United States to join Argentina, South American teams in Copa America


The United States men’s national team will be joining current champions Argentina and South America in the next Copa America.

There have been rumors the past few weeks in regards to the next Copa America. Rumors have been circulating that it could be played in the United States and Canada with both teams being invited.

But one thing that has been mentioned is by United States men’s national team captain Tyler Adams. He was speaking with NBC Sports and stated that they will be playing in the Nations League but also in the Copa America. This would be one more team coming for Argentina’s Copa America crown.


  1. Weren’t USA already a part of few Copa’s before. I think its better to club the Copa with the Concacaf gold cup eventually, It will benefit all the teams.

    Everyone was making noise about Mbappe and all the other youngsters at the World Cup, Halland was in a hibernation chamber refreshing. The guy looks ripped, I think he is gonna eat other teams defenders in EPL. Its a shame that he couldn’t be there at the WC. If he keeps on track he will definitely beat most of the goal scoring records out there may be the legendary 91 Goal streak of Messi too. I would chose Halland any day over that loud mouthed F*** Mbappe.

    Not sure which Argentine player i would focus moving on wards more. Enzo, Garnacho, may be. Have huge hopes on Lucas Romero, Pedro De La Vega and some others. We definitely have huge abundance of Midfielders coming on, Midfield has to be stacked. Its were the Game is controlled.

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