Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni comments on possibly coaching Spain


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has commented about the possibility of coaching Spain.

Lionel Scaloni has won it all as coach of the Argentina national team. Speaking in an interview with El Partidazo de COPE, Scaloni commented about his contract renewal, Lionel Messi and Emiliano Martinez.

In the same interview, Scaloni spoke about possible coaching the Spanish national team. Here is what he had to say:

“Coaching Spain one day? Why not. Spain gave me a lot and is my second home.

“Luis de la Fuente taught me in coaching classes and he is a great guy.”

“Gavi or Pedri for the Argentina national team? I’d go with Pedri. I don’t know if he would play as a starter but I take him.”


  1. To be honest I’ll be OK with Scaloni not renewing.
    He has won everything and owes nothing to the team. He would sure like Argentines to remember him as the coach that gave them everything rather than risk failure in Copa.. and failure by his standards is not lifting the cup again.. the curse of success.

    He might want to test his coaching skills by trying to replicate success with young Spanish team with a European victory. Even a failure there might not fall on direct blame for him.. since he win the WC with another team..

    Last but not least, it just doesn’t make financial sense for him to not accept a lucrative offer from Europe.. he is after all a WC winner..

    Given the talent pool we have any non-idiotic non- egoistic coach can go quite far with the team in any competition

    • I don’t see anyone that can play a tactical game every game like Scaloni. Scaloni takes the blames for late goal, but I blame the players more for conceding last minutes goals. Overall he’s a great coach.
      I watched Argentina since WC’90, I think he and his coaching staff together are the best!

      We had a great team in 94, lost in second round, awesome team in 2002, 2006, lost in 1st round, and quarter final. 2010, we had phenomenal talents, important players not selected, lost quarter finals again. Not to mention multiple copas final we lost. I had enough of all these.

      Don’t give us another coach, it may take another 36 years or longer to win WC again.

  2. If Argentina league were stronger we will see lots of quality players and crazy money. If perrone or presitiani were spanish or Brazilian they would have cost €30m.

  3. I hope I am wrong, but I have a feeling Scaloni will not renew. My logic is this. First of all, he has won every trophy for Argentina. It is a near impossible level to maintain. Second, he is a young manager who will be at the highest demand by every large club in the world. Financially, if he stays with Argentina, he is at a loss. Right now, if he walks away, he will be remembered as the only manager we have ever had who won everything. He can come back in 10 years to Argentina and name his price. Nothing Tapia can offer him financially will even come close to what a big club can offer him. Lastly, keep an eye out on Gallardo. I am sure he is the heir apparent if Scaloni leaves. Gallardo wants the Argentina job, and there is a reason everything about him has been so quiet. I hope I am wrong about all this, but it seems like there is more than they are letting on.

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