Rodrigo De Paul: “We are not satisfied and we are going for more”


Rodrigo De Paul spoke to the media after Argentina’s traning session on Tuesday and he has stated that the team is going for more.

De Paul is one of the players that has been there since the first day for coach Lionel Scaloni. He had the assist which started it all in the Copa America final and now a winner of the Copa America, Finalissima and the World Cup, De Paul is not done. Speaking to the media, here is what he had to say:

“We have to set an example to the younger ones that we are not satisfied and that we are going for more. The World Cup isn’t taken away by anyone but another stage begins to prepare for the Copa America and the World Cup qualifiers.”

The World Cup winner had this to say about Argentina’s match against Panama on Thursday:

“I’m a little anxious. It’s not a match with that much relevance but I’m giving it a lot more value than others or at least that is what it generates in me. I’m going to try to enjoy it from early on and also to pass it on to the fans.

“I remember my first match and being here today with the Copa America, Finalissima and World Cup is crazy. The love from the whole country and the people crying is incredible. Tomorrow will cause me to be emotional, how the Monumental will be.”

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