Argentina FA reportedly offer to host 2023 FIFA U20 World Cup


Argentina have offered to host the 2023 FIFA U20 World Cup should it not be held in Indonesia.

The 2023 FIFA U20 World Cup is set to be held in Indonesia but due to political issues, there are now reports that it could be held elsewhere. FIFA already suspended the draw for the tournament, which was originally supposed to be held on Sunday.

And now it appears as though the AFA have offered to host it. According to DobleAmarilla, the AFA have offered to host the tournament and should it be held in Argentina, it would mean that as hosts, they will be at the tournament.

South American qualification for the FIFA U20 World Cup was held back in January but the team failed to qualify for the tournament.


  1. Well, sounds deffenetly more than good and hopefully this will hapoen, though if Qatar willing to host as well, then i think realistically they may have upperhand, but never know…?

    Anyhow i think the most important and key thing with this, if happening in Argentina will be to include Prestianni and all the other potential future players for LA SELECCION and give them a go…!

    As offcourse it would be nice for Garnacho and Soule& Co. to play too, but like el_principe said: ” the reality of their clubs releasing them would be a difficult case”

    and therefore as the team did not also Qualify with Masche at helm( Still not sure if he will continue or who it will be or maybe i missed that information etc…)well, nothing to really loose as allmost playing without any pressure at all as only the home crowd could be either felt as pressure or if clearly stated by those who will manage the team, that it will be more like experimental opportunity for ” Argentine young guns ” and to get them feel the shirt of LA SELECCION in tournament like this as we are talking about U20 WC ! Well, then homecrowd hopefully will stand and SUPORT with the team AFA will choose to REPRESENT…etc!

    Well, this could also work to block Italians and maybe some other nations too coming fishing and hunting on Argentine water’s and it’a own soil!

    Though those who are tempted by money will need more work Upon as only Solution i see is for Scaloni to call them as soon as possible, when, i unfortunatly don’t have answer…?

    Anyhow Argentina must somehow to avoid to loose players as caliber of Prestianni and others too as some develop more faster than others and some are more of Late bloomers etc…

    But, there should not be money involded in this case as Italy may have the upoerhand by getting Argentine players to play for Italy not only, because of their ancestry as more i see this is starting to smell as rotten and corrupted case as those who will choose REPRESENT Italy instead of ARGENTINA might be offered a chance to play in Serie A or B and, that most propably means more money as simple as that, which should not be mixed to NT FOOTBALL at all cost as things will get even more out of hands with money as they are allready now with Club football as i see this as complete disgrace against NT FOOTBALL!

  2. If this is happening, I doubt Garnacho or Soule would represent Argentina because the EPL and Serie A will finish when the World Cup u20 already running for 2 weeks or so.

    EPL last match is May 28th and IF MU makes the final of Euro league (very strong possibility) then the last match will be May 31st.

    WC u20 starts on May 20th until June 11th so no chance ETH or Allegri would release Garnacho and Soule as they both are already rotation players of their clubs.

  3. So from our current senior squad only Enzo Fernandez is without any italian or Spanish ancestry. Isn’t it? Also Acuna is more of Amer indian than European. Then macallister, emi…Also the reality is most Argentines are just part of an Italian/ Spanish heritage only. Even the word italian Argentine is a non sense. They are not Italians or Spanish. Just like the whites and blacks in USA or Brazil. I mean all these whites are having some kind of European ancestry and blacks have African ancestry. Only the time of immigration is different. Thats it. As cox4 said it’s the society that is giving importance and privilege to this non sense ancestral thing. If Argentina wants they can make rules against this non sense. I hope those Argentines turn into reality that they are not Italians but just only a part of that ancestry.

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