Argentina national team list for March matches, Alejandro Garnacho included


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has announced his list of players for the March matches and Alejandro Garnacho is one of the names included in the team.

The World Cup champions will play two matches in March and Scaloni has included the entire World Cup winning team for those matches. He has also included Alejandro Garnacho, Lautaro Blanco, Máximo Perrone, Valentín Carboni and Facundo Buonanotte.

Gio Lo Celso also returns to the team after having missed the World Cup. Scaloni has selected the following players:

Franco Armani (River Plate)
Geronimo Rulli (Ajax)
Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa)
Juan Foyth (Villarreal)
Gonzalo Montiel (Sevilla)
Nahuel Molina (Atletico Madrid)
Nehuen Perez (Udinese)
German Pezzella (Real Betis)
Cristian Romero (Tottenham Hotspur)
Nicolas Otamendi (Benfica)
Lisandro Martinez (Manchester United)
Nicolas Tagliafico (Lyon)
Marcos Acuna (Sevilla)
Lautaro Blanco (Elche)
Leandro Paredes (Juventus)
Guido Rodriguez (Real Betis)
Enzo Fernandez (Chelsea)
Maximo Perrone (Manchester City)
Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen)
Rodrigo De Paul (Atletico Madrid)
Facundo Buonanotte (Brighton)
Thiago Almada (Atlanta United)
Giovani Lo Celso (Villarreal)
Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton)
Angel Di Maria (Juventus)
Angel Correa (Atletico Madrid)
Emiliano Buendia (Aston Villa)
Valentin Carboni (Inter)
Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain)
Paulo Dybala (AS Roma)
Lautaro Martinez (Inter)
Julian Alvarez (Manchester City)
Alejandro Garnacho (Manchester United)
Nicolas Gonzalez (Fiorentina)
Alejandro Papu Gomez (Sevilla)

They play Panama on March 23 at the Monumental and against Curaçao on March 28 at the Madre de Ciudades de Santiago del Estero.


  1. Great list. But likes of Acuna, Tagliafico, Pezzella, Otamedi, Dimaria, Papu Gomez, Armani, will be past 35 come 2026. I hope Scaloni is working on a plan to solve that problem. The NT needs competent replacement for those exiting players. As for Messi he is irreplaceable, unfortunately he will be 39 come 2026.

  2. It’s like a celebration and tribute to the champions, however, Scaloni make a signal that the young players are coming to replace the old guard. Excellent list indeed

  3. Sabatini is even more irritated with Argentina international Paredes, who is now owned by Paris Saint-Germain and on loan at Juventus, though dropping rapidly down the pecking order due to his work-rate.

    “Paredes is really letting me down, every time I see him play, it makes me furious. His indolence is just maddening. He’s such a talented player, his vision in vertical passes is better than anyone in Europe, but the version of Paredes we see now looks like he’s playing on tranquilisers. Ex Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini talking about leo paredes during his time at Roma

    • Parades never tried to get out of his comfort zone, he didn’t improve, more of a lazy folk. He has all the skills, shooting, longball, tackling, but for years his skills stay stagnant

  4. Relax guys. Scalony is superb. This is WC celebration team all players of WC squad should be there accept injured players. So criticism is funny.

  5. El Principe bro what happened to your twitter account
    You were doing superb job you were sharing useful information regarding Argentina players.

    —Sorry I just read it. Mine was permanently suspended due to copyright infringement when I posted a couple of EPL clips of Enzo there. Stupid twitter because of that I got banned permanently.

    But I make a new one named Argentina Latest News @LatestTango just 2 days ago. I will keep doing what I have been doing but maybe not posting videos anymore. Twitter is too strict. Every other people post videos and they are just doing fine.

    Thx for the support man.

    • Twitter is a joke, the whole “twitter files” debacle proved that it’s nothing but a platform under the control of the FBI banning what the elite deem as “Dis or Mis-information”.

      • Its not just twitter. Its all the major platforms from your google searches, to YouTube, facebook, Instagram, reddit, etc. Twitter atleast now took a step in the right direction. Hopefully one day we will have a truly decentralized mainstream network.. but for now we have mundo to speak freely haha

        • LOL, true that Leandro. Although you should try ‘Rumble’, a platform where free speech is permitted, I get all my news from journalists like Kim Iverson, Redacted and even Russel Brand, who is now a far more realiable ‘journalist’ than those so called media journalists and if a comedian is more reliable than all of mainstream journalists then you know we all have a BIG problem.

          • > and even Russel Brand

            I’ve liked Brand for a very long time, brilliant guy and hilarious. It’s honestly a bit painful now to see him taking selfies and buddying up with the world’s most cancerous humans like Trump Jr.
            Years ago he stood for everything contrary to what that maniac and his dad offer to this planet.

        • > Twitter at least now took a step in the right direction.

          Twitter is a hot pile of steaming poo even after the king of steaming hot pile of shits, Elon, took over. All that fake free speech outrage from him is pure nonsense. You thought twitter misinformation was bad then? just wait and see how worse it gets.

          > Hopefully one day we will have a truly decentralized mainstream network

          Me too man, but i’m too cynical, i think it’s only going to get worse. Especially with everyone’s addiction to social media and mainstream news left and right wing pouring gasoline on everything and the insane ramp up of “political micro targeting”.

          > we have mundo to speak freely haha

          🙂 yep

    • Let him go, he is nowhere near our attackers caliber anyway. Would rather develop the likes of Garnacho, Buonanotte, or one day Soule or Paz then sharing the minutes to Avila. Plus we already have the 23 and 25 year old Julian and Lautaro there.

      We still have Retegui, 23 and Simeone 27 too as 9 waiting.

      • Chimy is pretty good actually, the poor kid had 2 back to back ACL injuries and yet he continues to churn on.
        I do agree with you on the fact that he’s not a priority considering he’s almost 30, but I still think he’d be valuable to the NT considering the fact that he can play CF and on the right wing.

  6. We won’t see pezzella or armani much longer. I don’t think either will make next years copa. Excited for garnacho. It’s the perfect time to call him and we need chimi Avila. Atleast as a reserve.

  7. Argentina nt future looks So bright and very exciting indeed I remembered from 2011 to 2018 Argentina lacked good Midfielders and center backs but since scaloni tool over that has been changed due good scouting and still continues to do so our Midfielder and defence has to be this way going forward
    Lo celso
    De Paul
    Leo paredes can be good subs for Enzo only if he plays Regular football.
    Guido won’t be need Imo good player though.

    Center backs
    Cuti Romero
    Lich martinez
    Leo balerdi
    Otamendi can still be around depend on his physicality and fitness at best copa 24 but ony sub’s though from on our center back pairing has to be cuti and lich from now starts from next friendly matchs vs Panama.

  8. Obviously the couching staff are absolutely brilliant. But there are some criticism about the list. Few player should exclude from the list. Franco Armani, Guido Rodriguez, German Pezzella, Alejandro Papu Gomez should exclude. Argentina should search a young goalkeeper and some more young defender like sensi…..

  9. Good list, I would’ve liked to see Robertone, Varela and Nico D in there because they all deserve a look in but alas….. As for Paz, well he hasn’t done anything yet to warrant being called up, as opposed to say Perrone who started in the primera and the copa lib (reached the semis) with Velez and is getting a few minutes with Man City.
    As for Medina, well he has a knee injury at the coup de france a few days ago and they’re still uncertain regarding the serverity, so it makes sense that he’s out.
    Lautaro Blanco and Carboni are interesting choices, the former has shown flashes of talent but he’s not even starting at relegation assured Elche while Carboni (either of them) haven’t played much but when it comes to LB position Argentina is currently lacking so I get it

    • The one who got chosen is his brother Valentin Carboni a 10 not Franco the LB. Valentin looks so so to me. dunno why he is chosen. In toulon he looked like the worst among all the high profile “foreign Argentina” players: Garnacho, Soule, Luka, Paz, and Buonanotte. Hope he develops thoigh, but so far he looks very ordinary to me although Inter always thinks of him highly.

      V Carboni is a very similar player to Paz but Paz is much more polished and better from A to Z.

  10. @cox I saw your comment from a week ago and if I had read it before the Arsenal game I would have thought it was negative but now I feel it is a good explanation of our problems. If we lose against Lanus I will be even more concerned. I like everything that Brito is doing off the field with the stadium, finances, brand, etc because that can all help the club in the long term but the truth is winning on the pitch is the most important thing, that’s what the fans actually care about. Enzo is also suffering in the midfield because of his age when it comes to defending and the rest of the midfield is attack minded. The return of Kranevitter will be very important to give him support. Se tienen que poner las pilas porque todo lo que ganaron los “vecinos” lo deberiamos poder ganar nosotros con el plantel que tenemos y el estado del futbol Argentino, que hasta se juegan finales con equipos del ascenso. Dormimos demasiado, se sabe que por lo menos fuera de la libertadores todo esta para ganar en el futbol Argentino, mira lo mal que compitió Racing la ultima fecha el año pasado podiendo salir campeon, a Boca le pueden llegar a dar 5 finales en un año, estas cosas estan servidas si no perdemos puntos contra equipos chicos y no nos hacemos perder solos en los clasicos como el 2022.

  11. Great list, one of the best I’ve seen so far
    + Called up the entire champion team like they deserve for the recognition
    + Called up some of the most promising youngsters, I think Buonanotte can really surprise some people here in the future
    + Starting to claim Garnacho for us, I don’t think friendlies count to cap tie him but it’ll be harder to go back after this
    + Addressed what I think is one of our concerns leading into 2026, which is LB, with a LB I am very fond of and could age into an Acuna type player
    + Finally moving on from J Correa

    – No Facundo Medina or Senesi, Medina isn’t a full on left back with a crossing instinct but he is very forward minded and has great progressive stats while being a really good defender, I would expect him and Senesi to be called up in the near future and with the improving depth of our choices there’s always going to be someone left out

    • These do count towards capping tying, since they are FIFA dates. However, for him to be completely tied, he’d have to play three games. Yet, even if he plays one of these two matches, he can’t switch over for three years.

      • Interesting, I thought it applied to any type of friendly at all. The only way I could see him representing Spain at this point is through a ton of effort on his side and that seems completely unlikely. Good job to Scaloni for scouting him out before anyone knew him, a whole year ago

        • FIFA amended the rules in 2020. Yes, the scouting has been very good. Although, I wish Paz also got called. He’s definitely one to watch.

    • Garnacho will NOT play for Spain at all. I guarantee that. When he mocked Pedri the golden boy of Barca celebration. It shows that he is not interested in being a part of Spain at all. I mean everyone knows that Spain national team has very strong Barca DNA, from the players selections, team formations, tiki taka, personnel etc.

      Lets say Garnacho is undecided between Argentina or Spain, the very last thing he did would have been mocking Barca/Pedri/Xavi. It is the same as he wishes to be summoned by Argentina but he makes fun of Messi or De Paul or Di Maria. It wouldn’t make sense.

      Don’t worry Garnacho is ours. He even posted on his IG yesterday after the call up with a tears in eyes emoji 🥺 and he started to follow Cuti and MacAllister IG right after that.

      Garnacho is destined to be our next great. No one can steal him away from us.

  12. Team A.
    Emi, molina, ottamendi, cuti, acuna, enzo, dipaul, mccalister, messi, alvarez, dimaria.

    Team B:
    Rulli, montiel, lisandro, pezella, tagliafico, paredes, palacios, lo celso, dybala, lautaro, nico gonzales.

    Team C
    Armani, foyth, nahuen perez, …? Blanco, guido, almada, papu, angel corea, garnacho, buendia.

    Sub :
    1. Perone.
    2. Bonnaoute.
    3. Valentin carboni

  13. No complaints. The only missing players are:
    1. Medina
    2. J Correa
    3. Simeone
    4. LM Quarta
    5. Senesi
    6. Ledesma
    7. Musso
    8. Alcaraz
    9. Paz
    10. Nico Dominguez
    11. Balerdi.

    J Correa was a part of the WC squad but I read today that his exclusion doesn’t mean that Scaloni has given up on him, but he will have a surgery later this end of May. So Scaloni better not calling him up. Simeone and Medina exclusion is strange as both were among the reserves of the WC squad.

    LM Quarta having a great season, although not always starter. He deserves another shot. But I agree that Perez is seen as the long term successor of Otamendi/Pezzella. So as of today Perez pecking order is higher than: Senesi, Balerdi, LM Quarta, or Medina in Scaloni’s eyes.

    Blanco’s calling show that we lack of depth in LB. Maybe Scaloni will keep experimenting here until he finds the one that he really likes. Remember the case of Molina. Molina was discovered only before the Copa America 2021 (one year before the WC only). We still have 3.5 years until the next WC.

    The one that excite me the most is without doubt Alejandro Garnacho! I really like this dude, for me his ceiling is one of the world best. V Carboni beating Paz for one spot is a bit strange. Zanetti must recommend him to Scaloni. Buonanotte and Perrone the newest EPL members make it. It shows that Scaloni really thinks highly of EPL. The only new EPL member who doesnt make it is Alcaraz.

    One player that I would like to be given a chance is Pablo Maffeo a RB who can play as LEFT back as well. He is very good.

  14. It seems that scaloni is trying to find potential candidates for LB.. if it is so.. why medina is not included, moreover senesi deserves to be in this list after back to back Bournemouth’s player of the month..

  15. i like scaloni is thinking about the left back postion.that is a postion for concern lautaro blanco was one of the best LB in the league last year but since signing for Elche this january they are not giving him that much game time.carboni i don’t know him that well but i hope he is as good as people say he is.

  16. I thought Senesi would be called. No new call up in Defence. That’s surprising because this kind of matches are best for new call up.

  17. After those two friendly matchs, following players should go, Armani, Pezzella papu gomez,Likes otamendi paredes, Guido acuna will go Slowly almost half of world cup winning squad will gradually
    Go before copa 24 due upcoming young promising players .

  18. Very nice to see the continuity and succession of generations in this list, Garnacho, Perrone, Buonanotte, Carboni. This is one of the trademarks of Scaloni, generational links. From Scaloni himself, Ayala, Samuel, Aimar to the current WC winning group and now beyond into the future.

    Also, awesome to see Lo Celso back and Lautaro Blanco called up.

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