Juventus joins the list of clubs interested in Alexis Mac Allister per reports


Juventus is interested in signing Alexis Mac Allister, according to the Italian media. They join Chelsea, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid in their interest in the World Cup winner, as stated in previous reports.

La Gazzetta dello Sport’s cover of this Wednesday affirms that Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri, “wants Mac Allister” for his team, as an alternative to the American Weston McKennie, who would not be taken into consideration.

A move out of Brighton for Mac Allister is most likely to happen in June of 2023 rather than during the current transfer market. In case he goes to Juventus, he would play alongside two of his Argentina teammates: Ángel Di María and Leandro Paredes.


  1. Máximo Perrone
    Style of play
    deep-lying orchestrator/midfield playmaker

    – knows how to dictate tempo, he’s creative, and has the natural ability of an ‘orchestrator’ midfielder who can perform at all of midfield positions

    – player with excellent technical ability, 1vs1 short-dribbling skills, close ball control, and fast direction shifts in possession

    – midfielder who sees the game differently from most revealing creativity, cleverness at his off-the-ball movements, great vision, and passing ability orchestrating or providing dynamism to the team’s build-up process with ease and effectiveness

    – superb mix of creative, controlling, and defensive attributes

    – very good in combination play

    – cultured passer with a proclivity for breaking the lines with intricate vertical balls

    – excellent range of passing at all distances

    – extraordinary thinking when on the ball – he often chooses options which are unexpected for the opposition

    – very high football IQ/good feeling when to speed up the play with progressive passes and when to slow down the tempo to retain possession

    – superb spatial awareness/always keeps his head up and scans the pitch before receiving the ball

    – has the ability and confidence to provide good through/killer passes in the final third

    – great composure, elegance, and retention skills under pressure/press-resistant player

    – displays a natural technique to take fast decisions in tight spaces

    – constantly asking for the ball and often is an additional passing option

    – energetic, tenacious, and determined in defensive phase with good anticipation sense to provide key interceptions and tackles

    – perfect for the possession-based style of play

    – avoids using his right weaker foot

    – good leadership skills/he seems to be a quiet but determined and charismatic player


    “I want to cover all positions in midfield. I think I’m a 5 and I like and enjoy passing a lot.”

    (Máximo Perrone)

    Football Talent Scout potential rating:

    9/10 BallBallBallBallBallBallBallBallBall

    Player has the potential to become a key player in a top European club.”

    Since no one replied I Done my own research Based this information this guy can be some player. It’s fair to say golden era of Argentine football starts again.

  2. All these European bullshit should organize a real final match between the Champions league winner this year and the World Cup winner Argentina in Qatar (not in Europe) in June. As long as the winner is not PSG, City, or Benfica. The match is possible. I am sure Argentina will kick their ass.

    Long time ago there used to be a friendly between Barca and Brazil when Ronaldo teeth was still playing for Barca. Ronaldo ended up playing for each team in each half I think.

  3. Csabalala , olive or anyone have inside knowledge in local players can please share how good Carlos Alcaraz and Máximo Perrone are, I’m hearing benfica will go one of this guys if they sell enzo Fernandez

    • I think for Perrone Godin’s report up top is better than anything I can say because I haven’t watched him too much. For Alcaraz, I watched a few games of his for important matches like against Boca and River in finals. Every single time with the exception of the most recent game he played against Boca he completely lost his composure and missed many chances to score goals. I hope it’s just his age but the occasion fazes him sometimes. Apart from that what I noticed is he likes to go forward and has good acceleration and likes to bomb through midfield when he sees the opportunity. Good passer too. I think the next couple of years will be key in seeing what his ceiling is, he still isn’t a fully “fixed” starter in Racing and gets rotated sometimes

  4. Alexis macallister will not be joining juve
    Juve are in difficult situation at moment and don’t have money anyway. In my opinion there are two realistic teams that can sign him, Chelsea because of his ex manager and arsenal having said Alexis MacAllister now is under pressure to perform well for his club too after good world Cup

  5. EPL will still be the center of best footballers in the next few years, so I hope Enzo and MacAllister call play for competitive EPL teams. In the past, our team were pretty much all La Liga and Serie A based players, but this year we won the WC with many EPL key players.

    Serie A is too slow and less competitive, so that Lautaro and Paredes were out of form.

    • Not necessarily, take the Portugese league for example, it’s not even a top 5 league yet Otamendi and Enzo were amazing for the NT. Lautaro and Paredes were out of form, pure and simple, it hand nothing to do with them playing in serie A, otherwise Dimaria (who plays in serie A) wouldn’t have shone through.

    • As reported by Fabrizio Romano on his YouTube channel, Chelsea are having doubts over triggering the release clause of Enzo Fernandez due to financial fair play.
      Release clause payments are all in one deals, and Chelsea having to part ways with £120million in one go as well as the other signings they’re making and have made in recent months could cause a problem.

      —- So Chelsea are interested yes but few clubs in the world have the money or willing to spend € 120 million at one payment because if it triggers the release clause, then it is a one time payment, not installments. Chelsea prefer the payment to be in installments even if it ends up to be €120 million.

      Liverpool seem to have given up so far as they don’t have €120 million of cash. MU still a possibility if they are ambitious enough. For me Chelsea is an okayish move. I don’t think Chelsea will be one of the best in EPL as City or at the moment Arsenal or eventually Liverpool will still be stronger than them, but not bad at all. Chelsea are in transition. Many key players gone from them: Rudiger, Werner, Lukaku next year Jorginho and Kante are out. Coming in: Koulibaly, Cucurella, Sterling, Fofana, Aubemeyang.

      And now they want Enzo, I think it will take time for this team to reach the top. At the moment their realistic achievement is top 4.

      • El_principe: enzo Fernandez moving to Chelsea won’t be good for you mate cuz it will be hard for to support both Chelsea and Tottenham, aside the joke I don’t want enzo to go Chelsea, man utd will be good destination for him in my opinion.

        • I am fine with all EPL teams but Arsenal. Arsenal never had a history with any Argentine players but trash ones like Nelson Vivas. They did not even know how to utizile Emi. I don’t mind supporting Spurs (Cuti), MU (Licha esp now CR7 is out) and Chelsea (if Enzo moves there) even Liverpool is fine too.

          • @el princepe,,
            Arsenal with Arteta is good for Enzo my friend.. But Emi is Lil sad story with arsenal team…
            Wherever Enzo plays, I am going to support that team..

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