Argentina national team to train with River Plate on Friday


The Argentina national team will train River Plate on Friday.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will have an opportunity to test out players on Friday in a training with River Plate. It will involve Argentina players who would not have played against Panama on Thursday.

River Plate are currently coached by former Argentina, Bayern Munich and Manchester City player Martín Demichelis. One of River Plate’s youth players, Claudio Echeverri trained with the Argentina team on Tuesday.

Lionel Scaloni’s team will play their first match as World Cup champions on Thursday against Panama and a second match on March 28 against Curaçao.


    • @LM10ARGENTINA I think it’s good thing for fans because they can watch more games but it also means that the quality of game will decrease , extra 16 teams means there are almost 90 ℅ chance that big team like Italy Colombia Chile who failed to qualify this world cup will easily qualify and some new nation will teast the first appearance of world cup that will be proud moment for them . So in my point of view it’s a good thing

    • Good idea – for teams that probably would never make it to the World Cup, they now have a better chance.

      Bad idea, – watered down tournament, bad teams playing bad games.

      Bad idea – it now takes 8 games to win the cup, the odds of players getting hurt or not reaching a final now increases.

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