Lionel Scaloni speaks on Lionel Messi, hugging Paredes, being World Cup winner


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about Lionel Messi being the captain, hugging Leandro Paredes after winning the World Cup and also about winning the World Cup.

Lionel Scaloni spoke with Jorge Valdano in an interview, where he commented on Lionel Messi and being a captain. Here is what he had to say:

“Logically, he is a football leader but when he speaks, he says the right words. And what it transmits to his team mates, I have never seen, in any person. Incredible.

“He is happy on the pitch and with the national team shirt. The age, for everyone and for him too, is a “handicap” but surely having him in the group and having the “10” at a World Cup will generate something.”

In regards to his emotions and seeing Leandro Paredes after winning the World Cup:

“At that moment you say it’s over and what a relief. We got it but what a relief. After, I see him (Leandro Paredes) coming crying, he suffered for having been in there, left the team and got back from injury. Seeing him excited made me emotional too and it was a nice hug.”

Scaloni also spoke about being a World Cup winning coach and sitting at the same table as Luis Menotti and Carlos Bilardo:

“I don’t feel comfortable at that table. It would have to be that way out of respect for their careers and it feels me with pride because we all grew up with them. But I never think that I Want to sit or be next to them.”


  1. Came back to this forum to congratulate everyone who supported Argentina football team. I was literally damn upset after 2018 loss to France, but then , came to know about this forum and so many beautiful people who supported Argentina in those tough times.

    I was there in the stadium when Argentina played Mexico and man, what a thunderous , magnificent group of supporters this team has got. The world around me literally erupted every time Messi was on the ball and when he scored, heaven and hell broke loose…

    Dec 18, 2022 was perhaps the most wonderful day of my life, watching the team I supported from my childhood finally lifting that beautiful trophy and Lionel Messi sainted….Undoubtedly, without any doubt, the greatest ever …Di Maria , the best man for the finals… Emi Martinez, a mentality monster who would have saved even a meteorite from going into that goal that day. Fully support the bashing he gave back to that Mbappe.
    All so beautiful and heart touching…Fingers crossed for 2024 Copa and that grand event again in 2026…I know, many things will change next time, but against all odds, I believe ,Messi and Di Maria will be around at least till 2024 Copa …then, Julian Alvarez, Lautaro Martinez, Enzo , Romero , Dybala, Acuna and currently the best GK of the world, Martinez under the crossbar can take up the baton from them…With all pride, Vamos Argentina

  2. Some of my predictions that came true are Argentina winning, Scolani tactically out smarting opponent, Tite being overrated, Brazil disappointment, France deep run.

    Wrong Predictions: Lautro golden boot, Spain deep run, Portugal deep run(Penaldo made them worse).

  3. Agustin Rossi signs for Al Nassr on loan.

    We were talking about him as 3rd goal keeper. With this mentality, he is not fit for nt. No career ambition and vision. Just follow the money.

    • @Mafioso ” Agustin Rossi signs for Al Nassr on loan.

      We were talking about him as 3rd goal keeper. With this mentality, he is not fit for nt. No career ambition and vision. Just follow the money.”

      Well, thanx for the update as feeling realky sorry to hear about this transfer or any which are just based purely as moneywise !

  4. I still think we can make the top 3 of the group A. Peru is the weakest of the team. I am sure we will play better as the tournament progress. I don’t think Colombia is going to beat Brazil. A draw would be the maximum for them. Then it will all depend on Argentina – Colombia last match. Argentina will need 3 points and Colombia just needs a draw.

    All Mascherano needs to do is stop playing Di Lollo and Genez. There is no guarantee that the replacements are better but any players can’t be worse than them. Hope Aude will be fit for the Peru game. And Paz will have to start.

  5. Scaloni is still in disbelief with his own achievements. He is not only on the same pantheon as Menotti and Bilardo, but his the most decorated national team coach. Argentina has never been a World Cup and Copa America title holders at the same time before.

  6. His team had the championship luck and toughness, but his team also made the exact same mistake against Australia/Dutch/France. We could have been 3-0 Australia, 2-1 Netherlands, 2-1 France.

    • We did not have the so called luck. If anything we had the opposite. We lost against Saudi due to offside goals and should have easily wrapped up the game in 90 minutes against the Dutch and the frenchies. We had the least amount of luck of all champions.

    • We had some luck ironically only vs Mexico (But is Messi or Enzo world class shooting is luck in reality?) Against others we should have won easily with normal luck, we were so unlucky vs Saudis, even vs Poland, vs Australia the deflected shot, vs Holland and vs France. Look at the xG differences in these games, ARG should have won easily wo penalties too only by created chances. They all were in our pockets outcoached and outplayed. Saudi match was an anomaly with the offsides goals, always making the lead is not luck too. So dont know what are you talking about.

      Ofc we were unlucky in those finals except 2007, but current team was anything but lucky.

      And as we see penalty shoutouts arent luck neither, its all about concentration mental toughness and winning mentality what lacked earlier.

      • Scaloneta has the heart of the champion and will win the next Copa easily too, mark my words. WC26 wo Messi and Di Maria is a way different story, but in an american WC we have good chances historically to accomplish something.

        But now rather live in the present and enjoy our successes.

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