Argentina set to play Panama in March friendly


The Argentina national team are set to play Panama in one of the March friendly matches.

World Cup champions Argentina will be playing two matches in March, both of which are expected to be match against lower ranked FIFA teams, to celebrate winning the World Cup. According to TNT Sports, they will be playing Panama between March 21 and March 28.


    • I think it is justified as well. The Tap in merchant gets to play teams like Armenia, Luxembourg, Ajerbaijan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and all, why shouldn’t our stalwarts get to enjoy themselves a little? And yes, 100 goals would be a massive milestone, but I would want him to score a hattrick in every match here and score 110 goals. Every record that the tap in merchant has needs to be surpassed. All the slander and abuse all these years, its time to give back the tears.

      • When we are done with these matches, then AFA should invite the Queen’s imbeciles who are proclaiming that “The Cup’s coming home” every tournament, and then the Portuguese j***-offs, who had so much to say about Argentina while trying to cover their own deficiencies against Morocco.

  1. Playing these lower ranked countries is a favor were doing them than any use for us… there should be a policy that we will not play any country that is more than 20 ranks above us and 20 ranks below us..that itself gives any nation between 20 and 40 countries to play against

    • not likely. Di Maria said he will retire after WC. Now he says will play on till 2024 and then see what happens. Same with Messi, who is pondering about next WC. With Messi there, you can also be sure to see his band of brothers.
      Otamendi says he would like to play the next Copa.

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