Javier Mascherano offered to continue as Argentina U20 coach


Javier Mascherano has been offered the chance to continue as coach of the Argentina U20 team.

Mascherano could continue as Argentina U20 coach despite saying he doesn’t think he will continue. His Argentina U20 team were eliminated in the Sudamericano and did not qualify for the 2023 U20 World Cup or the 2023 Pan American games.

Bernardo Romero, who is the Argentina youth team coordinator, spoke to Radio Continental about Mascherano. Here is what he had to say:

“The firm idea is that he continues. He’s a reference and obviously hit by the elimination. We officially offered him to continue.”


    • You have just said it that in your new twitter page @kristeven , I’m following you bro 👍 I hope he succesed it and become the best midfielder in the epl.

  1. I ve been an Argentina Supporter since 1986. I was six years old but I understood one thing, Diego. In 1990, I learned about football and truly fell in love with Argentina through happiness and sorrow. At 1996 I started watching European and South American leagues and UCL. After all these years of watching live football, Reading Articles and watching Classic Highlight Videos I have a Best Argentina XI of all time in my mind. I am sharing it with you all. It will be fun to discuss and know whats your best XI of all time. I did not Count De Stefano because he only played 6 international games for Argentina and 36 for Spain.
    Here goes my All Time Argentina XI.



    Ubaldo Fillol
    Sergio Goycocchea

    Roberto Perfumo
    Roberto Ayala
    Walter Samuel
    Juan Pablo Sorin / Alberto Tarantini

    Rodrigo dePaul
    Juan Roman Requelme
    Juan Sebastian Veron / Diego Simeone
    Juan Pablo Aimar
    Esteban Cambiasso

    Mario Kempes
    Hernan Crespo
    Ariel Ortega
    Sergio Aguero

    Who are yours?

    • Maybe Either of Ariel Ortega / Claudio Caniggia

      Missed it.
      Caniggia would be a great sub for DiMaria to play on the left wing next to Maradona. Its a classic. 😉

    • Ayala? Otamendi is way over him. From the current team a lot of players will be in an all time list at the end of their careers instead of the previous generations who were great players but loosers. Ayala, Samuel, Sorin, Masche, Cambiasso, Aimar, Riquelme, Ortega, Crespo etc. (Emi, Cuti, Licha, Molina, Enzo, Macallister, De Paul, Alvarez etc.).

      • Ayala was a great defender and way better than Otamendi in every aspect. He like his generation was extremely unlucky to not win anything !! The great R9, out of all the defenders he played against, feared Ayala the most!!

        • Ayala was a horrible choker, always was destroyed in the important matches, Copa 2007 final, Copa 99 quarter with his missed penalty, even in Copa 2004 final, Bergkamp should have farewell him in 98. Far from unlucky, he was one of the main reasons. Ronaldo feared him? He was Brazil’s dog.

          • Otamendi is awesome but not mistake prone. We all know that.
            Fillol, Pasarella, Tarantini, Ruggeri, Kempes are all World Cup Champions. Batistuta was not but there are players who are world class that cannot be ignored.
            And our younger generation still has a long way to go before being considered all time greats. But thanks for your input.
            Watch out for Molina, Cuti, Licha, Enzo, MacAllister and even Garnacho have a chance of being all time greats one day.

  2. Enzo is most likely going to Chelsea so I’m having mixed feelings but one thing I know is Enzo will be a star for sure. I hope they also buy McAllister. I felt we got our Xavi and Iniesta in our lineup ( obviously they are not that level yet) if they both can play regularly then that will be great for NT.
    Plus Graham porter their coach likes McAllister.

  3. CHELSEA have finally agreed a payment schedule with Benfica to sign midfielder Enzo Fernandez….record 115£ british pound
    He is going medical at Portugal

  4. This may be off-topic but the name Carlos Tevez has crossed my mind a few times when reminiscing about some of the players Messi has played with in the past. How would rate Tevez career with the National team? At some point this guy was even more liked by fans (& coach Diego) than Messi, however that never materialized to success on the field. Over the years, his relationship with the team seem to have deteriorated. I was on his IG page the other day, and to my surprise, he had no post dedicated to his beloved national team winning the WC. I thought that was very odd to me. For God’s sake, even our fierce rivals (Brazil) at least made 1 post about Messi or Argentina winning.

    Anyhow, Tevez has always been a mercurial character to me. I know some fans loved him for passion and drive but looking at his output (13 goals in 76 games) and his tenure with the national team, it left a lot to be desired. I am just curious to see how other fans view Tevez now, specifically as it relates to his time with the national team. I know he was great at the club level so that is not to be questioned.

    • 76 games but only 4100 minutes and 13 goals 13 assists, Dybalesque carrer with more playing time, another victim of Messi’s genius. His Olympics performance was crazy, played OK/good in Copa 2004, WC06, Copa 2007 and WC10, never as an undisputed starter but had won a starting spot at the end. Horrible end with Copa 11 and 15.

    • Toxic. That’s the word best describes Tevez. Bad for the team, wherever he went. Worst for Argentina. Jealous, toxic Argentine, we have some. He and Maradona destroyed our 2010. Go and watch the games, not stats. His position was 5-10 yards ahead of Messi in every move. Maradona sacrificed Messi for Tevez.

      You know why he doesn’t have too many minutes? because he won’t play as a sub, he won’t play certain positions.

      Fans love him. Man U fans had a chant of “Fergie sign him up” when he had a 2 year loan. But Fergie thought he was too much of a problem.

      Sabella was adamant not to get him close in 2014. And we went to finals. Good individual player, can work in club football as you can move around. Worst person to have in a team.

    • I think Tevez is unlucky many times with NT. Coaches mishandled his talent. Although he is great with his clubs always. When in Copa america against Colombia his Pk helped to reach Arg in final vs Chile. But unfortunately TAta didn’t gve any minuts to Tevez. I think that’s a bad thing thtbArg lost bcz coach not utilized his foam in finals. He looks unlucky. And in WC . Sabella not called him . That time he was in brilliant foam for his club..He looks always unlucky with NT..

    • Watch the video of penalty shootout between Argentina vs Colombia at Copa 2015, you could see right after Tevez scored the winning penalty that none of his teammates came to him, and he celebrated with the staff while Messi celebrated with his teammates.

      Definetely not in good harmony with the team.

      Tevez loves to be the main player for his team, that’s where he can play his best football. However, Messi burst into the scene within few years after Tevez emergence , thus taking away his no.1 spot at the national team. The fact that there’s also Aguero and Higuain playing at top level didnt help. He’s getting pushed aside.

      Yes, he won everything at MU despite CR being the main guy, but that’s why he had a fall out with the club. SAF didnt starts him in CL 2011 final. Its the same when he moved to City, he loves being the no.1 hero , but then Kun arrived at the club.

  5. As my dedication as a fan to my team, I decide to create a twitter account for Argentina. I have been running it for around 5 days only. It has been fun. Check out the page for all the posts:


    All the latest news:
    – Benfica target Alan Varela if they lose Enzo
    – Garnacho wins best young player in UK again today
    – Romeo offers Masche to continue
    – Lucas Roman is promoted to Barcelona senior team
    – Valentin Barco rejects the move to Getafe and will extend his contract with Boca
    – Echeverri called up by U17 but not Prestianni as Velez does not allow him
    – Simeone beats Haaland and Mbappe as the best goal/minute ratio
    – Di Maria to continue…

    I am not trying to get followers there. It is just my dedication to Argentina.

  6. Happy birthday Julián Álvarez the World Cup winning Argentine youngster turns 23 today.

    👕 148 matches
    🇦🇷 19 caps
    ⚽ 70 goals
    🅰️ 31 assist

    🏆 World Cup
    🏆 Copa América
    🏆 Copa Libertadores
    🏆 Finalissima
    🏆 Argentine Primera División
    🏆 Recopa Sudamericana
    🏆 Copa Argentina
    🏆 Supercopa Argentina
    🏆 Trofeo de Campeones

    1x South American Footballer of the Year
    1x Argentine Primera División top scorer

    He has basically won every major winnable trophy before turing 23.

  7. AFA didn’t want to make an expense in developing the U-20, they want Masche’s money to fund it. They better look for another manager. Give it to someone else.

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