Leicester City bid £30 million for Nicolás González of Fiorentina


Leicester City have submitted a bid of 30 million for Nicolás González of Fiorentina.

Nicolás González has drawn interest from the Premier League. According to Gianluca Di Marzio, the Premier League club have made a bid of £30 for the Argentine.

The bid was made in the last few hours with Fiorentina pondering about if they should accept it or not. The winger joined Fiorentina in 2021 after winning the Copa America with Argentina, scoring 13 goals and assisting nine times in 50 matches.


  1. One of the selections proving Scaloni’s masterpiece. compared to his Stuttgart days his progress is stalk. he is still very capable enough to understand Scaloni’s idea but not necessary the same at Club level. Him and Locelseo are a must as I personally have doubts on the attitude of the cry baby fan- Garancho for the role. Speedy Gonzalez’s speed, Height if accompanied with an improvement in the final third, I would take him any day over any one in the left wing/forward.

  2. Guys let’s vote for our players. Voting is open!


    We have 7 players nominated: Emi, Cuti, Otamendi, Acuna; Enzo; Messi, Lautaro.

    Let’s vote and hope they will make the TEAM OF THE YEAR!


    Btw how come Roy doesn’t make a thread for this?

  3. PL teams who are in relegation battle still afford to pay. But teams from italy spain can’t buy player. In few years about 10 teams in PL will be ready to compete

  4. Watch Benfica and MU matches.

    Enzo was great. How come people here don’t talk about his goals??? He is our number one midfielder and young player and is worth 127 million Euro. He makes Chelsea eat their own shit. Chelsea losing 0-4 to City. Enzo scores. How do you like that? And they just spent 11 million euro on the good for nothing Joao Felix. Lol.

    MU: Garnacho was good. He should have had 1-2 goals and 2 assists if he was a bit lucky. His direct style was very dangerous. Raphinha scored a goal yes but Garnacho was far more threatening than him on the left. I would say Garnacho looked more like the $100 million man than Raphinha.

    Garnacho looks very hungry to show the world what he can do. Hope he will keep his starting spot next match. Licha was good as always. Only got beaten once throughout the match but as usual offered security in defense.

  5. It’s a no brainer for Fiorentina , however for injury prone Nico I am not sure with his recent poor fitness track record whether he can fit into the most physical league in the world !! If he regains his full fitness then along with his blistering pace , he could be more than beneficial for Leicester City!

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