Clip: Argentina fans at the World Cup vs. Croatia in semi finals


A clip has emerged of the support the Argentina national team got during their semi final match against Croatia.

Argentina national team fans have been named as The Best in the world. And anyone who watched the World Cup will not have been surprised.

The team was the best supported team in Qatar and this clip from the match against Croatia will show exactly why they were named the best fans in the world.


  1. I was one of those fans in the stadium. I was seated in the side where Messi’s dribble vs Gvardiol was right in front of me. The fans were insane and it felt like I was at La Bonbonera. I was lucky enough to see two games live in Qatar and in a way lucky to miss out on seeing the Holland game live because I would have had a heart attack if I was in the stadium. My brother went to that game and refused to join me for the semi final because he was mentally exhausted from the quarter finals. However, my fondest memory of the WC, was when I saw the second game vs Mexico with my brothers. We travelled all the way to Qatar to watch the game and it was like I was put in a pressure cooker. The Mexican fans were ruthless and it was a battle between who gets the upperhand. I was more nervous in the Mexico game than the Croatia game. When Messi scored that goal, The Mexicans got quiet and it was the best euphoric feeling I have ever felt. Complete chaos. I was seated with Argentinians and for a few minutes, we stopped concentrating on the game and kept on celebrating as if we already won the WC!

  2. That must have felt like a home game. Our fans surely played a role in us winning. They showed up in huge numbers, they were loud, they were fun and they provided a lot of energy.

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