Enzo Fernández speaks on World Cup, Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez


Enzo Fernández spoke about the World Cup, Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez and the support of the fans.

Fernández was not a starter for the Argentina national team at the World Cup but became an integral part of the team. A goal in the second match against Mexico, Enzo was named as the World Cup’s Best Young Player.

Now with Chelsea, the Argentine gave an interview to TyC Sports where he spoke about it all. Here is what he had to say about the World Cup:

“I found out a week before that I was going to the World Cup. I started to cry.

“At times I’ll be calm at home, I’ll put Youtube and watch match highlights. It was all crazy, I get very emotional.”

In regards to the Lionel Messi and his goal against Mexico:

“Whenever I talk about Messi, I always get goosebumps. I thank him for the way that he is as a person, with me and with everyone. There are no words left to say for what he does for all Argentines.

“Before the corner, Leo told me to go over and play. When I received it, a defender was in front of me. I faced him and hit for the goal. As I was celebrating, Messi came to hug me as if to say “you saw what I told you, you son of a bitch.” It was very exciting.

“Everyone congratulated me, we were very happy. We had beaten Mexico and it was something else, it was all positive.”

When speaking about Julián Álvarez:

“We have a connection with Juli because we played together since River and we know each other a lot. And he knows that when I’m in front, he has to make a move. He knows that and we always talk about it.

“When we entered the camp for the first time, I gave him a hug and told him “look where we are. It’s what we always wanted, no?””

About his chat with Kylian Mbappe during the World Cup final:

“We spoke a little on the pitch. I don’t like to say what was said on the pitch. He said some things but that stays on the pitch. Cuti (Cristian Romero) is crazy. He celebrated the goal in front of him!

“He is a great player, an example for everyone. World class level and he still has a lot to give.”

On what he would tell the Argentina fans:

“I want to thank you for the supported, the love and for loving football so much. Your support was very much felt. You deserve it. I love you very much and I miss you.”

He also revealed the following:

“I took a nap the day of the final.”

About his relationship with Nicolás Otamendi:

“He told me “get ready, you’re going to be there.” He always supported me.”


  1. “I am happy, I will defend Spain with my soul and life. It is the country that sheltered me, my family feels happy and learned to live without fear here. I am a very grateful person.”

    🗣️ Chimy Ávila in conference.

      • No. It will mean he will play for North Macedonia.

        He’s a 29 year old player, who is on the wrong side of 20 and is not very consistent. And if he wants to play for play at this stage of his career, we can just tip our hats and tell him best of luck. He was never at the level for us to call him up to the senior side. His younger brother has more potential and is a decent sized defender.

        • Jack: well said man , who cares we have so many talents plus we are world champion and we will win copa America 24 in US 👍 😀

  2. With Neymar basically out for the rest of the season, things could get very interesting with the Golden Child finally warming up to Messi after realizing that he is playing WITH HIM not the other way around.
    Don’t know how with all the injuries and missing players but I want PSG to beat BM especially after all the CHEAP and unnecessary fouls Messi received in the 1st leg

  3. Thanks to Scaloni for bringing and trusting Enzo, Julian, Mac Allister, Cuti, and Lisandro. Without them, Messi will not win the WC, and without Messi, they will not succeed in WC

  4. Most Goals+Assists of 22/23 (Club+Country)

    50- Messi (30+20 in 39 games )

    48 Mbappe (39+9 in 39 )

    40 Neymar (21+19 in 34)

    39 Haaland (34+5 in 36)

    36 Salah (24+12 in 39)

    35 Rashford (28+7 in 45)

    35 Lewandowski (27+8 in 37)

    30 Harry Kane (23+7 in 43)

    • They say, Mbappe, Haaland, and Rashford are in their form of life…
      They say, Lewandowski are continuing his best form..
      They say, Salah is back to his best…
      They say Neymar is in his best season…

      Still, they can’t catch 36 years Messi…
      What a legend Messi is…

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