Lucas Ocampos scores for Sevilla in 3-0 win vs. PSV


Lucas Ocampos scored for Sevilla in their 3-0 win vs. PSV.

Ocampos scored arguably the best goal of the Europa League this season. With Sevilla leading 2-0, it was a cross into the penalty area which was controlled by Ocampos as the Argentine turned around and with a volley, struck the ball into the side of the goal to give Sevilla the 3-0 lead.

The 28 year old also had an assist in the match. Ocampos spent the first part of the season on loan at Ajax and has played in every match for Sevilla since rejoining them.


  1. Buonanotte played well too…had a goal disallowed for offside.. but he shows good footballkng mind….I think he has earned more minutes form Zerbi..

  2. Chelsea is really bad. They don’t pass ball to Enzo even when he’s in very good position in front of 16m50. Attack has no idea. Sterling is like an expensive headless chicken. It’s a sign of a very bad coach overall

    • Everyone knows Enzo should have never left Benfica! They could have been contenders for the Champions League and he could have gone to Real Madrid or any team suitable for him. His style is Spanish and Portuguese. That is why in Benfica players understand his movement, play, etc. In Chelsea everyone is stagnant.

      The only team for an Argentine is Man City, Arsenal, maybe Liverpool.

    • I think Chelsea players are mostly quite fast, faster than Enzo actually, but the problem is they have no strategy. I hope Zidane came, he can help, but if Zidane come he’ll prioritize French and Brazilian players

    • Pep is a cocky mofo.. too much ego..I am a city fan but sometimes peps ego is so suffocating… you demand the BEST from your players but play the starting attackers for 89 minutes when they are not performing… Bull shit

  3. Very worst performance from dibu….he is not in touch after World Cup.
    Guys what do you think about Lucas Robertone?? He is consistent performer last few matches in la liga….

    • Well , even though Villa conceded 4 goals, non of them were because of Dibu’s mistakes surprisingly! Yes Dibu every now and then lets in a lot of goals that are usually saved by good goal keepers but Aston Villa’s defense is like Argentina’s last 15-20 mins defense in the world cup , very fragile and error prone. Also, their forwards and midfielders aren’t able to keep the possession to save their lives. Emery might bring Locelso to Villa, as 15million is peanuts to these English clubs. He can really help this club as Coutinho is finished. His goal was due a great dummy from Bundia who has improved by leaps and bounds this season. His passes and decision making has reached a next level. If this guy was French or Brazilian or English, he would really attract good clubs with his current form.

  4. I just spent some time watching the highlights from the World Cup. I highly recommend it to all of you. If you just need something in your day to make you feel happy and feel a little thrill of excitement, watch any of those game highlights and remember how it felt while the game was happening!
    (I live in the US so the highlights that pop up on youtube are the Fox ones. Does anyone know of some with better commentary?)

    • what is the point and reason to do that? i don t think anybody from here have desire to be a romance king in a Brasil fans website. Have you? 🙂 🙂 🙂 i am just kidding 🙂

      In serious personally i will be interested only if exist a forum about River plate fans outside Argentina.

  5. In 2010-2012, Tiki Taka futbol was the most deadly tactic. Pep implemented it. Spain and Barcelona made it perfect. 10-12 year after, it is one of the most unbalanced tactic with a lot of flaws. Even in transition years, around 2016-2018 Messi couldn’t win any Champions league trophy. Many reasons of course, but the real reason is the tactic is outdated. Many counters against such tactic now. In 1980s-1990’s a tactic with one Enganche (playmaker) and 2 forwards was the best one. That’s why there was a bunch of great enganche those days like Maradona, Hagi, Valderamma, Rui Costa, etc. But again futbol keep evolving. What worked in the past no longer work today. Today almost no teams play with 1 playmaker and 2 forwards anymore.

    Now tiki taka is about to be outdated. When the last time Pep’s or Luis Enrique team won CL or Euro with City and Spain? Never. As we saw in the WC, the tactic looked lethal against a weak team like Costa Rica, but when against tight defense like Marocco or a team that was far from the best like Germany, the tactic already showed its weakness. As we saw in CL, against weaker teams, Pep’s City might look good but when it mattered the most, the finals, or semi final, they choked.

    I watched Barca-MU. Too bad Licha was suspended and Garnacho only given 10 minutes but MU was much more impressive. I am very sure Barca, who is proud to have the Europe best defense (self proclaimed of course) will be exposed in every tournament. Yes they could beat Madrid, but they looked like the second best team against MU. MU found a lot of spaces against them all night. That’s the weakness of tiki taka tactic. Too unbalanced. It just simply does not work out in today’s modern futbol.

    Pep maybe is considered one of the greatest managers ever and he did implement tiki taka, but his best days already over. Same as his generation coaches like Ancelotti, Mourinho, Simeone. All of them already “outdated”. I don’t believe City would win the CL this year, if the very inconsistent Spurs could beat them, I don’t believe they are unbeatable.

    With that being said, I am just glad Scaloni is nowhere near tiki taka coach. Scaloni’s tactic might, in my opinion, be the newest/most updated tactic in the world futbol. Perfectly balanced and very fluid. It is today’s world best tactic that can go toe to toe against any tactics in the world: tiki taka (spain), joga bonito/ultra offensive (Brazil), counter attack team (France), park the bus team (Mexico).

    • La-liga is going through serious quality crisis! Madrid after winning the Champions league are totally out of motivation and other teams like Atletico and Sevilla are going to very poor run of form which is why Barca is looking really good in the league. Man-utd will knock them out in the second leg.

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