Federico Gattoni to join Sevilla from San Lorenzo


Federico Gattoni will be joining Sevilla from San Lorenzo.

Gattoni will join Sevilla next season on a deal which will keep him at the club until June 2027. According to César Luis Merlo, the 23 year old center back will join them on a $1.5 million transfer.


  1. PSG midfield is just so goddamn mediocre that they unable to provide any service to the forwards whatsoever! In the last min of yesterday’s match , instead of pushing for goal they kept on passing to eachother! Messi needs a centre forward to excecute his game and both Neymar and Mbappe aren’t a no-9 and the funny thing is even Neymar and Mbappe needs a centre forward to infront of them. Etike was subbed in the second half yesterday but he is so god damn medicore , not sure how he mananged to bag a contract with PSG who bought him for $40 million!! Unless Messi does some magic , they can’t go past Bayern!!

  2. Licha is amazing as always. He stopped 2 certain goals with his 2 key tackles. Today he showed he is better than Varane. Super consistent player.

    Garnacho had 2 clear chances. One his shot was wide. Second his shot was too weak and was cleared off the line. The bad thing is when he was substituted, MU scored 2.

    The real problem is bobo Weghorst. He has 1 goal and 0 assist in 7 starts. MU performance decline ever since he joined the team. Rashford is on fire. He can be a good 9. Let Rashford play 9 and Garnacho plays LW. Also more bad news, Sancho is back and scoring. He also plays LW. Hope Garnacho will keep getting minutes. The one needs to be replaced permanently is Weghorst, that’s all.

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