Alexis Mac Allister: “When I’m in a bad mood, I remember that I’m a World champion”


Alexis Mac Allister spoke with the media after Argentina’s training session on Wednesday.

The Argentina national team trained on Wednesday afternoon and some of the players spoke to the media afterwards. Alexis Mac Allister, who had an assist in the World Cup final, commented on the joy of winning the World Cup. Speaking about the support of the fans, here is what he had to say:

“Nothing surprises me, we know the craziness and the happiness of the Argentine people for what we have achieved. We live it the same way, it’s very important how they support us.

“Like Leo (Messi) when he came out with that smile, we do the same when it is our turn to be with the people. We don’t talk but we know that it will be a very important day as it was the day on the bus. We are looking forward to celebrating like the day on the bus.

“Sometimes I can’t believe that I am but when I’m in a bad mood, I remember that I’m a World champion and it goes away. Thanks to this World Cup, we are going to be part of history. We enjoyed it a lot and tomorrow I hope it will be like that with the people.”