Lionel Messi receives statue, will stand next to Pele and Diego Maradona


Lionel Messi received a statue which will stand in the CONMEBOL headquarters next to the statues of Pelé and Diego Maradona.

Messi has a life size statue which was created as a tribute by CONMEBOL for the Best player in the world. The statue was unveiled as CONMEBOL were paying tribute to the Argentina national team.

Having spoken about all of the support and winning the World Cup, Messi also gave a speech after the statue was revealed. Here is what he had to say:

“This is really a lot. I had never dreamed nor thought about this, my dream was simply to enjoy what I liked when I was a kid. To be a professional football player and then do what I always loved in this life, which was to play football. And I always tried to improve myself, to want more and well, obviously I had a long way to go.

“I had many disappointments, many defeats but I always looked forward. I always wanted to go for a win, for a victory and that is the most important thing. To fight for your dreams, that everything is possible and to enjoy the ball, which for me and for us is the most beautiful thing there is.”


  1. Are they really retiring the number 10? They can’t do that… the #10 means soo much more to the future #10 of Argentina. Imagine if they retired the #10 after Diego… Messi wouldn’t have been called the next Diego and we would lose the camaraderie and guidance that past #10s give to future or current #10s. We can not do that, respectfully.

  2. There will no one like Messi in football history… I hope we don’t have huge impact after Messi stop playing. It’s very hard maybe 70% of the team is Leo.

  3. It is so disappointing that PSG supporters booed him though the entire team was outplayed by Bayern. In the first leg Donnarumma was sloppy and let one go below him. In the second leg, hell was let loose when Verratti was sloppy right on the border of the box. MBappe was closely marked and he decided not to take blows. Messi was closely marked and we have seen he took so many blows with heads held high. Still the PSG supporters booed him. Messi should not sign for PSG irrespective of how much they pay him and how much they fulfil his demands. Period. It is better to play anywhere other than PSG. When he goes to pitch against Lyon on 3rd April, things are not going to change. He would be booed again. Supporters have the right to be annoyed with highly paid players if they fail to perform in key matches, but that does not mean they can have selective amnesia.

  4. Homie cleaning out, first Best player in the world award, the unheard of retiring a number, #10 NEVER to be worn again EVER by any Argentine, the training facility named after him and now a pretty good statute……..soon to be his 8th Ballon d ‘Or.

    It couldn’t have happened to a better human being, forget player, a human being……..very VERY well-deserved and all in good time.

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