Ángel Correa scores for Atletico Madrid in 1-1 draw vs. Almeria


Ángel Correa scored for Atletico Madrid in their 1-1 draw vs. Almeria.

Correa started the match for Atletico Madrid and scored early on in the first half. A through ball was dummied and left by Antoine Griezmann and it fell to the Argentine World Cup winner who scored his fourth league goal of the season.

Nahuel Molina also started the match while Rodrigo De Paul was an unused substitute.

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  1. Argentine wonderkid Gianluca Prestianni at centre of transfer tug-of-war between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    Biggest argentine talent since Messi. Garnacho/Prestianni/Zeballos in the same position OMG.

  2. totally disrespect to champion de paul..Simione entry should ban in Argentina…argentine media should write about de paul simione situation…
    Btw Simione honeymoon will over after this season

  3. Any big teams in the world if they are not moron, they should know that some of our players are available for a cheap price and are world class:
    1. Rodrigo De Paul (at least any team can get him on loan for sure this January)
    2. Paulo Dybala (his release clause is only $20 million I think)

    And at least one more of our promising player is desperate to move to Europe too: Thiago Almada. He is not world class but he should be available for a cheap. I am sure those 3 will improve any teams that buy them.

    All Europe must know if they buy pieces of the World Champion, at least what they are getting are someone who have winning mentality… plus skills/attributes/quality/game changer/hard workers and so on.

    Those 3 have super low value and worth at least twice or thrice more than their value today.

    But these Europeans are so moron that they buy unproven players for expensive fees and they wonder why their teams won’t improve.

    • It’s not as simple as you make it sound el principe. Dybala’s release clause is surprisingly low but you have to remember that he’s 28yrs old and more importantly very injury prone.
      De Paul is a beast and a WC winner to boot but rumors are swirling that he’s got an attitude problem and isn’t dedicated enough to his football especially since he started dating some Argentinean singer. Now, whether this is true or not is another issue but such rumors can be very damaging to a player’s market value and I have to believe that there is some truth to it otherwise Simeone wouldn’t be benching De Paul like this.
      Lastly Thiago Almada, well he’s shown that he has legit talent since he was chosen by Scaloni for the WC and being named MLS younger player of the season but with that being said, it is still JUST the MLS and his release price cannot be lower than 30 mill, which is isn’t a small some for an MLS based player.

      • Otherwise what? Nothing will happen. Simeone is just ignoring de Paul. He is not considering de Paul as his main man. Atleast de Paul is way better than the current Atletico mid and looking at the wc performance he is still not even making that de Paul Molina partnership in his team. And benching him for some rumours is not ideal.

        • It’s not just rumors. He reportedly missed training to be with his girlfriend before. Like you just said, he is better than their midfielders and I think it’s funny that we think Simeone doesn’t know that. Clearly it’s for some other reason or combination of reasons then. Anyway I think it’s good he’s getting 0 minutes because that will encourage him to seek out a move this window and if he was getting his 20, 45 minutes per game he may just stay compliant and remain. Hopefully he goes back to serie a or goes to the premier league and this forces him out, it’ll be better for his career to sit these weeks out and leave than stay at Atlético long term

      • The only reason De Paul came to Atleti was Simeone. I don’t understand what does his personal life have anything to do with his club career?Was he ever drunk when he came to training? Was he doing drugs?Or has he been that bad for Atleti that he continues to be unused? I mean who he f***s is not anyone’s business, and definitely not Simeone’s.

  4. “Vélez president Sergio Rapisarda confirms the #ManCity negotiations for Máximo Perrone. The player wants the move and has had Pep Guardiola call 3 times along with Mascherano encouraging but Vélez hope to get a little more (via @velez670)”

    It’s great to see pep rates highly for this kid also it shows those who doubts this move because of game.It seems to me that he will have opportunities to show his qualities since Guardiola wants him plus Kalvin Phillips not performing Guardiola’s standard

  5. Defenders tend to sit back when dybala charges in something we notice in WC final as well france wasnt attacking us ever since he come on the pitch which shows his quality and danger

      • As a lifelong Barca fan I welcome this. Tucu has a much better work rate than Depay but I think Tucu has an uphill battle for minutes. Barca has 5 attackers 4 who can all score goals equally well and one world class striker..
        If this goes through I am sure one or more of the attackers will ask for transfer or loan outs…

  6. Either farmers league is not as inferior as everyone thinks or PSG is just mediocre with another clueless coach. I understand that after the world cup players would be exhausted and lacking motivation but the way PSG got outplayed French league isn’t an easy league as we all thought. Neymar doesn’t look like he has gotten over the world cup tragedy and Mbappe is missing every shot he is taking. The only player putting any kind of work was just Messi. May be Mbappe and his bitches don’t want Messi to win his 5th Champions league trophy which is why they don’t give a flying fcuk!! What a cluster fcuk of a team!!

    Meanwhile Dybala after having 2 months of rest is in prime form. I always wonder had Scaloni subbed Dybala for Dimaria or Lautaro in the final , the game would have never gone into penalties. What a player, had he not been so error prone, easily the top 5 of this generation.

      • Because it’s Argentina National Team and competition for starting spots is fierce.

        For a roaming inverted winger or a free role Dybala competes with Messi. No contest here.
        For a number 9 he competes with Julian Alvarez who is much better suited for that role. Nobody can press so relentlessly as Julian and score goals.
        For an attacking midfielder role, Scaloni is not going to change formation to fit Dybala if De Paul, Mac Allister and Enzo provide so much more balance in both attack and defense in midfield.

        I think Dybala’s best bet is to replace Lautaro as Julian’s sub in the pecking order.

          • Messi, Di Maria, Dybala would have been the greatest attacking trio of the world in the past 8-10 years, similar to Messi, Neymar, Suarez at club level. Argentina would have won many more trophies. Too bad they never tried it, because idiotic things like “who is more Argentinian” were more important.

          • Mitthrawnuruodo, who is more Argentinian was never a criteria applied to Dybala or any other player, you are imagining things. Dybala has always been injured, that’s his main problem.

  7. I don’t know why PSG buys Vitinha, completely substandard, he won’t make Argentina 26 players. They need Parades and Di Maria. They might loose the title because of these players

  8. Mykhailo is no where near Enzo. His technique is simple, likely will be a flop right away. Too expensive and way way overpriced with that price tag.

  9. Lloris has this problem with close range shots, we saw this in the final when Lautoro Martinez had the shot blocked and messi fired in.

    He has been fantastic for Spurs and France for many years, age also is catching up..

  10. 4 years ago – we were talking about who needs to coach Argentina – Want to credit Taupia for appointing Scaloni inspite of all the challenges a president could face..

    Scaloni is very sensible with regards to player selection..

    But it is very Disappointing to see Rodrigo De Paul spending time on bench..Wish he could move some where else..Sevilla?

    On a different thread – we talked about Pastore – Great player to watch when fit..he definitely had/has talent..not sure if he has the interest or fitness..

    Happy for Gazzaniga to be starting goal keeper for Girona and showing his worth..still no where close to challenging Emi Martinez – should prove to be a good backup atleast..

    Garnocho should be called by Scaloni – but Ten Hag is the best manager for him now.

    Scaloni should scout for RB and LB positions…

  11. How does Spurs think they will be competitive with Lloris in the goal?? They should go ahead and sign Emi Martínez.

    The European media would be all over if it was an Argentine goal keeper.

    Btw, Chelsea supporters asking the question how they could offer 100mil for the Ukraine guy but not willing to pay for Enzo.

      • Yes, itruly hope so too as how they treated Enzo and now they are offering 100mil for that Ukrainian with all my respect as i know Ukraine has many good players, but just even this player is not playing same position as Enzo Still it is even more disrespectfull against Enzo and Benfica too, though i’m really happy that Enzo did not move to a such disrespectfull team as Chelsea as if Potter does not get his players back in form and firstly fit to play from tbeir injury Crisis, well a relegation battle they could very well face up to, but i don’t think that they will get relegated, but also i don’t think that we will see Chelsea playing in Europe next season too !

    • @ddr1123 ” ddr1123 January 15, 2023 At 12:26 pm
      How does Spurs think they will be competitive with Lloris in the goal?? They should go ahead and sign Emi Martínez.

      The European media would be all over if it was an Argentine goal keeper.

      Btw, Chelsea supporters asking the question how they could offer 100mil for the Ukraine guy but not willing to pay for Enzo. ”

      Yes, i understand many people may not like spurs as what happened with Lamela and Lo Celso was a shame for those 2 players, but Still if we look back in history of English Club football, there has not been a another club so close to Argentina as Spurs been since early 19 Century until they signed Ardiles and Villa and whole Europe aa notbonly England went completly nuts ! Well, it is also true since that latest FA CUP VICTORY, where Villa scored the winning goal, which was more than ages a go, they have only once the League Cup with Juande Ramos as that is also very long time a go too !

      But, as u said if they would sign DIBU now, that would be there next beat move aa i think Lloria time has come to end with Spurs, respectly once a good keaper as he will continue to be a good keaper, but nothing in terms of DIBU who had such a big role for Arg to win WC as now other WC Goalie ever had in previous world cups !

      Offcourse the whole Arg Nt, with MESSI, ALVAREZ, ENZO, MAC, ADM, RDP, CUTI, OTA(besides the end of final), LICHA and the rest were vital as some OBVIOUSLY just MAGNIFICENT etc…

      But, as Arg won finally and rightfully and well deservedly, well it looks like allmost every Arg player is on Fire at the present, even those who were not amongst the WC winning team, so Yes as Spurs fan since Ardiles and Villa moved there after the first WC won by Arg at 78, well as an old habbit i do Still feel for Spurs until there is no more Argentine player at their ranks and now with Cuti there, well i hope he would be companied with another Argentine, well does Conte want this is an another matter and therefore i think DIBU would be a player that even Conte could not say no, but i think they should in this case get rid of Lloris as his whining about the WC final will not help nobody and deffenetly not Spurs ! As if Conte will be willing fir another Argentine player, well at this moment as owner or a manager of any European Club who has money enough in this transfer window and needs to improve their squad, well i would only buy Argentine players as they all are on Fire at the moment and some may be ready fir a move too if it will be avoid one considering their current team etc.,,

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