Video: Lionel Messi celebrates World Cup win with family in attendance


A video has emerged of Lionel Messi celebrating the World Cup win with his family in attendance.

Videos are continuing to be uploaded online. The latest one is of Lionel Messi on the pitch and his family in attendance, as they celebrate. Messi can be seen saying “Ya está, ya está” or “that’s it, that’s it”.


  1. Anuporno guy said that our midfield is mediocre LOL. In reality the best potentially for WC2026. Guido, Paredes, Enzo, Macallister, Lo Celso, De Paul, Palacios, Nico Dominguez, Buendia, Robertone, Alcaraz, Perrone, Buonanotte, Almada, Varela, Fausto Vera, Nico Paz, Santiago Simon, Medina, Almendra, Zaracho. Crazy depth. The time is here when everyone want to sign argentine midfielders.

    • I have high hope for nico paz. Our mid is crazy talanted but we need 2 speedy skillful winger in replace Maria and messi or at least Garnacho and soule need to develop frist

    • I want a very low profile development for Facundo Buonanotte away from all the media hype and all. He looks very good to me, and in fact if at all Alexis could stay in Brighton a little longer, then Facundo might have a mentor in the form of a fellow Argentine, nothing beats that.

  2. 16 years old youngster Gianluca Prestianni is being closely followed by Barcelona and Manchester United. Bigger talent than Garnacho imo, the best since Messi.

    • Gianluca Prestianni is very good talent. Real Madrid also following him. He was mentioned here before. We will see how he progress.

      At LW, we have Garnacho, Zeballos, Velasco, Prestianni…etc.
      Hopefully they will become a big player.

    • I like Prestianni but he is different breed from Garnacho although both can play left winger. Garnacho is just like CR7 and Mbappe if he keeps growing. Garnacho is a speedy winger. Prestianni is more like a skillful player. He does not rely on speed that much. Garnacho is a direct winger. If you want to be a top top winger, speed is one of the most important attributes. I will be happy it both Prestianni and Garnacho will flourish but Garnacho has the upper hand because he already got that natural ability: speed. You can not teach someone to be speedy. It is a natural thing.

      In today’s modern futbol speed is very important. We see how the speedy Thuram, Mbappe, and Mouni made a difference for them. For example the prime Ronaldinho vs Mbappe, both left winger, who is a better left winger? One has crazy skill the other one crazy speed. I would say Mbappe. Mbappe skill fits modern futbol more.

  3. Lo celso – Enzo- de Paul
    Macallister- Paredes- Enzo
    Macallister- Enzo- lo celso
    Macallister- lo celso- Enzo- de Paul.
    I would add buendia to that mid field plus guido.

  4. Oh great Chelsea put a bid of almost 120million for Enzo. My god. But I think he will try to play the remaining season in Benfica to utilise the form of the team. But his adaptability is so great as he can jel into any team without any trouble. Also Chelsea is also up for macallister. That would be superb. Both jorghinho and kante are out of contracts from the end of this season.

  5. Does anyone know the background of why Surinam and Guyana do not participate in the Conmebol WC qualifiers or Copa America? There are way smaller nations in Europe participating in the Uefa qualifiers.

  6. Its very exciting and verybhappy to see that before the world cupthe world was praised spain, brazil, england for having some best young talents post world cup its our young guns of Enzo, alverz, maclister dominating headlines and consider as future of football😍😍
    The likes of garnacho, matias soule are waiting in the que also👍🏻

  7. And AFA add another one. Argentina U 17’s call up 14 year old Maximo Carizzo. He plays with New York City FC. youngest player to sign MLS contract. He is eligible to represent us because his parents are from Argentina.
    Good job Romeo.
    If Enzo moves, Benfica already have names to replace him with. They have Velez’s Perrone and Racing’s Alcaraz as their target.
    Personally, I think it would be a good idea for Enzo to complete this season with Benfica. Benfica are playing brilliant football and he can only improve here. If he moves he will be expected to perform right away considering the transfer money. You can be forgotten in an instant if u fail at these clubs. Too young to make a big move. Remember Renato Sanchez.

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