Papu Gómez speaks on Emiliano Martínez, World Cup, Brazil vs. Croatia


Papu Gómez spoke about Emiliano Martínez and his dancing, the World Cup and Brazil vs. Croatia in the quarter finals.

Gómez commented on Emiliano Martínez getting criticised at the World Cup. Speaking in an interview with DSPORTS and DGO, here is what he had to say:

“Why is it that if I score, I could dance but if he makes a save, he can’t? He celebrated a penalty, a save. If he has to do a little dance, he does it… He is super intelligent, very focused, he knows what he wants and he has very set goals.”

He also spoke about the World Cup:

“Since we set foot in Qatar, we knew we were going to be world champions. I don’t know why, but we had it very clear.”

The World Cup winner commented on what they did before the quarter final match against the Netherlands:

“We had to change to go out for the warm up and we were all watching the penalties from Brazil’s match (vs. Croatia). We said “If Brazil loses, it’s ours.” When Croatia qualified, we started celebrating as if we had won.”