Facundo Buonanotte out of Sudamericano for Argentina U20 team


Facundo Buonanotte is out of the Sudamericano for the Argentina U20 team.

Buonanotte will not be continuing the Sudamericano and is going to fly out to England. The official Argentina national team account has tweeted that the 20 year old will continue his recovery in England as he hopes to be ready for Brighton.

He suffered an injury in the Argentina U20’s first match at the Sudamericano against Paraguay. He was substituted on and fell on his back, where he left the pitch on a stretcher wearing a neck brace.


  1. ALCARAZ solid performance last night against newcastle. Physically strong ,fast definitely a decent box to box. At the moment his weakness is dribbling but very good at long shot and passing .

    Another promising player is Soule ,He can be Right winger, Playmaker or even RB .Very versatile, I think in future he may be better than lo celso .

    Valentin Carboni didn’t show too much in Inter first team .But this guy is very eye catching in Inter B team .Hopefully getting more and more playing time in first team.

    • Lo celso contributed a lot in Argentine jersey. It is little bit difficult to replace him still. He has an another identity in the playmaking style. Soule is different. And in future we need Soule, the winger more than in any other position.

      • IMO Soule is similar to lo celso . Both left leg and versatile in any midfield positions . However as a right winger ,I prefer Di maria type ,faster ,more skilful. at the moment , Zeballos is the one to beat .

  2. If it keeps happening again and again it can no longer be called a fluke. There are definitely problems with the team’s (senior) mindset at the later parts of games, especially if the opposition manages to find the net.

    First problem is with subs that prioritized favorites over good players. In no universe is Pezzella a better defender than Lisandro Martinez. Any idiot that now comes up to say “but the height” should go look back at all the English pundits that whined about Martinez’s height and are now eating their words.

    The other is the unnecessary change in tactics, also related to subs. This Argentina team is meant to be dominate. Their best matches have come when they were on the offensive for the entire match, from La Finalissima to the semi final. Even the defenders i.e. Romero, Otamendi, Lisandro do their best work when they are aggressive. Switching to 6 defenders with desperate last ditch defending and aimless rushed clearances when up by one or two goals does not work for this team. Don’t replace Di Maria or Lautaro / Alvarez with defensive players. Dont go into panic mode when opposition scores. Stay on the attack and in control of the match.

    If Scaloni & Co can sort out their substitutions, this team will continue to win trophies for several years.

    • And from now onwards I would be more happier if we can dominate the opposition without messi. For that our attack needs to be more direct. In all these years I can only remember 1or 2 matches that Argentina dominated the elite teams without messi. That Germany friendly in 2019 and a qualifier against Brazil in 2016. So without messi Julian must sharpen his attacking instinct more. Nico is fast but not that much of a threat. So garnacho/nico Julian/ lautaro A correa/ dybala as front 3. Prodigies like luka and Nico paz are still not a finished product.

  3. Carlos Alcaraz had his 90 minuted debut and was playing very good. He had a shoot on goal saved and a wonderful through pass against Newcastle:



  4. ARG. FA is responsible for appointing such an inexperienced coach to do our under20 NT job.Macherano defenitely lacks coaching exp. I believe our team need atleast More than 2 years experincd coach..

    • Definitely not, it’s one of the worst. Champion teams didn’t concede goals in the last minutes, and we did it consistently.
      Our attack and tactics are one of the best though

    • We were extremely vulnerable to long and high balls but every team we played in the knockouts due to fear of counter attack only applied that approach in the last 15 to 20mins when they were on the verge of losing.

    • Imo ours is the best why?
      1. We had the least expected goals conceded out of all teams yes the least!

      2. We had the most clean sheets.

      3. However we were the most unlucky ones because out of 8 goals we conceded, a lot of them were fluke goals:
      -saudi 2 goals I did cot count as they were part of FIFA bribery
      -Australia goal 100% fluke. A heavy deflection
      -Netherlands first goal was due to height advantage. Second one they were cunning.
      -France 3 goals: First was unnecessary tackle by Otamendi, second goal lack of concentration by Molina, third goal was controversy hand ball.

      If not Argentina who had the best defense in the World Cup then? France? 100% no. Croatia? nope. Marocco? nope their defense was solid but a lot of lucks involve. England? nope. Netherlands? nope. Spain? nope. Brazil? before the match vs Croatia they looked like the team with the best defense but their 4-2-4 ruined everything.

    • The big difference was Dibu.
      I really doubt if we would be champions if Rulli or Armani was our keeper.
      In Ajax Rulli looks weak, certainly on high balls and shots from outside the box. Also with his feet he is not that great.
      We all know what Armani can and cannot do in the NT.

    • Our defense was definitely not the best. We had a quite a few lapses that we were punished for. Otamendi’s brain farts in the final and of course our performance in the last 10-20 minutes against the Netherlands.

      We are great when we are in control of the game. The moment when we decide to give the ball to the opposing team and sit back, we become vulnerable. We simply do not have the mentality and the personnel to deal with continuous attacks on our back line. This was obvious vs France, Australia and Netherlands.

      I think Scaloni and team should have focused on seeing of the games with more possession rather than trying to sit back and defend especially since we do not have enough pace and stamina at the end to mount multiple counter attacks.

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