Argentina news from training, 17 year old Claudio Echeverri with team


The Argentina national team trained on Tuesday afternoon as 17 year old Claudio Echeverri joined them.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference on Tuesday and later directed the team as they trained. Current Argentina U17 and River Plate player Claudio Echeverri joined the team for the training session.

Players did rondo exercises and some work with the ball and according to TyC Sports, no player trained differently for any kind of knock. The World Cup champions will play Panama on Thursday in their first of 10 matches this year.

Claudio Echeverri, the 17 year old midfielder from River Plate trained with the team and posted on his Instagram a picture with Lionel Messi, writing dream fulfilled.

They will play Curacao on March 28 and in June will play two friendly matches. They will end the year with six World Cup qualifying matches, playing two in September, October and November.


  1. Our European victims playing against each other on Friday, France vs the Netherlands, I remembered some pple in here used say European national teams will beat us easily guess what we beat them and outplayed them good 80 minutes so.

  2. May be these type of wonder kids have very strong link, high lobbing with someone related to NT, right? Such type of Wonder Kid (?!) named ‘Federico Gomez Girth’ GK got a superb opportunity to go to Qatar with the NT during whole WC time!!!! Then after getting such an opportunity he ate his own shit in the U20 Sudamericano!!!! Hahahaha!! So this type of Wonder Kid (!) is fully unnecessary for u, dear AFA.. Don’t waste ur time & money!
    These r simply called BAISNESS/FAVOURATISM, which can demoralize the other talented guys. Wonder Kids will shine automatically in their time if they r really talented, no worries. How many times Messi, Di Maria, Emi, Julian, Enzo got opportunity to train with that time’s senior team??!!
    Hope u understand…

    • Let the coaching staff do their job. Why the heck you think you have right to bitch about something when they won every single trophy was available. They know what are they doing when you have no clue what are you talking about. All those successes past few years wasn’t only Messi and Team it goes to AFA too. If you compare to Tapia with Don then you should wipe Tapia feet with your hair. Because he did outstanding job given the mess he was in. But you people moan and moan yet find something out of nothing to ridicule.

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