Taty Castellanos scores for Girona in 6-2 win vs. Almeria


Taty Castellanos scored for Girona in their 6-2 win vs. Almeria.

Castellanos reached five league goals for the season for Girona. The Argentine scored just eight minutes into the match, as a cross into the penalty area found Castellanos and his header gave Girona the 1-0 lead.


  1. PSG aren’t able to utilize Messi at all. He had so few touches the whole match. Yes, he will lose the ball when trying to create or dribble but the inability of their midfield to cover Messi is shocking. Every time they see Messi surrounded by defenders they chose to pass to others on the wing or back pass. Messi is always surrounded but that doesn’t mean you look for a safe pass, he has always been marked by multiple defenders , he knows his way out of those situations. Verrati is another fool who only passes to Leo if he has no options. Multiple times today overrated Verrati didn’t pass to Messi and as a result PSG is suffering. What a shit midfield, I tell you!!

      • Luis Compos transfer failure one of the reason PSG is in poor form, at the moment psg has no bench strength…Not only Verrati, many psg players are not passing to Messi even when he’s in good position…

        • Especially, letting Paredes go and keeping Sarabia and buying joke Etike and sending Icardi out on loan were huge blunders. They don’t have anyone coming off the bench when they need a goal or to keep the possession of the ball.

  2. Pedro de la vega has been playing really well this season. Still only 22. This guy has the potential to be a world class player soon if he’s consistent.

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