Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid in the race to sign Enzo Fernández


Per reports from the English media, Manchester United would be leading the three-club race at the moment to sign the winner of the FIFA World Cup Young Player award.

The 21-year-old Argentinian has a release clause of €120 million and a contract until 2027 with Benfica. The club’s president, Rui Costa, already stated that if a team wanted to sign Enzo within this transfer market, they would have to pay the release clause. Per Gastón Edul, both the player and his agent have already arrived in Portugal.

The Argentine club River Plate would receive a 25% of Fernandez’s future sale.


  1. Could anybody please tell whether the 1986 final was a close game or did we primarily dominate but then gave away something? Because I am seeing a pattern…..everytime we are winning the WC we are man handling big teams in the KO stage……

    • Whatever I have seen in the documentary or the videos available, the attack from Argentina was relentless against Germany. We were 2-0 up, and then there were the equalizers. But at no point did I see them backing down from attacking. It could have easily been a 4-2.

  2. The only midfielder in the world that is valued more than Enzo is Jude Bellingham just because he is younger a bit and is an English. Liverpool, MU, and Madrid are all interested in both of them. Enzo and Jude should end up in one of those teams or even both in the same team.

    Even if Enzo ends up in Madrid, the WC clearly shows that he looks better than Camavinga and Tchoumeni.

    • Yes,
      I was a child in Argentina at that time and went to the World Cup final at monumental with my dad. I was 10 years old at the time. Kempes was a fantastic player but viewed as an outsider at the time for playing outside of Argentina. After that ardiles and villa went to play in the UK but up to that point everybody played in their own countries. I even remember the NT playing against River and Boca on several occasions. In any event, lots of controversy politically around at that time because of Videla. The worst era of Argentina. Many families disappear for fighting the political regime. I think the entire era was tainted and many Argentina supporters consider 86 as the first championship as silly as that sounds because of political reasons. Aside from that, Kempes was very good, borderline great but not as noted of a club career. The biggest team he played for was Valencia on two stints but as you know that’s a small club. All those reasons together.

  3. I also want to remind EVERYBODY here of a specific gaucho dance the fucking Germans performed after beating us in 2014 WC Final ridiculing Argentina. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY in all of fucking Europe had an issue with them ridiculing our culture. But make fun of douchebag Mbappe who needed to be ridiculed for his prima donna behavior and everybody is out defending him.

    • I thought it was a casual dance, but it’s actually in their formal celebration, no respect to them! They deserved two consecutive elimination from the first round because of that!

      • How funny would it be if Germany was out in the group stage a third time or Italy missed out on the World Cup a third time.. there has to be a chance at least one of those happens again right?

    • Benzema drama has taken the media attention off of butt hurt Chrinstina fans and Messi haters and is focusing on the toxicity in French team. French are lucky that their 2018 world cup winners were all injured. With this level of toxicity along with bunch of world cup winners lacking motivation in the startingxi, Mbappe and France would have crashed out from the group stage.

    • Europe is pathetic. They try to be united in everything. They use the same EURO money pretty much, having their own friendlies called nation league aka other-minor-countries-can-not-join. In music they have euro vision. Whatever country A says, others will follow like losers. In Hotspur, before the final of the Argentina-France, all the Europeans there like Hojbjerg, Davies put their money on France. Extremely arrogant, and a lot more bla bla bla.

      The victory of Argentina is huge because the Europe and Mbappe think they are the top and untouchable. They think South Americans are as good as quarter finalists at best. They think the gap between the Europeans and South Americans have widen as we won the WC before this 2022 in Japan 20 years ago only. They are arrogant because they had won the last 5 WC after that so then there is no contest between the Europe and the South American.

      finalissima show them the reality. The World Cup final could have been just like finalissima 3-0 had Di Maria stayed on the pitch. The last 10 minutes, France trailing 2-0 they would want to attack us. It would have been a perfect game for Di Maria who would find a lot of space to counter attack. They lost now and they moan.

      Not only that, they always overvalue their own European players. Benoit Badiashville to Chelsea for €45 mil really? Just €5 mil less than the WC winner Cuti or Licha? Don’t be surprised next Thuram or Mouni go somewhere for €70 and €80 mil euro.

  4. It’s ridiculous to me that every moron has a fucking opinion about Dibu. These shit bag European countries somehow think they own the World Cup and they can’t take their medicine when they get their asses kicked. If you want to shut up Dibu shut him up on the field. Otherwise take your medicine and quit being a bunch of pussies. They focus on Dibu because nobody wants to talk about the fact in Europe that we absolutely owned their ass for 80 minutes on the pitch. A bunch of sore little bitches after Dibu fucked them all on the biggest stage. The French are pathetic. They complain because they can’t fight the good fight and lay down. Not only in football but in wars too. Pathetic excuse of a country and cowards as well.

  5. Several Argentina players have responded to Rami. Juventus duo Leandro Paredes and Angel di Maria told Rami that ‘El Dibu is the best goalkeeper in the world, cry somewhere else’ and ‘Now say it without crying Rami’ respectively.

    Meanwhile, as per Sport, Real Betis defender German Pezzella quoted the great Lionel Messi in response: ‘Anda pa alla Rami’ [Off you go Rami].

    The Argentina squad seem to care little about whether they are liked by the rest of the world, showing dismissal of any criticism. Understandably so, in the words of Rodrigo de Paul, they are now eternal, and in Argentina, they are heroes forever.

      • Surely different player. May be Benfica think they can invest the big amount from Enzo’s sale to purchase a proved DM like Guido (cheaper too) and in some young players.

      • They do play Enzo in a double pivot fairly deep, sometimes even dropping between the center backs. I think it is just a good coincidence for them that he has so much attacking firepower because since his first game they’ve shown their intention is just to have someone in a pivot setting the tempo. Technically Guido could do that role though I would still prefer for them to get Alcaraz or Perrone and keep the conveyer belt going. I like it when some clubs in Europe recognize our talent because over there everything is so overpriced and overrated and Benfica don’t go for the bs. I like Brighton’s South America scouting too, though they should have paid more for Buonanotte.

  6. +Chelsea the newest, imagine an Enzo Macallister duo there, Potter the former Brighton coach who loves Mac. And +30 mill. for River after Enzo transfer fee. Imo 120 mill. the most expensive midfielder ever price would be a huge pressure on Enzo, but in WC he didnt feel the same level of pressure. So who know?

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