Enzo Fernández scores for Benfica in 2-0 win vs. Varzim


Enzo Fernández scored for Benfica in their 2-0 win vs. Varzim.

Fernández was back playing with the club after Chelesea’s failed pursuit of the 21 year old. Enzo was in the starting eleven and scored the second goal of the match.

The Argentine, who was named as the Best Young Player of the World Cup, received the ball inside the penalty area and scored. He celebrated pointing to the ground, indicating that he was remaining with the club.

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  1. Chelsea should not have been an option to begin with. He is unmatched in most of his skills. He is very adaptive and can fit Man Utd’s strategic revolution imo. He dominated every overhyped mid player at the World cup and UCL and yet none of the former players are slipping away from pecking order in their respective clubs while Enzo was nearly conned by Chelsea off the field tricks. Young Man! stay there and remind them your worth again, specially to the short memory elite clubs.

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