or Masche in 2018 or Batigol in 2002 or Suarez/Cavani in 2022) it is toxic for the team. We can’t rely on our glory in the past to get more trophy.

      I am sure if we had not won the WC, the likes of Di Maria, Otamendi, or even Messi would have retired today. But the win makes them want to continue more. I just hope Copa 2024 is the very last for them. 2 years preparation without Di Maria or Otamendi is perfect for us. As for Messi, I think it will depend on the Copa 2024 itself. If we win it, maybe he will continue.

      Also if Otamendi is around until 2024, I want Scaloni to give him Di Maria treatment (sometimes sub) instead of Messi treatment (always start). Cuti and Licha need to play with each other for 4 years starting this March.

      • L. Martinez and Romero are a better combination and more solid, otamendi is vulnerable, he showed it ar the end with that terrible mistake that almost cost us the cup. Yes he had a great tournament over all, I love him, but one must admit I can’t wait for Martinez Romero combo.

        • Agree 100%.

          Ota gave away the pk, didn’t track back on the 1-2 for their second goal, and fell down at the end on the last save by Dibu. Far too many mistakes in the tournament.

          In other matches also had bad mistakes.

          • He was just exhausted both mentally and physically! Scaloni should have subbed him out for Licha or Dimaria for Licha , we could have held on to the 2-0 lead!

          • Yes, I think that’s right. I think Di Maria was exhausted and putting on Acuna was not a bad idea since it preserved our shape which was working very well, just more defensive and less quality up front.

            But not sure why Scaloni took so long to sub some of our tired players.

            Anyway, great job from Scaloni overall.

  12. Wow amazing the question is who will be called up in March? Nico Gonzales, J correa, Lo Celso are back. All older ones have yet to say they are retired. Yes we can call up more than 26 for non WC events but still. Hope for 1 spot for Garnacho for sure.

    Garnacho situation looks good in MU: CR7 is out and Sancho is out. So the chance of him starting is good.

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