Matías Soulé and Exequiel Zeballos in IFFHS 2022 CONMEBOL U20 team


Matías Soulé and Exequiel Zeballos are both in the IFFHS 2022 CONMEBOL Team of the Year.

Soulé of Juventus and Exequiel Zeballos of Boca Juniors are the two Argentine players in the team, with Brazil being represented the most. Here are the eleven players:

Lenin Ayovi
Robert Renan
Piero Hincapie
Exequiel Zeballos
Matías Soulé
Pablo Maia
Matheus Franca
Talles Magno
Marcos Leonardo
Vitor Roque

Seven Argentine players were included in the senior team of the year.


  1. Aimar and Riquelme will always be my favorite players.
    Argentina played a friendly against Cameroon 1 month or so before the the World Cup 2002 and the Eurosport commentator tipped him to become a World class player if not the best.
    What happened was he got benched at the World cup and was thrown in to save Argentina of being eliminated.
    After that injuries plagued him and at national team Bielsa began using Andres D’allesandro.
    When Pekerman came in he preferred Riquelme.
    Riquelme took Villarreal to the Semi-finals of Champions league and lead Argentina to the World cup.
    Aimar had hepatitis C just before the World cup 2006.
    There was also this notion that you can’t play Riquelme and Aimar together. I have always said that if our former coaches would have had Xavi and Iniesta, the wouldn’t have played them together. The truth is whenever they played together it was like they were born to play together.
    Played minutes together at the Confederation Cup 2005, World Cup 2006, and the Copa America 2007.
    Riquelme went to Boca and won the Copa Libertadores and won the Olympics 2008. Aimar fought with injuries but when Maradona got named coach he used Aimar and then left him at home.
    He moved to Real Zaragoza and Benfica where he was successful but playing for Benfica is not regarded like playing for Barcelona, Real, Premier League or big Italian clubs.
    Injuries and no support from our coaches made it possible that he never reached the heights he was able to.

  2. Fede Gattoni has moved to Sevilla.
    Sevilla and a lot of teams in Spain, Italy and England with Argentine presence are likely to be relegated this season.

  3. Other news. Man City is in danger of being relegated or huge points deductions if proved guilty. They are in a big trouble. Other EPL big 5 teams want them relegated. The punishment will be heavy for sure, not just fine or small points deductions. They have been cheating for 9 years already.

    If they are relegated, 100% all their stars will leave them including Haaland and the manager Pep. 1 thing for sure they will NOT buy anyone this summer. There is a big chance that EPL team will have one less strong team in the near future: City. Juventus one time was relegated too. Let’s see.

  4. 🇦🇷Angel Di Maria vs Salernitana. His stats doesn’t look good but he played good. He had an 🅰️ that leads to PK (first ⚽️) He hit the post once & he should have had an 🅰️ to Locatelli but he shot it over the bar. When both Di Maria & Vlahovic healthy, Juventus ⬆️

  5. I have a question: If Ronaldinho played 6-7 years at his peak and got finished and still considered as one of the top 15 players of all time why is Aimar not considered as not one of top 50/100 in most lists?

    • Injuries affected his career a lot. The real football lovers definitely know he is one of the best 100 players of all time. In early 2000s he was the Modric of those years. His passing was second to none. Just watch how he destroyed The Netherlands’ midfield with his amazing one touch and through passes.

      He is Messi’s idol for a reason!

    • Aimar never got into Ballon D’or top-3 finalist, never played a major role in the national team either.

      Aimar at his peak in Valencia for a few years is one of the best in the world, but he got into an injury later and the career kept degrading with that

        • He played ok in Zaragoza because of injuries, better in Benfica, but never got back to the world-class days with Valencia. Also Valencia is not Real/Barca/MU… not winning Champion league either, so it’s hard for him to reach the ballon d’or status.

          Aimar at his best days is like Zidane and plus some Messi’s qualities; manificent one-touch play and uses dribbles sensibly when required, great with long balls and shootings too. He at his peak really reminded us of Maradona.

      • Perkeman liked Requelme more, he revitalized Requelme. Bielsa liked Aimar more but Bielsa quit in 2024. Perkeman can’t affort to play both Aimar and Requelme. Requelme is more of a playmarker that he really likes.

        Also as I said, Aimar dropped in form after the injuries and move to Zaragoza

      • ADM is underrated, but he is also shaddowed by Xavi and Iniesta since Barca won a lot. To reach Messi or CR7’s status, we need to play as a playmarker or central forward position, ADM at Real played as a winger, he doesn’t score a lot like CR7.
        He got a lot of assists too, but Ozil and Benzema also got a lot by the time. Real got a lot of world-class players, each taking some credits, but CR7 took most of it due to his goal scoring stats. Also he won only one champion league with Real I think.
        If he stayed with Real and more decisive in the champion league final, and maybe won a WC like now, he can reach the ballon d’or status like Modric and Benzema. Modric and Benzema are not better than ADM but they stayed in Real for long and luck came

  6. Argentina vs Poland – Messi missed a penalty at the 39th minute
    Argentina vs Australia – Messi scored a goal at the 36th minute
    Argentina vs The Netherlands – Molina scored a goal at the 36th minute
    Argentina vs Croatia – Messi scored a penalty at the 34th minute
    Argentina vs Croatia – Alvarez scored a goal at the 39th minute
    Argentina vs France – Di Maria scored at the 36th minute

    This pattern tells me that our attack and pressure on our opponents was immense during the minutes between 34 – 39.
    Just completed watching the final for the 100th time😀
    Vamos Argentina! 💪

  7. Does anybody know about Felipe Rodriguez Gentile? He was born in Brazil, but is also eligible to play international football for either Argentina or Spain. Excellent future talent to watch out who is only 16.

  8. DePaul needs to start concentrating on getting the hell out of ATM instead of giving all these stupid fireside chat interviews about his conversations with Messi during the WC and professing his love for Tini. I swear this guy has forgotten he is a baller and wants to be a celebrity. Give it a rest man…concentrate on leaving that shit club and getting some playing time. Dude is acting like his career is over with all these dumb shit interviews.

    • Simeone is done at Atletico, it is last season. Next season he will be playing under a new coach so Depaul Correa Molina just have to bare for 6 more months. Also, Argentine coach’s historically if not past decade have been taking Argentina players for granted like Tata in Barcelona with Messi, Poch in PSG, Simeone in Atletico. Hopefully Atletico hires an attacking coach, Depaul thrives to play a CM in a attacking team.

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