Adolfo Gaich joins Hellas Verona on loan from CSKA Moscow


Adolfo Gaich has joined Hellas Verona on loan from CSKA Moscow.

Gaich is back playing in Italy, this time at Hellas Verona. As we reported lastm onth, Verona were interested in signing the 23 year old striker with talks about a transfer happening.

The striker joins them on loan until the end of the season, having previously played on loan at Huesca in Spain and Benevento in Italy.


  1. Who was better? Pogba at Juventus or Current Enzo? Enzo is certainly better at tackling and defending. And Pogba is a no 8. Many were comparing Enzo with Pogba. But Pogba s case at United was different. And atlast it all comes down to the mentality of the player. I think Enzo is better here. He will work hard hard hard……

  2. For those who worry that Enzo will be a flop at Chelsea, I don’t believe so. I believe truly quality players will be successful in EPL such as Haaland, Licha, Cuti, Casemiro, Aguero. ONLY if you are not that good and overrated, you would be struggling in EPL such as Antony, Lucas Paqueta, Sancho, Martial etc.

    Di Maria failed it was merely because of Van Gaal. Di Maria first 3-4 games was super fantastic for MU.

    Enzo is the best DM in the world or if you think that I am biased saying this, then he is on par with the best DM in the world. His consistency is amazing and he is very quick to adapt. He impressed right away for Scaloni’s Argentina. He impressed right away for Benfica. There is no doubt he will succeed right away for Chelsea. It won’t even be a slow start for the best DM in the world. That’s for sure. I expect him to lift up Chelsea to maybe top 4 this season.

    • Bro a true Argentina fan desperately wants enzo to succeed in epl I want him to succeed and I believe he will , he is such wonderful footballer can’t wait to watch him dominating in the middle of the park the best league in the world.

    • And it is unfortunate that players with the calibre of lo celso got criticized immensely in the PL and more worst players like Fred or telles played for big club like United and got chance after chance.

    • El-principe, normally I’d agree with you. Enzo has everything it takes to succeed at the EPL or any other league for that matter but with a 120 mill price tag he’s gonna be under a harsh microscope and you know those English A-holes will be just itching to take him down a peg.
      The route that Alexis has taken seems like the correct one, he joined a good team that punches above it’s weight and I think he’ll be more successful than Enzo in the long term even though the latter is a better player with a higher ceiling.

  3. There is a motherfucking youtuber named Raymar Football…….don’t get me wrong he is a great content creator but he never made one single video about an Argentine player other than Messi……and not even after Argentina won the world cup.

      • Yes, agreed all that matters that Arg is World Champions again rightfully and more than deservedly after 36 year’s ! And that is the way how it will also be until the next WC and then hopefully we will see, that current World Champions as ARG will win their fourth WC, though there will be allways those who exist just to talk shit about Arg as it allways been, but why to bother to listen such bulllshit as rather we just concentrate on ARG’s own performance’s and wish allways the best for ARG !

  4. Too bad it’s just a loan, he need to get out of Russia for any hope of career prospects. He might just be an overrated or underachieving player though.

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