Pep Guardiola continues to praise Julián Álvarez and his World Cup


Pep Guardiola continued his praise of Julián Álvarez after winning the World Cup.

The Manchester City boss had nothing but nice things to say about his striker and World Cup champion. Julián Álvarez has not yet returned training with Manchester City but that has not stopped Pep from talking about him. Speaking at a press conference, here is what Pep had to say:

“All of us are so incredibly happy for him. Argentina could lose the penalties against Holland and lose the penalties against France, they will not be champions but he will be the same outstanding player.

“Julián is completely different [to Lionel Messi], he doesn’t need to win the World Cup to know exactly how he is as a player. For him it is unbelievable that he is already a world champion. Thanks to Argentina he will come back as a better player and that is magnificent for us.

“What I can say is we are so happy for Julián, What an experience. Our player will be perfect for us.”

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  1. Hopefully he will get more minutes and more passes from his team-mates. Most of the goals Haaland has scored are tapin types creates by City’s midfield. I wonder how many Julian would score if he were to similar amount of opportunities. Also EPL teams haven’t really man marked Haaland so far. Most of the time he is free in open spaces scoring tapins. Some might say he has great positioning which is very true but he hasn’t been heavily marked which is also true.

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