Emiliano Buendía scores for Aston Villa in 2-1 win vs. Leeds United


Emiliano Buendía scored for Aston Villa in their 2-1 win vs. Leeds United.

Buendía has made it two goals in three matches, with both goals coming at the start of the new year. This time, a header from close range.

An initial shot on target was saved by the goalkeeper but Buendia was the first to react to it as he headed the ball into the back of the net to make it 2-0 for Aston Villa.

The Argentine has done well since Unai Emery has become coach at the club, starting their last eight league matches.


    • Oh Dibu is the living embodiment of monstrosity, he’s by far the best GK on the planet and without him Argentina wouldn’t have won copa or the WC, with or without Lio.
      I think Dibu should move on from Villa, he’s way too good for a middle of the table team like Villa, the question is though: where would he go? Non of the top teams in europe is in need of a GK right now.

  1. San Isidro
    January 13, 2023 At 4:31 pm
    “Caring how we win…get off your fucking high horse bro and quit smoking shit. I will take an ugly win over your stupid fucking PlayStation dream line up any day of the week. You don’t need to be passive aggressive here. Some fan you are that you give a shit about style more than result. Go watch some fucking tiki taka and follow Spain as they get undressed by Japan”

    Bro I couldn’t agree with you more even though we played good football during the world cup Add to that Forget Dybala or any other player, if I been offered Argentina will be winning copa 21 in Brazil and world Cup 22 in qatar without Messi I would have gladly accepted it.Even if I believe Argentina won’t have won it those big trophies without Messi , thanks to God we won with messi been our influential leader and the main man that even made more beautiful cuz that man deserve it more than any other player for sacrifice and painful he went through during his time for Argentina nt.

    • Style and result are not mutually exclusive but this reminds me of a quote which I read often and it makes me chuckle. “I’d rather take an ugly win over a pretty loss” Oh really, Sherlock? What a riveting opinion someone would rather win than lose. There isn’t a single person here that would have preferred to lose the World Cup so I’m confused as to who that statement is directed to.

      Anyway, the point about Dybala is that Toro was prioritized even though he was playing like shit. There is no doubt Dybala would have been much better sub for Alvarez. Thankfully Emi with GOAT save and our pen takers scored. If not Toro would easily be hailed Higuaín 2.0. So i don’t see anything wrong in calling out few obvious errors.

      Btw, I agree with you, we didn’t play ugly at all. Scaloni loves possession, playing out the back, pressing high, but let’s opponents control and then counters when the moment opens up. We are close to Spain in style but obviously have differences. Few goals are good examples… 22 and 28 passes before shooting on target. Spain on the other hand were all bark and no bite. Hilarious seeing wave of passes leading to nothing.

  2. It is better to leave A.correa and DePaul from AM as early as possible
    They can’t adopt simionis plans. Correa is one of the best technically gifted player available in ARG. Simionis tactics are not gud for them. They r not getting enough of opportunities and credts from simioni..Best to go under Mourinho I think..

  3. Everyone at WC final is scoring upon returning to their club

    Lautaro (2)
    Alvarez (2)
    MacAllister (2)

    Except those who’s stuck at Simeone’s team.

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