Alexis Mac Allister speaks on World Cup win, assist in the final, penalty kicks


Alexis Mac Allister spoke about winning the World Cup, his assist in the final and the penalty kicks.

Mac Allister was not a starter for Argentina in their first match at the World Cup, but he became an undisputed starter for the team and an important player in the starting eleven. Playing the assist for Ángel Di María’s goal in the final against France, the 24 year old spoke with TyC Sports about it all. Here is what he had to say when speaking about the penalty kicks:

“The first thing I did was ask Gero Rulli, who was by my side, because I was kind of lost. “If Cache (Gonzalo Montiel) scores, we are champions, no?” And when he told me yes, I got a little more tense, more nervous, but with the same confidence.

“I don’t know how he kicked the penalty, but it speaks a little bit about what Cache is. He won the Copa Libertadores for a reason, he’s a world champion for a reason, he’s won everything he’s won and he’s the players he is.

“The first thing I did was look back because my family were behind the bench. It was a terrific moment. I made a fist, shed a tear and started walking. I passed the referee, I greeted him, I also greeted Lloris, I congratulated him for the World Cup he had done and I got to where everyone was and it was all joy, hugs and celebration.

“There were a lot of emotions, fulfilling the biggest dream that we have. It was all hugs, thanks above all to Leo (Messi) and Fideo (Ángel Di María), who for us, are everything. They are players that went through bad times with the national team and stayed here, they kept fighting. They are our example, our leaders. Obviously, we are happy for us first but then for them because they truly deserved it.”

Regarding his assist to Ángel Di María in the final:

“The first memory is that Juli (Julián Álvarez) pressed them, they kick the long ball and it falls to Molina, when it’s coming to him, I look back to see who is standing and where my team mates are in case I get the ball. I play it one touch to Leo, who stops it and plays it to Juli.

“At that moment, I started to run because I Saw the space. Tchuameni was behind and the other midfielder was with Leo. I didn’t have to see Fideo because I already knew where he was going to be. I saw him when Juli was about to make the pass and he was with Kounde. When I see Kounde coming to me, I already knew that Fideo was alone. I realised that I had to play it a little bit forward and Fideo did the most difficult part.”

He also commented on the wifi password in his home:

“My wifi password is 181222. I changed it when I got back from Qatar.”

Still only 24 years old, Mac Allister was asked about another young talent, Alejandro Garnacho:

“Hopefully he gets to play with the national team. I’m sure that Licha (Lisandro Martínez) is working on it.”

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  1. I can’t believe that I was praying that he wasn’t selected….. Sorry Ginger!!!! but I love you so much now that I am willing to let go of Gio for you….

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