Lionel Messi scores for PSG in 3-1 win vs. Montpellier


Lionel Messi scored for PSG in their 3-1 win vs. Montpellier.

Messi reached 14 goals in the season for PSG, with nine of them coming in the league. The Argentine made it 2-0 for PSG following a through ball in by Fabian Ruiz.

The Argentine would get the ball inside the penalty area and with the goalkeeper in front of him, would go to the goalkeeper’s left and score.

He had scored in the first half but it was rightfully called for offside. Messi also has 14 assists to go with his 14 goals.

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    • Maybe, he should return some of his wages back or instead use his salary for some humanitarian work or some nature protecting program etc. as polite way to apoligize as Karma obviously getting to his way…

      • Oh, did they subbed him off allredy at the 21th minute as was he injured or just pissed as hell or did Galtier wanted to protect him or was Galtier pissed at him etc…sounds like a quite humiliation for him what ever way we may look at it, even i did not see the game, but as they say or some might say, that those who deserve, well should get what they deserve as he obviously did against Montpellier, though i hope this saying would work more oftenly in nowdays world where the rich one’s get just more richer and the poor one’s just more poorer…

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