Argentina national teams manager Omar Souto speaks on Javier Mascherano’s future


Omar Souto, the Argentina national teams manager, spoke about Javier Mascherano’s future as coach of the Argentina U20 team.

Souto has come out and supported Argentina U20 national team coach Javier Mascherano. His Argentina U20 team were eliminated in the group stages of the Sudamericano and Mascherano himself has stated that he doesn’t think he will continue.

Mascherano has been offered the opportunity to continue coaching the Argentina U20 team. Souto spoke in an interview with Infobae about Mascherano. Here is what he had to say:

“You have to convince him, he doesn’t want to continue because he thinks it’s his failure. The team has to prepare for the Olympic games.

“If he wants to continue as coach, he has to do it at the AFA because it’s the place that gives you everything to work. You go to a club and everyone has problems.

“In the AFA, there is no problem. If he wants to be there, he has to continue. I ask him, “if he was a champion, would we have to put him as coach of the senior team?”

“It’s a shame because he knows a lot and he thinks that’s why he failed. There were a lot of impediments. The U17 team has been working every day for a month until March 30, where the Sudamericano will start. But football is like that, if the ball goes in, fine. If not, you’re a disaster. You have to keep working and keep giving.”


  1. Masche did not get much support from the clubs, he can’t freely call the good players. Besides the young players now are eyeing the N/T senior team not the U-20 following the steps of Enzo and Alvarez. U-20 will be different if he played Garnacho, Soule, Zeballos or Romero

  2. What a dumb move from AFA. We want / need well trained youngsters for the future. Get an experienced coach and start for the Olympics and WC 2030 in mind. If it is played in South America you want the best prepared team. You will be competing with French and English football schools that continuously improve youth players.

    Masche was a great player, but not every great player is a great coach. Maybe he will become one, but not while ruining our youth teams.

    • first of all speak with respect for one of the biggest legends of Argentine football and the captain who lift the first ever world cup for Argentina. Messi ,Diego and Pasarella are the eternal captains/legends of Argentina whatever happens.

      Last he is one of the biggest for not say the biggest legend of River plate and in Sunday we have opening celebrations in Monumental that we will honor the world champions that belong to River plate family. So if we don t invite Pasarella in Monumental to the celebrations that organized from River plate family then who on earth we should invite according to you?

      • Thanks Cox. I was really disappointed that a fan would refer to our first victorious world cup captain like that. Could such a function be held and Passarella not be invited?
        I have been on this site since 2006 and I am reminded why I don’t bother to post much.
        I started suppirting Argentina in 1978 when I was nine years old and one of the main reason was the play of Daniel Alberto Passarella. I also liked Kempes, Bertoni, Tarrantini, Bertoni, Ortiz and of course Ardiles. The entire squad was a set of trailblazers and always deserve our respect. Nuff love from Jamaica.

    • if the issue is our relegation then i should remind you that you should blame for that Jose Maria Aguilar. In 2011, River Plate was facing both an institutional and sports crisis. Aguilar left the presidency of the club with a debt of over 75 million dollars, being replaced by Passarella.

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