Argentina U20 line-up vs. Peru, several changes for Sudamericano


Javier Mascherano has made several changes to the team for the Sudamericano match vs. Peru.

Mascherano has dropped Federico Gomes Gerth to the bench, the goalkeeper had started Argentina’s first two matches. In comes Herrera while Di Lollo, who gave away two penalty kicks in the two matches, is also on the bench.

Maximo Perrone of Manchester City also starts the match on the bench while Nico Paz is back in the eleven. Agustín Giay is out injured and doesn’t start. Here is the eleven:

Herrera; Ciccioli, Aguilar, Marco, Aude; Encinas, Infantino, Paz; Vallejo, Veliz, Aguirre


  1. Ifvhe develops likeHow is LUCAS ROMAN, Barca’s new signing. Is he going to be Another Messi for Arg.?if he develops like Messi we have Cr7 and Messi in both wings..

  2. My main question is why AFA doesn’t focus on defense and try to produce good defender? Because in past 30 years most of tournament we played with very average defenders. We have lots of good attacking players upcoming like Paz, Garnacho,Matias Soule, Bounanotte , Julian Fernandez. But where is good defenders?

  3. Garnacho should leave Manu ,otherwise he will be Rashford’s substitute unless Rashford join PSG but I don’t think so. In view of Anthony ‘s price tag ,I think ETH will consider Anthony infront of Garnacho on the right .

    Garnacho should go to other team which make sure giving enough playing time

    • The good thing is Garnacho has yet to sign a contract. I read somewhere MU offering him 30K pountsterling salary which is still very low for MU standard. I hope he asks for first team futbol if he is to agree to extension. Seriously Garnacho is too good to just be a rotation player. At best he is a key player for a middle class EPL team. If ETH thinks that Rashford is better playing left wing and Weghorst is the 9, then better Garnacho leaves. Rashford is on fire now. It is impossible for him to be rotated as Garnacho only plays as left winger.

      The likes of Elanga can be Rashford back up but not Garnacho. It would be similar situation to Emi vs. Leno back then in Arsenal. Garnacho is too good to be just a back up. He is already one of the top left winger in the world at his age.

      Garnacho is 18 but is ready for first time futbol. He is even more ready than Soule or Luka. It is just the coach doesn’t trust him enough.

      • Both Soule and Garnacho are ready to promote to national team ,Luka Romero still has a long way to go .

        Soule ,Garnacho,Zeballos or Alcaraz are quite near national team standard now.

        Medina, Nahuel Perez ,Senesi,Balerdi and Buendia should be recruited in March.

        others such as E Fernandez(Boca), Solari(riverplate ) may be at the end of the year .

  4. Licha Martinez with another MOM and cleansheet.

    ETH won’t start Garnacho in important matches. He starts Weghorst 3 games in a row. I mean that’s crazy. At the moment Garnacho is “just the back up” of their best player Rashford. Weghorst should be the back up of Rashford not Garnacho. Weghorst is just tall. He is nowhere near world best tall strikers in the past or present like Dzeko, Haaland, Ibra, Bierhoff. He is too slow and doesn’t have that goal instinct.

    NOTE: Before Weghorst joined, MU had like 5 winning games in a row and the streak stopped and MU lost 1 and drew one and won 1 when Weghorst starts.

    ETH is too biased here. I want Garnacho to remain in MU but before signing the extension, he should ask his role for MU next season. If he is just a back up then better sign somewhere. In 3 days MU play an unimportant FA easy match. Garnacho should start there but Garnacho is too good to play just unimportant matches only and Weghorst is not that good to always start in all important matches.

    Btw those who are interested in Nico Paz good performance today:

    • If you look at the match vs forest , Manu players seldom pass ball to garnacho even he is in a better position. Especially when werghorst join the team ,they prefer Rashford or Anthony ,Bruno .

      It isn’t easy for a young player under such situation.So better leave ,I think juventus or real Madrid are OK. Especially Argentinian in Real Madrid never let us disappoint. From Redondo to Higuain

  5. Good victory! The defense finally looks solid. I am impressed with Di Marco, a left footed ball playing defender with good size and the goalie Herrera who is a sweeper goalie. Much much better than Di Lollo and Gomez Gerth. Aguilar, Ciccioli, and Aude are good too. Peru had almost no chance against us.

    Infantino is voted the MOM. He played like Paredes today before Masche played Maxi Gonzales. He is best played that way as Paredes role. Encinas is solid, help a lot defensively. Paz is pretty good, need to be involved more. Upfront they are average but Fernandez and Puch are better than Veliz and Vallejo. Vallejo is quite useless. Veliz is a pure 9. Bu Puch offers more.

    • yes, at this stage he is far far more behind Enzo fernandez. Actually this type of no5 ,we have a lot in local league .

      He even isn’t up to the standard of Nicolas Dominguez (also Velez player )

  6. Finally Masche plays Scaloni’s way. Not always pretty but efficient.

    The new duo in the back makes their debut but surprisingly are solid: Di Marco and Aguilar. They play the right way and positioning wise is good. The right back Ciccioli is good going forward, is much more attacking minded than Aude but end product is bad. He is good though. I like the back 4 a lot. Hope we will not go back to Di Lollo or Genez against Colombia.

    Midfield: Infantino is not 5 but is doing much better at 5 than Maxi G. Encinas is efficient at least he defends more than Perrone. Upfront they are not the best ones. Aguirre the only one trying.

  7. finally the goal comes. silly foul on ciccolo on right flank. good long ball by aguirre , initial header by veliz hits post (looks like the bad luck continues) & finally luck decides to smile with rebound being headed by Infantino. Vamos Argentina

    • We need one more goal for sure considering our backline errors. One of Infantino’s clearance inside penalty box was near disastrous. If we get the 3 points today, one good thing is some fresh legs for Colombia match with Perrone, Puch, Castro

  8. I wonder how someone like Mascherano, a guy who was coached by Bielsa, Benitez, Pekerman, Guatdiola lacks oll the fundamentals of a coaching.. the team is pathetic

    • That might actually be a problem, all those influences, Bielsa, Enrique and Guardiola styles need time, specific types of players and are best suited for a club team where you would have the luxury of time. At a NT level you need a much more pragmatic approach, get the basics right, adapt to the opponent. Masche should be learning from Scaloni instead. All the fancy player interchanging positions, Aude tucking in instead of overlapping, these are kids, they are way too young for this. Get a basic, 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 and focus on elementary aspects of the game.

      • > focus on elementary aspects of the game.

        chicos, today we’re going to learn about a condition currently plaguing our squad, called brick feet.

  9. I feel like this amount of changes can compromise team chemistry. Why go back to Veliz and Vallejo? We already were forced to come up with a new center back pairing so at least keep the improved attack like it was last game. Let’s just hope Peru is beatable with even this line up because we have no margin for error

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