Alexis Mac Allister gets big World Cup welcome at Brighton


Alexis Mac Allister received a big World Cup welcome as he returned to his club Brighton.

Mac Allister is back with his club Brighton after winning the World Cup with Argentina and was greeted by the players and staff as he returned. The 24 year old is the latest Argentina return to his club after winning the trophy and Brighton have received videos of his return.


  1. Superb.
    Brighton, they had a video before the WC wishing Alexis good luck(for Argentina too. Some said Vamos that video). Entire Brighton was there. Here too. It’s their first ever WC winner.

  2. Great club. Mac Allister must be very happy and if he is not a world champion he is still respected. Those who understand football are not fools.

  3. Wow this is what small clubs are all about no hate no ego just love for teammates, its a very proud moment for the club too to have a world cup final representative from this small club, and both McAlister and Enzo showing us it’s better to start Europe career with mid-table teams where we can play regular hames and improve also can showcase your talent other than sitting on the bench of big clubs

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