Lionel Scaloni’s agent set to meet with AFA president Chiqui Tapia for renewal


Lionel Scaloni’s agent is set to meet AFA president Chiqui Tapia in hopes of Scaloni remaining as the coach of the Argentina national team.

Scaloni has already done it all as coach of Argentina. He won the Copa America, he won the Finalissima and now he has won the World Cup. And according to Gastón Edul, negotiations are expected to start in the coming hours or days for him to remain as coach.

There was a verbal agreement that was in place in September but Scaloni’s agent will meet with AFA president Chiqui Tapia to close up the negotiations. With the World Cup prize money of several millions of dollars, it could also be that Scaloni, along with his coaching staff, would get better wages.


  1. If there is a trophy of best coach of the competition then it should be given to Scaloni. He started the competition with key players injured or out of form. He has to review everything and changed the team radically in the 2nd match to be competitive(Enzo, Alvarez and MacAllister). He adapted his team to his opponents but always try to play his football. For example this 4 central midfielders lineup against Croatia to contain their 433 or that 532 against Netherlands to make their wingerbacks transparent. He has huge respect for his opponents and studied their weakness and tried to hurt them. For example he knew the weak side of the French defense is on the right and he put Di Maria there. Comparing to Didier Deschamps who does nothing but only rely on their individual talents and doesn’t even prepare their team for penalties facing the best penalty saver of the world, Scaloni has done so much more. Only Regragui can challenge Scaloni

  2. I was very critical to Scaloni at the beginning, the number of players he was calling, the change of system, lack of playing style, and identify. At the end, he proves that he is a very good coach. I always tried to compare him with Guatdiola, young, no experience who inherits in team in complete disarray and creates a monster out that. Aside the first game, he outcoach every other coach that he plays against. He changes the system to match the opponent. I believe now that we must respect him because out of nothing he creates a name for himself. Thanks Scaloni…..

  3. Dear Mundo – for those that missed it, here are the results for the WC survey. 71 mundoers in total and the results clearly define the general view, except for the Di Maria left or right question:). Thanks to all.

  4. My worry is that this WC we were heavily dependent on messi and di Maria
    In assists and goals

    Next Copa and defo WC
    We need someone to fill messi role if/when he retires
    Dybala is 29

  5. It is very important to continue with Scaloni. I think we have plenty of young talents coming in almost every position that we were lacking a bit in recent years. Scaloni together with the young talents what we have now in the team and the upcoming young talents, we will be a team to beat for years. I wish he stays longer.. even after 2026 WC.

  6. Scaloni deserve big salary. Look at his CV now. Very impressive. Excellent. Great.

    1. 2018 COTIF Tournament – (Argentine Youth)
    2. Copa America
    3. Finalissima
    4. World Cup

    Out of 5 possible trophies, he won 4..!
    And we all know how we lost Copa 2019 by not giving 2 penalties that we deserved.

  7. Di Maria vs Adil Rami in instagram:

    El Dibu best goalkeeper in the world. Go cry elsewhere.”

    Rami hit back with irony, saying:

    “Are you teaching me Angel!?

    For me it is scary that Emi was not at his absolute best like his Copa America or WCQ performances but Argentina still won the WC because of him. No one would deny that he is the second MVP of Argentina only after Messi. Imagine if Emi was in a total super saiyan mode, maybe we would have conceded 3 goals only in all the WC games.

    • Messi’s fate is somehow related to him, since he’s here, Messi won 3 trophies with the national team, something not to ignore. Just like Di Maria’s importance in the final, if he plays and scores, the team always wins.

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