Ángel Di María scores sublime goal, hattrick for Juventus in 3-0 win vs. Nantes


Ángel Di María scored a sublime goal and a hattrick for Juventus in their 3-0 win vs. Nantes.

Di María had his best match in a Juventus shirt and one which fans will remember for a long time in their Europa League win. With the score at 0-0, it was a ball to the Argentine and he would curl it, first time effort from the edge of the penalty area into the top corner of the goal.

But he wasn’t done there. A back-heel flick by the 35 year old from close range was stopped on the line by a Nantes player with his hand and it was a penalty for Juventus.

Up stepped Di María who scored his second goal of the game. The Argentine World Cup winner would add a third goal in the second half.


  1. At this rate Di Maria is an absolute legend and has to be in many people’s Argentina best XI. Here’s mine based on the players I’ve seen play, highly subjective list

    Dibu; Zanetti, Samuel, Heinze, Sorin; Mascherano, Redondo; Messi, Maradona, Di Maria; Batistuta.

  2. has anyone seen Palacios today he was simply amazing he made me realize how talented he is, really guys watch his performance today no one is talking about it.
    i think dybala is going to be an icon in rome argenties have the habit of becoming icons leading teams into glorios years specially smaller teams and dybala i think is going to be the an icon for rome.

    • Yes I watched all the full matches games of MU, Sevilla, Leverkusen, Juventus, and Roma.
      1. Palacios was outstanding. He needs to move to EPL. His one two passing is something else. Different breed from Enzo Mac De Paul or Lo Celso
      2. I watched Di Maria full 90 mins then 1 hour later Antony and Raphinha. It is the same as watching NBA and Euro basket seriously. The difference of quality among the 3 RW is that big!
      3. Dybala hit the post twice before scoring a beauty. He is back.
      4. Acuna so so
      5. Rulli almost stopped a PK but then missed an easy save.
      6. Garnacho played 28 mins and humiliated Kounde once. The same player whom Di Maria humiliated in the WC.
      7. Licha stopped Lewa the way Cuti shut down Haaland.

      • I don’t think palacios is made for EPL. He is too injury prone and cannot compete in EPL. But he is very talented. He can shine in la liga. But the English medias hyping for the brazilian players is too much. Fred played a good game but even then he made some horrible passes and defensive errors and still they praised him more than lisandro. I still think lisandro is better than Fred in that CDM position. May be Fred is better when countering the ball with speed.

  3. WOW, that first goal……..LMAO take it easy on us will ya Di Maria, very nice skill for the 2nd and the 3rd, well, he dispatched that PK with Authority 😉

    As far as the kid goes, I also saw that on SM, him being angry for being left off the WC squad blah blah blah…….Scaloni earned the right to pick his squad as he saw fit BEFORE the WC, nm NOW and if he wants to play for Spain then let him.
    Aside from the immense talent ARGENTINA possessed for the WC, one key ingredient was that everybody was on the same page, nobody bitched or moaned ABOUT ANYTHING, Dybala played his part and never said anything, Lautardo sat on the bench after missing his chances and didn’t say shit and dispatched his PK vs Dutchy when called upon…it was a TEAM and the last thing we need is a baby Penaldo full of himself to disrupt this team in anyway shape or form.
    He wants to play then put up or shut up, if not then let him go to Spain

  4. Lewandowski had his wings clipped by Licha the whole match. This little man made many important tackles and interceptions!! Had he played in the final 15-20mins of the world cup final , the match would have never gone to penalties!!

  5. Olive.
    As about yesterday i enjoy as i can t explain the game in stadium. it was like we was in Monumental. i had years to see live the team. it was before covid begins last time.
    i was crazy happy.
    As about our team well i am not so satisfy. not yesterday. i mean generally. Demichelis is going well for the moment but we had the luck with the results till now. i have very big concern about this season. Demichelis work is visible in the pitch but we have very big holes in the roster. Plus he is coach not magician. for example i can t see how he can make normal football player one IDIOT like Paradella. How he can make a success with a mediocre striker like Borja as starter (Rondon is a joke don t even think about it).
    In Defence we are a mess. Enzo Diaz make so many mistakes. Of course we have many injuries and sure with their return we will be better but generally as i said the roster have holes. Of course i will be always beside the team and support but i am not optimist for this season. i believe we have the worse roster of the last 10 years and the reason for this have a name. Jorge Brito.

  6. Well, with Garnacho apparently making fun of Pedri using his celebration I feel the chances of him representing Spain are even smaller because, I mean, why would he want to spend time in a locker room with someone he made fun of? Why would he choose to make fun of him then? So yeah, another sign that he is most likely going to be our player.

    • There is no way Garnacho is still undecided between Argentina and Spain. Some tier 1 journalist already confirms that Scaloni will call him up this March. He is our future and I have a high expectation on him.

  7. Licha is a beast. Incredible player. We are good with Licha and Cuti for 6 or 7 years easy as long as they are healthy.
    On Garnacho, nice player, but Argentina is a football factory and I guarantee you two things. One, he is behind DiMaria, and Nico and Julian. Two, if he doesn’t play for Argentina, he can join the rest of the headless chickens in Spain and pass the ball 700 times without putting it in the back of the net, because Garnacho can break the lines, but he is not a prolific finisher.

    • Yes I felt a lot of us overatting him here, just like Pastore before. He has quality but need a lot of additional proper development and good coaches to reach another level. Good thing is he’s still very young and has a lot of time to grow. Currently he doesn’t have quality to be in the first team yet. Also making the list of 23 is very challenging for him too.

  8. How much Messi carried this barcelona team? Worst barca team than this almost won treble in 2019. After that they did him dirty and spend lots of money on catalan and spanish bashed trash players.

    • All big teams in laliga are going through bad run of form which is why Barcelona are on top. Its unusual for all big teams Madrid, Atletico , Sevilla, Valencia have a really bad season together.

  9. Garnacho may refuse to represent Argentina 🤯

    The young Manchester United star may refuse to represent Argentina in the coming days 🧐

    The reason is due to his anger at Lionel Scaloni, coach of the Argentine national team, for not calling him to the 2022 World Cup list. [Daily Mirror] 🇪🇸

    Is this true?

    • That’s true. He could easily replace A.Correa and became WC champion at age of 19. We didn’t treat this superstar very well so sadly he will play for Spain..

      • For God s shake please. if Garnacho is superstar then Messi and Di maria what exactly are they? He is a very talented player and very promising too.
        That is all for the present.

    • Don t tell me !!!
      he is angry?
      Oh i will cry now !! we should fire Scaloni imidiately for do that to the new Messi !!!

      On the other side in serious note if this new is from Daily mirror then i am almost sure that it is nonsence.

      • Hahaha I know, I’m not sure why but the media has really latched on this kid because of his marketability and there’s so many lies going around. If that’s the case then I’m sure Scaloni should have made space for Soule, Buonanotte, Perrone, Paz, and Prestianni as well right? Why just Garnacho? Let’s just throw this WC away because after all, we have to be ahead of schedule in preparing for 2026 haha

        • now it is the time for Garnacho to show that he have character to succeed big things. if despite all the media promotion he stay hamble and work more hard then he will reach high level and he will make huge career. if he lose his brain from all this huge spotlight then he will have the destiny of the dozens of players historically that was suppose to be superstars but in the end………. !!!

    • i never felt he was argentine i don’t follow him like other argentines i even follow young Urugayans better than i follow him beacause they are from SA.our players won the world cup for argentina not for garnacho forget about him

    • Daily mirror, lol, as it is just so many of those media’s/news who just want to cash on based by completly nonsense and most propably fake news etc..

      Asi’m pretty sure he will choose Arg over Spain, but first he must continue his work and stay humble to be even able to teach higher level as our FRIEND COX 4 wrote on his post !

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