Nicolás Tagliafico on winning the World Cup, moments during the tournament


Nicolás Tagliafico commented on winning the World Cup and some moments during the tournament.

Tagliafico started for Argentina in the World Cup final against France and the Argentine spoke about it all. Speaking in an interview with Diario Ole, here is what he had to say when asked about what it means to win the World Cup:

“What a difficult question. It was so recent that you still can’t fully understand what it is. It’s a dream that any player wants. You say “What is the top for a player? Win something with your country”. And the greatest achievement that can be had is the World Cup.

“It’s something that, perhaps, one does not put as a goal. The opposite, it’s a dream. It is something that seems far and achieving it is also complicated. I believe that, with time, we will realize what was achieved and what it means.”

How was it kissing the World Cup for the first time:

“Beautiful. A beautiful feeling. The first feeling I remember is when we entered the pitch and I saw it. You saw the two teams enter and the cup is always in the middle. That was my first spark. I had her there.

“After, obviously, with the match, one forgets everything and you get into the game. But after, when it’s over, the celebrations come to a close and they put it back, you know that they’re going to call you to give you the medal and going by it, it’s like you want to steal it and take it away, heh. But one has to be diplomatic, a kiss and then there will be time to take all the necessary photos.”

What goes through his mind when he sees the video of himself screaming “Thank you God”.

“Emotion, emotion. I believe the coach said it recently. It was like a relief, like saying: “This is over and it ended in the best way”. Having spent so much time concenrating on a goal, with your team mates.”

A moment during the tournament:

“I can’t remember if it was after the match against Mexico or Saudi Arabia, but I remember seeing Dibu, Guido, Germán (Pezzella) and Acuña, that were dyeing their hair. I said “What’s wrong with them?” You have to have balls to do that.”

On the World Cup:

“It’s for a movie. Written in the script, you could say. “No, this is very fantasy. It’s not true”. What happened, for the Argentine, it would have been very hard in the sense of nerves. For us too, but we are professionals and we know that there are times when you have to suffer and moments when you have to celebrate.

“I believe that, for a neutral, this World Cup was incredible and a movie should be made.”