Javier Mascherano’s Argentina U20 play Peru in Sudamericano


Javier Mascherano’s Argentina U20 team play Peru on Wednesday in the Sudamericano.

Mascherano’s team find themselves playing a match in which they have to win. Presently in fourth place in the group, it’s the top three that qualify and they have yet to win a match.

Peru are last place in the group, having lost their opening three matches but a win for Argentina keeps their chances alive of qualifying for the next round and ultimately qualifying for the U20 World Cup. But they will be without Agustín Giay who has suffered a grade 1 sprain to his left ankle and will continue to be evaluated by the Argentina medical team.

Here are the current standings in the group:

Paraguay, 3 matches: 7 points
Brazil, 2 matches: 6 points
Colombia, 2 matches: 4 points
Argentina, 2 matches: 0 points
Peru, 3 matches: 0 points


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    • Weghost is onloan for 6 months, they needed to exploit him, it’s all politics. ETH spent lots of money on him so he need to prove a point here. He can’t spend 3.6M and let the player sit on bench for 6 months.
      Garnacho is very cheap, lowest salary at MU, 20k/month. But if ETH’s chair is about to be affected, he will need to play Garnacho to save him

  2. Gomes Gerth will be replaced by Franco Herrerra. The injured Giay will be replaced by Ciccioli, Di Lollo will be replaced by Aguilar. Aude will return to the left back instead of Genez. Overall better already. Vamos Argentina.

    All the poor performers: Gomes Gerth, Di Lollo, Genez all will be replaced. Mascherano should get it right this time. Aguilar isn’t that good either but should be better than Di Lollo. Paz needs to start! Perrone should focus on defense more.

  3. It’s very sad that how ARGENTINA young stars are shamefully suffering like this! When their elders are world champions!!
    How much worst Mascherano can be, I really hadn’t any idea, just get him out. Yes, Scaloni was also a new guy, but pls don’t forget that he was also Sampaoli’s assistant, not fully inexperienced-ordinary guy like Masche! Yes, but though I expected something more from Masche.
    I think at the end Scaloni is really something else to be a great coach in his blood & some fate also, specially his attitude, smartness & friendly behavior with the players.
    Thanks to the Almighty that we have some special weapons like Scaloni, Messi, Emi!
    Sudamericano doesn’t bother me, but I was really interested about U20 WC, BUT…???!!!

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