Argentina U20 secure 1-0 win vs. Peru to stay alive at Sudamericano


The Argentina U20 team secured a 1-0 win vs. Peru to stay alive at the Sudamericano.

Javier Mascherano’s team can still make the next round of the Sudamericano in their hopes to qualify for the 2023 World Cup. After losing their opening two matches against Paraguay and Brazil, it was a goal by Gino Infantino which gave Argentina the win and a lifeline in the tournament.

Mascherano made nine changes from the previous team which lost 3-1 vs. Brazil and it got him the win. It was a cross into the penalty area off a free kick and a header back to the captain Infantino who scored a header from close range.

The team kept a clean sheet as the goalkeeper Herrera came in for Gomes Gerth and Nico Paz was back in the eleven. Peru did not create too many chances throughout the match as Argentina had most of the ball.

Argentina are now on three points in the group and have one last match in the group and that is against the hosts Colombia. A win for Argentina will see them into the next round of the Sudamericano while a draw or a loss will have them eliminated. Here are the current standings:

Brazil, 3 matches: 7 points
Paraguay, 3 matches: 7 points
Colombia, 3 matches: 5 points
Argentina, 3 matches: 3 points
Peru, 4 matches: 0 points

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  1. Teams do what’s best for them, it is not their job to develop players for us or any national team.
    Arsenal used to be called “Boring Arsenal”. Full of English players. Seaman, Dixon, Winterburn, Adams,…
    Hired the Frenchman Wenger and of course he bought French players to the team and his style.
    Edu (Brazilian) is the sporting director and of course he brings Brazilian players.
    If we would be sporting director we would bring Argentinian players.
    Everyone works with what they feel comfortable.

    About the celebrations.
    Yes some of the celebrations by Dibu were over the top but I don’t remember anybody cried this much or at all when the German players, especially Schweinsteiger did the “Gaucho Dance” in their parade.
    I like the French team and always supported them after Argentina. Not because of the country but because of how they play football. Then also the Dutch, of course not the current team but they used to have players and great teams.
    But it is amusing that these two countries can’t laugh about being mocked.
    Exactly these two countries preach those things “Freedom to made fun of everything”.
    Maybe it is “Freedom to mock and made fun of everything but not about France and the Netherlands”. I don’t know.

    Some people simply can’t accept that Argentina won, that Messi won. Thus is the reason they become irrational and use double standards.
    Nothing else.

  2. Zlantan is 100% confident that Mbappe will win another world cup?? France were extremely lucky that their senior players were all injured. Past few champions and runner-ups all crashed out early because of continuing with the same old team without motivation. France had very few players from their 2018 team which is what kept the hunger going. Now going back to winning the world cup again, the Brazil team of 1994,1998 and 2002 made the finals 3 times and had quite a few common players playing in the three world cups but France is not the same Brazil team. They made 2 finals in the last 3 world cup and won one and we made 2 finals and won one. Also, teams like Germany who had a disastrous world cup post 1990 came back strong in 2006 and won the world cup in 2014. Also, the south American curse has been finally broken and now if Scaloni is smart and has learnt anything from the 2018 disaster will inject enough young blood to maintain the motivation and hunger!!

    • Only Cafu (a young back up RB in 94 behind Jorginho) and Ronaldo (didnt play a single minute in USA) were there in both 94 and 2002. Two different teams.

    • The WC winner curse is mainly not due the lack of motivation rather overusing the champ gen who got simply too old. But most of our current key players will be in the perfect age in 2026. Licha, Cuti (Medina, Perez, Balerdi) Molina (Foyth, Montiel) Enzo, Macallister, Lo Celso, Julian, Lautaro etc. and the youngsters.
      Lo Celso and Nico injuries will keep them super motivated even in next Copa, plus Messi and Di Maria will tell that its their last tournament so the whole team will die for them, then things change after every victory LOL.

  3. BREAKING: The Argentine Federation appoints the assistant coach of Argentina, Lionel Scaloni, as the temporary coach of the national team, to replace Sampaoli, until a new coach is appointed.

    You are in 2018, not in 2023. And I know that you doubled checked that what you read was right 😀

  4. On Simeone, he is the true destroyer of Argentina players. Why this guy has not been pulled aside by the AFA and have someone whisper in his ear that we aren’t ever selling him a player with the shit he does with them I don’t know.

    On Ibra, I think he likes Messi. I think everybody was a bit surprised by the Dibu antics. Let’s be honest, they were more than a bit stupid. But I think most people understand that he does this to psyche himself up and to perform for the NT. The sex gesture is just a dip shit move by him. Even he would take it back if he could. That being said, players criticizing is ridiculous because we are all humans and we all make mistakes, so judging during celebration or the heat of the moment is just a stupid way to grandstand.

  5. Big game tomorrow … of the most importance …
    Win and we are in the second round.
    Soo important to final in top 3 for the u20 World Cup for garnacho, Paz, romero, soule to shine … 🙏🏼
    Step 1: win vs colombia in Colombia.

  6. 2 teams I hate the most in club level:

    1. Real Madrid: The bio lab of Brazilian projects. Vinicious, Militao, Rodrygo, Endrick and many more will come. Before there was also the chief Casemiro and Marcelo. They are creating and developing Brazilian world class players. Plus a bunch of French, Germans there too. Never an Argentine since Di Maria days. They even “force” Paz to be a Spaniard. Lucky as fuck in the last Champions league where PSG should have beaten them.

    I really want FIFA to organize the World Cup champion vs the Champions league champion “game of the destinity” between Argentina and Real Madrid.

    last night against Atletico, Atletico with 3 World Cup winners: De Paul, Correa, and Molina almost won against them. They only lost because Correa and De Paul were substituted. Then Madrid scored 2 more without their presence.

    2. Arsenal: Home of Brazilians, English, and French players.

    These 2 motherfucker teams are like Brazil and England in country level for me. If any of you here are fans of them… sorry but shame on you.

    • I understand what you are trying to say. I dont like these teams either. But what did Brazil get in the last 20 years? lol. They can do whatever they want we are still the champs. And we are going to kick their backside in 2024 again. Its funny with all those so called world stars Brazil could not win a WC. Their 2002 team was special i admit it but nothing after that. We had a special 2006 team but luck was not in our favor but now we have the Scalonetas.

    • One thing I must admit Argentine players need to improve physically, not every one is Messi or Maradona, but even Messi and Maradona, their physical is strong and fast too. Current football in Europe requires lots of stamina

    • Actually Arsenal pushed for Buendia but were out bid by Aston Villa, they also pushed for Licha only to be out bid by ManU, so it’s unfair to declare them a brazilian breeding site.

      As for Real, well their director of football is Brazilian and that has alot to do with it not to mention the fact that Casemiro, Marcelo and now Vini and Rodrygo have done very well for them so it’s hard to blame them for having such a Brazilian bias.
      With that being said I never liked Real or their entitled fans who boo their team on a whim. Heck even back in 2009 when Real featured 4 Argentinos in their starting line up (Garay, Heinze, Gago and Pipita) against Lio and Barca, I was totally rooting for Barca.

      • No Argentine would choose Arsenal if they have to choose between Arsenal and another (MU, Chelsea, Spurs, City, Liverpool). They know that this team is fucked up in the head. The last 2 Argentines I can remember of being there were Emi Martinez and Nelson Vivas. Any Argentine who would ask any advice from Emi Martinez. Imagine what Emi would say about Arsenal?

    • Wow….. I disagree with you on many things, but agree on this one. Also chelsea, liverpool and (recently) AC Milan.

      It’s not just too many Brazillians or “French” or Portuguese, these clubs also seem to benefit from luck or questionable refereeing so often, which makes me hate them even more. It helps that there are no Argentine players in their senior teams lol.

    • Fully agreed @el_principe as their bio lab experimentations with the Brazilian’s and many french too have gone so bizarre for way too long as i would not be surprised near in future for them producing some Brazilian mixed French products as players from this bio lab of their own, that they created and been working on for so many year’s…

      As what come’s to Arsenal it is a very true what u said+ i just can’t stand Arteta for some reason, maybe it is simply that i have been Spurs fan since as kid, when Ardiles and Villa moved there….so obviously the rivalry between theese 2 clubs is another thing why i never liked Arsenal+ how tney treated DIBU and now they are praising this super lucky Ramsdale in tbeir goal, though Spurs can only look in their own mirror and ask themselfs why do they Still have Lloris as their Goalie and why did they not signed LICHA a bit earlier as it was more than obvious what a player he would come !

      And therefore i wish CUTI to get some fellow Argentine to be his teammate as Gazzaniga now outstanding in Girona, well the list of misstakes Spurs have done with their transfers is unfortunatly what it is and things dont also unfortunatly look so good with Paratici etc.,,though Still as hopeless supporter i wish them all the best until CUTI will remain and when he moves on and no new Arg signings for Spurs in da future, well, then i think i will not be that intrested at all about Spurs…anymore….as only those team’s having Arg players in the past and the present been my favorites(offcourse not all of them), but quite many as Arg NT as LA SELECCION has allways been the thing and only NT in whole world !

      Sad to hear also about ATM’s game against Madrid, which i was planning to watch afterwards, but obviously, when i saw the result, before signing in to Mundo, well i quess i would not want watch a another Real’s come back against ATM as i can only remember the previous one’s from before and like u said it is amazing how lucky Real actually have been allraedy for so many important game’s as it ifeels allmost unreal to me having them allways had that luck with them and seems like the same unreal luck just keep’s on happening to them as i saw them play in Bilbao against Athletic and only, because of Atheletic’s poor finishing, which is nothing new as they simply just can’t score as quite the opposite to Real who were under such a constant pressure even they scored the first goal, Still nothing changed in the game as only Athletic could not offcourse just score a goal and obviously Real scored in the end, but Ancelotti had to sub Vini out as he could not simply handdle the pressure from Athelic’s fan’s, which he more than deserved as obviously he has become more and more with his behaviour one those players which the opposite side of fans simply more than hate as that being said, well not anything new and not really any news at all, lol !

  7. Angel correa must leave from AMd. Otherwise his carrear looks below average. I think his favourite position is Attackingidfld than right wing. He seems to be a great threat when playing in a central midfldrole. He can give good technicl pass from central. .

  8. Inter Xtra
    #Inter’s transfer budget is ZERO. The ownership has hit a dead end. ❌

    [via @AlfredoPedulla 🌖]

    I think Lautaro needs to leave Inter. Seriously without money, a big team will decline sharply in a short time. Look what happened to Milan for many years before the last 2-3 years. They became super mediocre without money. Lautaro please leave asap when u are still at the top of his game. It is a business. No need to be faithful to a club. It is not a country.

    Remember Skriniar will NOT extend his contract and will likely move to PSG. De Vrij is getting older. Dumfries will be gone for sure in summer. Lukaku loan is done. Bastoni might be out too. AND they have NO money to replace them. The best they can do is hoping for loaning players.

    • Wow, quite shovking to hear about Inter’s economical Crisis, though i knew they were in shit, but not in that deep shit lime u wrote, good damn as another great Club looks like to be very dead more faster, than i thought off, well u are right about, that everything in the end is just business as no one can change that, so in the Summer Lautaro should deffenetly move, but where as which club would u like or prefer him to move as in Serie A the only one i can think off at the moment might be Roma, though it would be at least slight downgrade from nowdays Inter as when Inter play good, well they play good, but Still too many times they end up either with loosing their lead or just loosing as playing obviously not that good, but in fact they do have a quite good team at the moment even with Inzaghi for me they are the second best team in Serie A after Napoli and with Barella, Di Marco, Bastoni for example they do have at least 3 Italy NT players amongst their rank+the one’s u mentioned as Skriniar and Dumfies obviously younger and also a bit better than De Vrij and poor old Lukaku, who maybe had one good season in his whole life as with Conte’s Inter as in EPL Chelsea completly fucked his career for good since he was young til’ now as obviously now the age is getting on him etc..,

      Well, without no money Inter can’t simply keep their star players as i’m sure the others are allready hunting their best and most propably their future talents too as the business side of Club football has become such a BIG business, that there is simply no mercy left for no one suffering in the game etc.,,

      Good damn Paratici as now we are talking about players that Conte know realky well and Spurs i think do have money to pull out at least one those 3 Italian Nt players as i think if Bastoni only if left footed would be the most important to start with as i would not Mind Barella or even Di Marco as TORO, well then Spurs should sell Kane as that could be complicated knowing Levy and his demands, though after 1 more goal Kane would be their best goal scorer ever after Jimmy Greaves, so if Spurs not investing in their squad heavily as new Goalie and left footed CB etc…well, i would not wonder if Kane wanting to leave again, though this has hapoened alkready so many times, so hard to figure it out, but thinking of the player side of the story, well who would not want to win trophies as player…etc.

      Damn and shame on you Paratici !

  9. Most overrated striker, Zlatan is still not over the fact that Pep chose Messi over him because when you have choose between a Lamborghini and a Nissan Sentra, any person with sane mind will go for a Lambo!! What has Zlatan won ?? Yes he 5 serie a titles but only in one of them he was Inter’s outstanding performer. Similar to Cristina fans he is unable to accept the fact that Messi has become the greatest futbal player to ever play the game!!

    • Zlatan never won a Ballon D’or ever, even at his peak. He’s a legend with Milan, Juve and Paris, but back to the time La Liga is King. Top Serie A players all failed in la Liga: Kaka, Zalatan, Cassano, and Samuel too

    • Zlatan was adamant about Messi winning the WC before ARGENTINA reached the final but seemed to be somewhat disappointed that they did!
      He stated that he didn’t like how some of the Argentines celebrated the win and how they mocked Frenchy and their Golden boy, saying that he will win the WC again while ARG won’t since Messi wont be there.
      I must admit, I always liked him but his ego is suffocating but at least he always stated time and time again that Messi is above ALL.
      EVERYTHING CHANGED SINCE THE WIN, ARG are 3-times WC CHAMPS, Messi is the undisputed Best of the Best and it doesn’t matter what stupidity or nonsense they say to downplay THAT…’s done, HE DID it in style and panache and the 36 year old curse has been broken.
      NOBODY knows what’s going to happen 3.5 years from now, any player could get injured at any moment and thankfully MESSI stayed healthy all these years to play on the biggest stage and WIN and I don’t believe France will win it again since most of their players will be gone retired or simply old.
      WE ARE THE CHAMPS, ENJOY IT and stick it to anybody who ever talked shit about our beloved team and Messi like I’ve been doing.

      • Honestly Zlatan always been a Messi admirer and he still is. He always hail Messi above all and also wanted to brawl with that Mexican (forgot the name) Boxer for Messi after the Mexico Game. Its ok if he did not like Argentina Celebration and he does not have to. Thats his choice. And I dont care what he thinks. He has free will.

  10. Molina is the best right back/wing back in the world right now!
    Superb from de paul..meanwhile correa seems forget how to make a simple pass..very very poor..2 nd half coming

  11. Cristian Romero needs to leave Spurs to get recognition he deserves.

    Spurs is a small club and their fans have small team mentality too. I say Spurs is a small club due to their mentality.

    Even if Romero plays great, he won’t get recognition because Spurs have no pull in media.

    On the other hand, Utd has biggest pull in England. So Martinez gets his due recognition and more.

    However, leaving Tottenham will be difficult for Romero.

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