AFA want to organize matches to celebrate Argentina national team


The AFA want to organise matches in 2023 to celebrate the Argentina national team winning the World Cup.

It’s been 36 years since Argentina last won the World Cup and now that the trophy is in Argentina and the celebrations have slowly started to die down, the AFA are looking to have a few friendly matches to continue the celebrations. AFA president Claudio Tapia spoke at a press conference about their plans for the matches. Here is what he had to say:

“Now we will try to look at the calendar for next year and we want these guys to get the recognition that they deserve. And best that it is played in Argentina. We will see when FIFA will confirm their fixture lists but we want to play in our country before playing away.”

FIFA have yet to confirm matches for next year, specifically when the World Cup qualifiers will begin. If they will start in March, June or possibly even in September.


  1. 10 days have passed from the day we earn the 3rd star and really i can t turn my attention to anything else from that. i can t wait to see the team playing one game in Argentina. only in Monumental we can play and even that stadium is small in capacity to full all of people we want to go. sold out tickets inside and other 100.000 people outside will be (for not say more)that they will want to go inside.
    i want to wear our new 3 star jersey and go to Monumental to see the team play. i can t wait.

    • That should be interesting. I think it’s time for Otamendi, Di Maria, Armani, and Papu Gomez to go. Scaloni can give them 3 to 5 more games and then move on.
      Scaloni needs to focus on finding better wingbacks or at least additional wingback options.

    • Ngolo is still someone who I can think of when it comes to quality, Pogba is just overrated like hell. I mean there was a time when I had some respect for Manchester United, but Pogba making it to Man U would tell you how their levels have diminished. I find it hard to believe he was a world cup winner. Honestly he would be schooled just like Griezmann was during the final, I have absolutely no doubt. Maybe Kante could have made a difference, but we will never know. This was a different Argentinian team altogether. We could still have roll them over with all their strength.

      • European fans are insanely biased. Benfica has been playing great because of Enzo and in Argentina with very little time to adapt to the teAm, played great. He has a bright future as long as he stays away from Athletico de Madrid

  2. Mbappe has spoken about Messi and the WC and has been very respectful about their relationship………this is the affect Boss of Bosses has on the people he plays with and against

  3. Chelsea, Arsenal, Atletico are not only teams interested in Mac Allister. There are reports Manchester United and Tottenham also interested. Now Italian media says Juventus, Inter, Benfica, Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund also wish to sign him.
    That’s around 10 clubs interested in him.

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