Alexis Mac Allister draws interest from Chelsea, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid


Alexis Mac Allister has drawn interest from Chelsea, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid.

Mac Allister had a stellar World Cup where he went on to assist in the final and win the trophy with the Argentina national team. His performances have meant interest from top teams in Europe.

Chelsea, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid are the three teams presently interested in the Argentine. According to Gastón Edul, the interest is in that order but it would be difficult for the 21 year old to leave Brighton in January.

He could only leave the club if Brighton themselves want to sell and they intend to keep him. But he could leave in June.


  1. I would want him to stay at Brighton, in that sense he plays against quality oppositions and gets to be the main “enganche” of the team. But truth be told, the quality that he has exhibited during the world cup, he is a hard man to be kept there.

  2. Yeah, lets go to Atletico, so Simeone can destroy my career with his football tactics. I would rather go back to Argentina Juniors than play for Simeone. Dude can even destroy Joao Felix.
    Simeone, the only man in all of football that would have Messi play goalie for him.

  3. Steer clear of that trash club Atletico Madrid at all costs🙏🏻🙏🏻
    And I hope Rodrigo, Molina and Angelito get rescued aswell in the summer if not this window itself

  4. Any team,which will offer regular playing time is okay. All the mentioned have good coaches but joining Atletico may ruin his development as it happened to many players under Simeone.

  5. World class midfielders like a Modric they don’t lose possession under pressure, make great passes both when attacking and defending and create & score goals. MacAllister has all of those skills plus speed and age!! This could very well be his last season at Brighton.

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