David Beckham: “I love Messi for many different reasons”


David Beckham spoke about his admiration for Lionel Messi in a recent interview.

Beckham played one of his final matches against Lionel Messi when he was with PSG and Messi was still with FC Barcelona. However, like many past and present football players, the global icon is a fan of the World Cup winner.

In an interview with SportsCenter, Beckham was asked about which player he admires watching these days. Here was his response:

“It has to be Messi. I love Leo, for many different reasons. I love him because he’s a great father, a great personality, a character, he’s a great person, but I think what everybody loves about him is the way he plays the game. He plays the game with passion, he plays the game just free. You know, the way he plays and I think this past World Cup, again, you know I think he played for his team, his country. To win that World Cup was an incredible moment for him and I love watching players like him.”


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