Italian FA after Gianluca Prestianni, more young Argentine players


The Italian FA are after Gianluca Prestianni and a number of young Argentine players.

Italy national team coach Roberto Mancini has already given Argentine born Mateo Retegui a call up to the Argentina national team. And more could be following in his foot steps.

According to Sábado Vélez, the Italian federation have already contacted Gianluca Prestianni of Velez. They would be trying to get him to play for the Italian national team.

There are more reports in the media claiming that they are going after Nicolás Capaldo, Pepo De La Vega and Maestro Puch.


  1. Tottenham manager Antonio Conte leaves club by ‘mutual agreement’ gio lo celso will have new opportunity to impress next spurs manager only if Fabio Paratici leaves or somehow allows him to stay.

    • If thats the case we cant afford to lose him call all our young guns and give them a 1-2mnt at least for national team. And block the moves
      Seems like millan also moving for him

  2. What about CR7’s son? Isn’t his girlfriend Argentine? That would be a very interesting subject if the AFA tries to call him up one day.

    • Cr7’s first son, Cristiano Junior, is not from his now girlfriend Georgina who is an Argentine. His mother is an unknown whose identity is not disclosed yet. Therefore unless his mother is an Argentine and her identity is properly disclosed what wisdom saying is a daydream. Even though if that happens to be so, I think the daydream will remain like daydream!

  3. Mancini is a douchebag for this. Has to take our potential players cause his team struggling. Scaloni needs to implement even more youth asap

    • I don’t understand why Cristiano celebrate tapping goal like he scored major tournament final, at times look embarrassing btw who cares we are world champion that is all matter , it’s so refreshing watching euro qualifiers after Argentina won world Cup.

      • Unfortunately we live in a world where nonsense is KING, the more of it the more it’s believable on social media if that makes any sense.

  4. In regard to this ongoing “talent Draining” episodes, there are some points that we need to understand. First of all (The most crucial)- nowadays majority of players recognize football as a source of income rather than representing their country with true patriotism and zeal (Retegui and Zapelli are the perfect example)
    Secondly, The poor Economic condition of Argentina in comparision to the european nations should be factor in. Where billionares prefers to invest more in european club rather than south american clubs. And here begins the ultimate game which the italian federation (FIGC) is playing with talented argentine youngstars by tempting them to join them by providing lucrative offers from SERIE A clubs, which players are readily accepting thinking about future and money, which will be more eminent in the near future (It is also one of the reason why serie clubs cannot match the quality of bundesliga or EPL).
    Thirdly (I am not sure about this). There are few managers in the world football whose man management is as superior as scaloni, scaloni knows how to get the best out any player by working with limited group of players. Altough he summons various players in friendlies but the core of his team is always maintained. And may be FIGC is targeting to disrupt this system by putting pressure to incorporate more and more players at a time in the Argentina national team.

    currently There is no particular remedy to this harsh reality but it can be avoided to some extent by providing argentine players to play in European clubs, one option is Inter Milan where Javier Zanetti (the current VP of Inter Milan) may convince higher authorites to absorb more argentine players for the betterment of the club (which the club had already witnessed in the past).

    Members do comment your opinion in this string.

  5. On serious note. How many big teams in Europe. Maybe 6.
    France ( best in Europe )
    England ( good squad )
    Portugal ( good squad )
    Spain ( good squad ) but not in top 3
    Italy.. outside top 4
    Germany. Outside top 4.
    Euro is very easy.. every time teams from above 6 will won.

  6. I mean this is not like retegui stuff. For him the Argentine jersey seems tough to catch. So for his growth it was must. But here Prestianni is our rising talent and he is only 17. He is Argentine. It is his mother country. Get rid of this shit rental ancestry thing. If he has the talent he will reach europe coz he is Argentine not Ecuadorian or Jamaican to look out for the easy way. If he selects Italy its utter shame and yeah I hope he would reject Italy.

  7. Why afa is not trying to get the hold of our young Argentine tallents. Retegui choose italy. He has opened the tradition to be recognised in Europe by choosing italy. Afa should have blocked retegui so that he could play for us. Italy don’t have any other option but to hijack Argentine tallents. They tried to do the same with icardi and DYBALA in the past. But they had showed the mentality of being loyal Argentine. But these players don’t have any mental grit, they don’t have any emotion for their country where they were brought up . They are not thinking that they got this recognition by playing in Argentina. Scaloni must act smart. The worst part Italy will play another fifa approved game before Argentina. I think zapelli still can choose us, because he has not played for Italy senior national football team. It’s also very difficult for scaloni to call up so many Argentine players(targeted by italy) and give them chance ata a time, because it will hamper team chemistry. Scaloni is a good coach, but his ma management is much better. He has great personality, I hope he will act smart and manage to get rid of this pressure that has been put upon by mancini. Can you guys please tell me about the reaction of those players targeted by mancini.

    • It all depends on how patriotic thier parents are. Look at Garnacho, his dad is Spanish, born and brought up in Spain but his mom apparently is too patriotic about her beloved Argentina and raised him in the same way.

    • I think italy tell them that one of big clubs from Italy will buy them that’s only reason to choose italy. Had sensei gone for italy . Roma or other italy club definitely buy him…

  8. Italy have serie A. 20 teams. And seria B
    20 teams Still they coming to Argentina to take our talented players it’s soo bad.

  9. Roberto Mancini “Nobody plays football in the street in Italy anymore. We used to play for three or four hours in the street and then we would still go to training, this doesn’t happen anymore. It’s no coincidence that great players still appear where that is still done, like in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.”

    This is why they target the Argentina youngsters.

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