Emiliano Buendía scores first Premier League goal of 2023 in Aston Villa 2-0 win


Emiliano Buendía scored the first Premier League goal of 2023 in ASton Villa’s 2-0 win vs. Tottenham Hotspur.

Buendía started the match for Villa and woulkd score the first goal of the match. A shot onto Hugo Lloris was saved by the goalkeeper but he would give the rebound and the ball would eventually fall to Buendía who would score. Here are Buendía’s numbers, via Statman Dave:

100% dribbles completed
43 touches
5 ground duels won
4/6 tackles won
2 key passes
1 goal

Another Argentine was in the team for Aston Villa. Emiliano Dibu Martínez is back with Aston Villa but was on the bench.

Cristian Cuti Romero was back in the team after winning the World Cup with Argentina. Romero would play the 90 minutes for Spurs.

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  1. Random fact about Otamendi for those may have thought he is of Italian descent as many are in Argentina.

    Otamendi is a Basque last name, (cf. Arizmendi, Etxandi) since many Basques immigrated to Argentina in 1800s and 1900s from northern Spain. Basques are known for their fierce character and tenaciousness. Other players of Basque origin are Ascacibar, Olarticoechea (Maradona’s roommate in 86) and Goycochea.

  2. maximo perrone what a talented player…he has ability to replace rodri,gundugon,Silva etc..i think 2024 will be breakout season for him even in 23 he will get some vital minute with city

  3. What is happening with Dibu? Was he asked to leave Aston Villa because of his antics at the world cup or is he in high demand and that is why they are sitting him and waiting on Bayern?

    Also, it seems all our players received big celebrations at their club…except Dibu…

    • Dibu and Cuti did not receive any special celebration from their clubs. I think it is because there are some French players there in both Spurs and Aston Villa, so they just do not want to ruin the dressing room. Spurs have Lloris, the France captain. Villa have Digne and Kamara.

  4. Facundo Medina has a high ceiling as LCB.

    We need to integrate Medina and Senesi while phase out Pezzella and Otamendi. Pezzella immediately and Otamendi gradually.

    Otamendi had great world cup, best defender till semi final. However the lack of pace, stamina can be seen for first penalty. I love Otamendi, but it is time to move forward, gradually.

    I also think RDP’s potential has been maximized. If he does not change club, it will only be downhill for him. We also need to integrate alternative players.

    Same goes for Paredes.

    In my opinion, the players who were 25+ in Copa 2021 can only be considered for Copa 2024 at most if everything goes normally. We will need to be prepared for life without them.

    After 2024 there will be intense WCQ and there will be no time for experiment.

    • Unfortunately Otamendi played every minute and was mentally and physically exhausted once we reached the final. In hindsight, Scaloni should have given him some rest but his sub Pezella was a walking error machine and Foyth was coming back from long injury.
      But if Scaloni wants to retain the world cup, he will have to phase out a lot of major players. Messi and Dimaria will mostlikely quit before the Copa or right after Copa. But Scaloni will have to integrate young blood sooner than that if he wants to avoid the 2018 disaster.

      • We will never see anything close to the 2018 disaster. Tactically, La Scaloneta has an identity and shape unlike kamikaze sampa. players are much more comfortable with each other and different formations and tactics. Much easier to swap out chess pieces without performance degradation. The problem though is that Messi and ADM are lifetime and generational talents so anyone else is a massive downgrade except for Dybala and he isn’t a spring chicken anymore. The newbies still need time so I’m sure they’ll get NT minutes but they also have to prove themselves in club which of beyond Scalonis jurisdiction.

        > Messi and Dimaria will most likely quit before the Copa or right after Copa

        Btw I hate this sentence so much. Painful to read ugh lol

        • This team is fairly young compared to 2014 so yes something like 2018 disaster might not happen but once Messi and Dimaria are gone this team wont have any proper creative players and Dybala and Locelso can’t be counted on for 2026 due to their fitness issues especially Dybala. With Messi and Dimaria opposition always had to stay back and on their toes but with these once in a generation players gone we will need players who can create. Scaloni will have to integrate young blood especially in the creative department be it wingers or playmakers. Hopefully Enzo can develop into a midfielder capable of holding the ball , creating and scoring somewhat like Zidane!!

      • Di Maria will be a supersub till Copa and a starter in the Copa final. Messi will play at least till Copa, even as a supersub and mentor in WC26 is possible.

    • Completely agree with your points. I think Pezzella and Armani can be the immediate ones and not sure about Papu. All the potential De Paul and Paredes replacements have showcased themselves well and forced themselves in (Enzo, Mac Allister even a Palacios that finally improves his situation can be a great RDP replacement), and we still have lots of youngsters that haven’t even been called up yet that can support midfield. When it comes to CB we have to be more diligent ourselves about selecting these guys and testing them and seeing the best fits.

      • These guys showed later that they are overrated (+Nahuel Bustos) except Sarmiento who is still very young. Without extraordinary talent it wont work. Btw Perrone is bought by Manchester City, others by City Group. Big difference.

    • Garre was bought when he was younger and was more of a reserve player. Sarmiento was a city group signing that had a big injury in Girona that cut off his development. I feel hopeful about Perrone

  5. I have to somethings clear here after olive objection. Olive and may some others think i was/am against Fernandez. No i really like E Fernandez. Yes its true i was bit disappointed with enzo after watching a river game but i starting to like him from champions league games. But i never show here because so many people talk about him.for example i mostly love messi but never write about him after good game or goal because people always write about him. And I’m not that person who always go with specific player.i love the player who perform. For example once dybala was my 2nd favourite but NOW i don’t know where dybala’s position in my list. Now my favourite list is,serially…
    Messi, Romero, Fernandez, Lo celso, De paul, Macalister, Paredes,Lautaro, Alvarez,Emi,Molina,lisandro,Garnacho,Soule,Maximo P,Nico paz

      • Agree with ADM but not Paredes. He was there for years and was never able to cement his role in starting 11. He had few great games in Cl and league but he didn’t improve the team and he himself didn’t improve his game at all. Now with Messi, Mbappe, and Ramos needing extra legs to cover for them, Paredes is absolutely not the answer given his lethargic style.

  6. For all his possible flaws, I have to admit that I kinda miss Gonzalo, he brought a different angle to the discussion with his in-depth knowledge of the local league. The timing of his disappearance during the pandemic was quite ominous too, I hope he is ok though. Was his stubborn in some of his opinions? Apparently so, but to I’d rather have him any day of the week that the Kevins and Anuparnos of this world who more often than not had no idea what they were talking about.

    There were also those who called Tagliafico “a poor man’s Lucas Orban” and claimed that Paredes, Lo Celso were average players while defending Rojo, Biglia and Higuain furiously.

    And then there were those who insisted that we need Foyth as a RB otherwise we are getting destroyed. Molina ended up playing a huge role in at least 3 key episodes, his assist to Mac Allister, his goal after Messi genius pass and his dummy run to help Alvarez. A nearly perfect display from a modern fullback, no way Foyth even remotely would have had the same impact.

    We are the champions now and both the defenders of the old guard and the youth can feel vindicated because Messi and Fideo aged like a fine wine and our youngsters rose to the occasion and really delivered. This victory is for all of us.

    • bro, winning the world cup doesn’t make Tagliafico and Paredes world class. Paredes was piss poor, Tag rose to the occasion no doubt but let’s not fool ourselves.
      Foyth never got the chance that Molina did. Take nothing away from Molina, he delivered.

      • Parades and tagliafico they are not world class
        They are good players plus upgrade what we had before likes biglia rojo, gago even mascherano to certain extend. In my opinion both paredes and tagliafico are under appreciated for what the gave Argentina shirt.

        • 23 year old Paredes might have been better option than a 34 year old Masche in 2018 but prime vs prime, Masche is 1000x better. No comparison. I’ve always fantasized about a mid with GLC – Masche – RDP or with Enzo, etc. Damn that mid combo would have been a force to be reckoned with!

          I’ve always been harsh with Paredes because a) massive downgrade from masche and Banega b) lethargic style c) defensively weak d) too hot headed e) not progressive most of his passes are sideways and backwards. I know he can make worldly long balls and between the lines passes but he doesn’t do then enough to give him credit.
          I also thought Banega got screwed over when Scaloni dropped him for Paredes in Copa 19. It was a terrible choice on Scalonis part as Banega was a much better option. I do think Banega was criminally underrated and underutilized by the NT.

      • Sergio, that’s true but nobody said that. Paredes did have some poor games and hothead moments but he was also useful at times especially against Croatia to form that midfield. He was absolutely vital for the penalty shootouts which is a contribution that’s worth a tournament. He also looked really good and perfectly bedded into the dominant performance we were displaying against Poland when he came off the bench. Yes, he was one of our more out of form players but not “piss poor”. Tagliafico was brilliant and impeccable against Croatia and also incredible against France, nullifying Dembele and partly triggering one of the worst WC final performances in history from a single player. His performances aren’t fooling anyone and weren’t a fluke whatsoever, in fact it was odd that his first couple games weren’t great because he’s been in superb form for Lyon this entire season, if anything people would have been fooling themselves to think he was bad just based on a couple of “okay” games. Ask any Lyon fan if you don’t believe me. Before the tournament started he was one of our most in form players at their club, more than Acuña. One of the least credited players in my opinion. The only true downside was that he missed three clear scoring opportunities, not what you demand of a left back but he certainly must be slightly annoyed he couldn’t get even just one

    • Gonzalo is a master of promoting average/little known players over world class legendary ones such as Di Maria. But he knows a lot too. Usually when people know a lot they’re less biased, but not the case here with him

    • May I also mention for Molina his one touch pass to Mac Allister to kick start the beautiful play that led to Fideo’s goal. No back pass, stutter, touch and then slow build up, just direct and immediate, of an attacking mind. A small contribution on its face but a huge one given the consequence.

      • Olive, that is our system and in full flow, we are scary. We are very direct and our ball recovery is excellent.
        We won the world cup because if the system and the spirit. Yes, the players had to follow the system but the important thing to understand is we had a very good identity and a plan once we recover from the ball.
        I won’t be surprised if we play against PL teams and still win against them. Whether we can carry on with that workrate for entire season is different thing.
        My point is we won the world cup and Copa due to our system which is why I think we have a good chance in Copa and next world cup.

    • I must agree that my biggest blunder was thinking Foyth be so important for the team for situational roles. I think Scaloni also thought this way and kept him with the squad. But, Foyth was no where near his champions league form during the World Cup. So, Scaloni game him only some ceremonial minutes in the tournament.

      So, in hindsight we can say that some of us were utterly wrong about Foyth.

  7. @Godin11 and @Olive

    > The truth is like it or not Armani’s penalty save kept Scaloni in the job ….

    Here’s another butterfly effect starting July 13, 2014 –

    Higuaín miss > devastating loss > horrible fans abuse and bully golden gen > NT stress, pressure, anxiety sky rockets 🚀 > mentality and confidence tanked > NT loses back to back penalty shoutouts Copa 2015 ❌ and 2016 ❌ > 3 consecutive losses > even more pressure > top coaches refuse > desperate hire Sampa which only fueled more stress > 2018 WC ❌ > even more pressure > no coach wants the job > AFA turns to rookie Scaloni > slow start > La Scaloneta begins > Armani save > 2019 Copa 🏆 > 2022 World Cup 🏆

    I think we owe El Pipita an apology 🙂

      • after winning copa and world Cup made me to forgot the bad misses of gonzalo higuain and Sleepless night because of that as Armani thanks for saving scaloni job again, btw sampoali have big job on his hands his seville team are seriously struggling they are in bottom three in la liga table
        They are in Relegation fight now.

    • El Pipita and Sampaoli too. Thank you Sampaoli for being so crazy and incompetent that you got fired as soon as possible to pave the way for your assistant Scaloni, without you we would have never won the three cups we did 🙂

      Honorable mentions: Palacio, Biglia, Caballero, and Armani again, for not showing up against France but showing up against Paraguay. He had a plan

        • @Diego86
          Man you had much better intuition than I. From his successful stint in Chile to Sevilla where he stormed the league, trashed Real few times, I was ecstatic upon hearing Sampa was taking over. I remember shadow boxing I was so so damn happy. I thought finally we have an attacking coach to bring the best out of Messi, Kun, Di María. But my goodness what a freaking let down. Probably one of the worst disparities between expectations and reality.

      • @olive
        Oof, even jokingly I can’t bring myself to thank the anxiety inducing bowling ball 😂

        > Armani again, for not showing up against France but showing up against Paraguay. He had a plan

        Got a good laugh at this one

    • Where is Sergio Romero these days? I think he is criminally underrated given his contribution to the team. I mean him being 35 now, he could have easily been number 2 to Emi…I honestly don’t understand why Willy or Franco were preferred to him in 2018.

  8. As i continue to think about the dream that this year was as an Albiceleste fan, One promise I make to myself is that I won’t fall for ‘next big thing’, ‘the future Messi of Argentina’ or ‘child prodigy’ etc etc labels anymore.
    Our BEST players in the WC were those that would never have started had luck not intervened in our team’s path..I mean Enzo, Alvarez and MacAllister were in nobody’s starting 11 on Nov 18… but ended the Heroes by Dec 18! LoCelso was not even in Qatar and others like Foyth and ElToro was there but absent in effect…

    So when I see news kids like Gaich, Garnacho, Luka R, Perrone etc…I am calming myself… because life has taught us that it is not who’s awesome today that matters but who shows up awesomely when it truly matters.

    So I will keep an eye on all news about every Argentine prodigy or transfer news because I know I can come here to get some thoughts on how our team is shaping up to next Copa and WC 2026.

    Vamos! The dream lives on!!

    • Yep spot on at the end of the 2018world cup 2019 copa in my thoughts the players who gonna represent us in 2022wc or the super stars of ours in 2022 in my minds were
      Thiago almada, lo celso, dybala, occampose, emi bundia, matias palacios Etc but they are not even in 11 some are not in squad, during 2018 wc i have no odea about a player naming de paul as young prodigy or next big thing but look who was our engine since 2018 worldcup same with macliater i wasnt aware of him jntil i saw brighton no10 jerssey
      So like u said its not that young guns who we discusses will become stars its thr unknown players with their hardword and luck they are the one becoming stars

    • Actually the new kids have a big platform to prove themselves. It is the event 5 months from now called WC u20. Most of our legendary players have won WCu20 many years ago such as Messi, Di Maria, Aguero, Samuel, Riquelme, Aimar, many more.

      If Garnacho, Soule, L Romero, Perrone, Aude, the Carbonis can win the tournament, then we know they are for real. Remember than after Aguero last won WC U20 many years ago, we never won the tournament for a long time. I think our best achievement is Lamela’s team which made it to the QF of the tournament after the Aguero’s era. Others failed either in group stage or second round.

      • Don’t you think that since Messi and Aguero emerged in mid 00s, the European scouts have been more intense in looking for the ”next Messi/Aguero” while the European clubs have been reluctant to release their Argentine players for the U20 WC? The squads of latest have consisted of mainly local talents, suggesting that Garnacho, Soule, Romero, etc, who are part of their respective first teams, most likely won’t be released, making the hopes of advancing beyond QF in the coming U20 WC a bit too elevated.

    • It’s Scanoli so the lineup changes all the times. If it’s other coaches, you can predict the lineup with 80% accuracy, 2 years in advance

  9. Intolerance and bad mouthing isn’t only rampant in this forum but also in our society. Now a days, people think less and rush to judge by the first appearance. A becoming of a zombie generation.

    Why do people disagree on how good McAllister, Parades, Enzo, or Foyth are? Does any Argentina fans want them to play bad? People assess players based on their OWN judgement. I can’t judge Parades by the metric my friend, Godin1 will judge and Vice versa. This is the essence of diversity, which brings nothing but strengths in a discussion.

    There are a few people here who can’t stand arguments that doesn’t conform with their beliefs or understandings. Pity for those people. They don’t even know what they are missing but live a life of arrogance.

    Many people before and after Isaac Newton watched apples falling from trees. But, there has been only one Newton. If Newton see things by your eyes, he would have been Jewel or Mars or whatever.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t expect the keyboard warriors to spend a few seconds to think before coming against with harsher and more inappropriate language. But, bad should be confronted, no matter what the cost is. So, I am not policing here (as some of you might think); it’s our responsibility. Do the same to me if you find me crossing the line.

    • I think disagreement is fine because if it is done in a civil way it can serve for both people to reevaluate their claims and come to a better consensus, learn something new, or change their opinion if they realize it’s wrong. I give a lot of opinions on this site but I wouldn’t have looked at it in the first place if I didn’t want to learn new things or see comments, I’ve learned a lot from some members and think it’s the best place to also read up to date news about our team. The internet does something to people where they react completely differently from real life. If you saw someone on the street with an Argentina shirt and struck up a conversation and they said they like/don’t like Mac Allister or whoever and then you started yelling and cussing and freaking out and insulting them you would look clinically insane, but here it’s totally normal. Of course then there’s some people that make it a little harder to keep calm like Anuparno making erroneous claims with the intention of getting a reaction, or some people that ignore all evidence and reasoning possible and the “logic chain” and end up coming with conclusions like “Scaloni is a bad coach” or just come to criticize or be supremely negative without much backup reasoning and then disappear when Argentina does well. But the site would be a better place and maybe even attract old members if people responded to bad/unclear claims with evidence against/supporting it instead of just insults or anger. That would make the site grow and let other people learn more and be far more productive. I’m no judge or authority at all but it looks too much like some Instagram or Facebook comment section when people just reply with an insult or unproductive phrase to everything. The reason why a lot of us are here is to escape that and be part of a community with analysis and reasoning and productive discussion. It was sad to me to hear that a couple of members didn’t comment during the WC because they knew there was going to be a ton of trolls and negativity and I would have been very happy to see their opinions or analysis especially since it’s the most important moment that we only get every four years.

      • @Olive
        When i read you, i know that i am reading someone who have seen a lot, experienced a lot and have a deep mind.

        I do not have much football knowledge like most you guys but football is the only childhood passion i am left with today. No cricket (coming from the Indian subcontinent you know what i mean), no music, no novels … which were all about me between my age 15-30. Argentina is the only thing that reminds me of my childhood passions half the globe away from my birth place.

        I don’t get much time to read relentless websites or Twitter posts to know about Argentina. This site is my Argentina. Hence, I have been sticking here for more than a decade now to know about which prodigy is on the way to make his name.

        I don’t enjoy seeing this site getting spoiled and as a result, good people leaving. As I said, this is my Argentina, and I will want it to live healthy and long.

        Happy to hear from Roy that he is working on to make things better.

    • Agreed there is a motherfucker in this forum called leandro arg something and he embarrassed me for almost nothing………..and these days I am scared to write what I truly think

    • El_ torero: my brother I really enjoyed having that discussion with you about leo paredes and you earn my respect cus of your good manners and respect that you show. I learnt a lot from this side I had civil discussion with many people in here with different players
      I’m glad i had faced some old member in here I mean the heavyweights Ddr1123, mafioso, el_principe
      And many more No disrespect to anyone I’m open mind person as example I putted my hands up and say I take it back every bad thing I said about di maria and otamendi and the other hand I still believe emi Buendia and lmq are talant footballers if you check lmq seria A stats he is one of the best defenders of this season in seria a he is top 3 or 4 so I don’t shy a way to share my opinion in good manner and respect as I said I learnt a lot from those different discussions.I genuinely believed leo paredes was upgrade from mascherano and many people including you disagreed with me which I respected and understood the pointview of that cuz mascherano is legend and always will be
      Now I still believe paredes is better option than Guido however now we have diamond call enzo Fernandez who is much better than leo paredes and he will be the base our midfielder for many years to come I mean enzo.

      • @godin11

        My brother of faith, I have nothing for you other than love and respect.

        Respect is something that you have no choice but to offer where it is due (if you are an honorable man) and many members here have earned it from me.

        But, love is something you choose to give to someone when you feel loved or lost your mind. I lost my mind when I fell in love with the girl I later married.

        You know what i mean. I feel loved by you, my friend.

    • Well put el torero. If a player deserves a praise, he will be praised. MacAllister deserves to be praised because of his overall WC performance BUT let’s not go over the limit that he is on Enzo level because he is not. MacAllister did NOT deserve to be praised before the WC because he simply did NOT. Before the WC he made the team overall performance worse anytime he played. I am always fair when assessing the players. Everyone who knows me since 2010 know that. I am not always a fan of every Argentina player for example. Veron or Claudio Lopez was good but I was never a fan of them. You guys can tell me but Veron won serie A as their best player and was magical for Argentina. I know that! but I was NOT his fan. As simple as that.

      The magic thing is as Cowbhai said that Scaloni had the cojones to make Julian Alvarez, Enzo, and MacAllister his key players in the important tournament as WC replacing his previous favorite players.

      As for biased fans here, I usually don’t give fuck about them. It is better for me to stay away from them and they stay away from me as I find their posts rubbish anyway. I can live easily without their posts. But it seems like they can’t resist not to read my posts. Lol shame on them.

      For me having different opinions or different favorite players are normal. I remember after the Saudi game, fans here want Licha to replace Cuti permanently. I like both, but I do believe Cuti offers more to Argentina than Licha due to his more understanding of the team and his height. But fans here wanted Licha more. I mean to be different in opinion is completely fine.

  10. I hope Adolfo Gaich can go to EPL or Serie A soon. He is still very young and can potentially be a late bloomer player like Diego Milito or Giroud.

  11. In a paralell universe our WC team should have been from the biggest Messi and Di Maria hater here ever.


    Di Placido Alexander Barboza Tagliafico Angileri

    De Paul Ascacibar Lanzini

    Pity Martinez Gaich Matias Vargas.

    To be fair he was a fan of Lisandro Martinez too, but not as big as Barboza’s, huge Tagliafico fan as a CB as well. De Paul a la argentine Zidane is his book. (Reynoso like Pelé), but at least 1 single hit. Unbelievable, even my mother could do this ratio while knowing only Messi.

    The other is history. His attacking section is simply absurd level. Never ever understood why loosers like Messi, Di Maria and Aguero are still playing even after WC14, but def not after Copa16. They were the reasons ARG failed in Copas. Our only world class players at that time. Higuain was not responsible for anything in his mind only Messi. Clown!

    • You’re being a bit harsh Csabalala Gonzalo wasn’t a Messi hater, he just believed that he wasn’t the be all end all of Argentine football. Also to be fair I too was very high on Pity (was south american player of the year) and Barboza, but neither of them lived up to their original hype, it happens. Heck don’t even get me started on Ascacibar, I honestly thought he was going to be AS GOOD as Mascherano and well……..it didn’t turn out that way sadly.
      On the other hand Gonzalo was the one who told me about Licha and he turned out to be right, so that’s that, sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Take you and I for example, neither of us were impressed with Alexis’s form for the NT (and rightfully so cos he was awful in the 4 or so games he played) but he shut us both up in the world cup.

    • Yes gonzalo was not a messi hater., he loved messi more than anyone here I can remember.
      He just supported Argentina local league players, we need people like that too in this forum.

      • I argued with that guy non stop, I’m well aware of all the negative comments he made. Among many, I remember he said well only win once Messi retires cause weak mentality (pecho frío) and he said Di María France goal was lucky and wouldn’t budge. Refusing to even acknowledge anything positive is the definition of “hater”. He ridiculed and went on and on about the “golden gen” being the “silver gen“. That term doesn’t even exist so it was only meant to degrade. It was great he loved domestic and reported a lot of info but he was an “oldie hater” no question.

    • Casabala, to be fair, RDP was spot on as well as Tag. Lanzini was 🔥 but plagued by injuries, and like Mamoun, I also liked Ascacibar . Btw, can’t believe he’s 25 ugh

  12. I hear the French are petitioning for a rematch after Buendia scored on Lloris.
    They say Buendia handled the ball with not just one but both hands.. during a throw-in earlier in the game.

  13. He was possibly the best player on the pitch today after Son. Conte knows that Romero is too good a player for this club, yet keeps pushing him to get better. On the other hand, the comment on Loris being better than Emi is such a load of crap.

  14. What a losers team spurs is! No creativity, no build up, nothing midfield. After the game Romero looks unhappy with their loser mentality. He should change this shitty club.

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