Argentina close to finalizing deal to visit Bangladesh


The Argentina national team are close to finalizing a deal to visit Bangladesh.

World champions Argentina have always had a massive following from fans in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the surrounding countries. This support has been known on Mundo Albiceleste since the start of the site but has only reached full worldwide viewing at the World Cup.

There have been petitions for the Argentina national team to visit those countries and it looks like that will happen. According to BFF chief Salahuddin, here is what he said about Argentina possibly playing a friendly match:

“The proposed tour of Argentina in Bangladesh is almost finalized. Now the discussion is only on terms and conditions.

“They informed us that they want to come during Fifa window in June. If everything goes fine with terms and conditions, we can say they will come.”


  1. That game will be a huge party. Very good move from AFA to reward the loyalty and enthusiasm from Bangladesh.

    With friendlies in March and June it is a perfect time to thank the old guard (first half) and welcome and incorporate the new generation (second half).

  2. Alhamdulillah! Wow!! Feeling proud as a Bangladeshi..
    Bangladesh is really the biggest fan base of Argentina football team in the world, no doubt. We showed this towards the world during this WC, now Argentina appreciated this!!! Superb..
    Vamos!!! ⭐⭐⭐🇦🇷💙🇧🇩✌️💪💪💪

  3. Lets bring on Saudi Boys. We need a rematch. I would love to see Argentina crushing Saudis infornt of their Passionate Bangladeshi 🇦🇷Fans

    • Over the past few years, Argentina’s team have developed a new nickname — ‘La Scaloneta’. The moniker combines Scaloni’s name with ‘camioneta’ which translates to van or bus. Scaloni’s side have developed a reputation for defending deep after going ahead in games, or in other words, parking the bus. Copied ~ 18 Dec 2022

      • That is not a good reason to get that name…..this is the only thing about this team I did not really like……..and this is the only thing that cost us all those anxiety

    • It’s mostly a trend where adding “neta” to the end of the word makes it like a truck/bus (camioneta like Sabellista said) and it’s the idea of being aboard or with the rest of the gang or the group (the team) both metaphorically and also sometimes imagined as an actual camioneta. For example people will joke and ask “get on the Scaloneta, there’s only a few tickets left” and it means that you support Scaloni and the team through the good and bad, you can’t say you’re part of the Scaloneta and then criticize Scaloni (I don’t mean in a constructive way but the way people criticize on the internet). I think its origin has to do with that show of support and fanbase concept more than the style of play. I’m not sure if it’s the first use of “ eta” in football because at the time it became popular and still today people in Argentina use it for much more than Scaloni, there was also the “Alfaroneta” for Ecuador’s coach or when a club signs a new player as a show of support to the player (“I’m on the ___neta”) and I remember it was used for Xavi at Barcelona, jokingly when they lost too. The Scaloneta is still the most resounding and popular use by far. It doesn’t have brakes (frenos) as they say given all the accomplishments

      • Good explanation @olive.
        eta at the end of the word kind of gives the connotation of voyage. From point a to b.
        I think it was a great nick name for this team. I was broken when I saw Scaloni interview after the match when he broke down crying as he dedicated this cup to his father.

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